Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tall, handsome

Whole life ahead

Loving, wholesome


Wearing his

Cap and gown

He follows

His fellow

Classmates out

Suddenly he's

On his back,

Can't breathe

Then just darkness

While his friends and class

Receive their diplomas

He fights for his life

He wakes in intensive care

Shaking, his pale mother

Tells him of his

Twelve hour surgery

And the massive

Internal bleeding

They can't stop

He only has hours

Hours to wait

Hours to die

As each moment passes,

more and more of

the soul

is sipped

sipped from him

Now and only now

He sees Death

But he does not

Fear as he

Thought he would,

he only waits

until his hours pass by

And Death

Takes time's place

Forever holding

This young man