Dedicated to Mysticwhitewolf

Who Would've Known?

In a million years, who could've seen?

All of the joy that I experience when you're with me?

In decades from then and still centuries more

Who would've known the fun that's in store?

When I had so much pain and so little to gain,

Who would've ensured your steady love like the rain?

I can only imagine the suffering that would take place,

But you've filled my life with loveā€”the horror's erased.

I can't really explain it, though my words say a lot

I just love you so much and it won't ever stop

My desire for what I thought I needed all along

Has been fulfilled as so much more,

Than what I could have ever dreamed for.

You're my angel of light

You're the rose among twisted thorns.

I'll hold you all night.

I'll keep you warm.

I'm full of emotions.

And you know me best.

But you open your arms

Allowing my heart to rest.

No matter what I do

Or how depressed I seem

No matter what other things you have

You always have time for me.

I'll never be able to repay

And I hope you'll never leave

Because already you've made

Yourself apart of me.