Nature's Lovely Angel

She lives in a wonderful place

Where the sun always shines

Above her happiness and grace

Her love so sweet and divine

The breeze is her breath

Her smile is the sun

Her pain is like death

Of a bullet in a gun

She dances for the trees

She sings for the birds

She plants the flowers for the bees

Where all the animals love to herd

Her eyes are blue like the sea

Her hair blonde and long

Her lips sweet as can be

Her happiness so strong

She makes the mornings bright

And the nights cool and cheerful

She gives the moon its light

Making the night less fearful

Her voice is so adorable and sweet

Her beauty captures eyes for a while

And her kisses are like candy treats

Her laugh can make the gods smile

She is an angel sent from above

That dances though my dreams

The ones that I will forever love

For her love runs like a stream