Chapter Thirty-One
"Kyle? Kyle are you there? You are going to be a father!"

Alana was talking to Kyle, over the phone, and she'd just told him she was pregnant.


He picked up, after having dropped it because her screaming had startled him.

"Yeah, I know. My parents called me a few hours ago about it."

Alana was taken aback for a second. God, this system was fucked!

"When is it due?"

"I think sometime around Christmas."

"Oh. So what's gonna happen to it?"

"My parents are adopting gonna adopt it and raise it in France... with my fucking asshole brother and that stupid whore."

Kyle knew how she felt about Jack and Chloe, he shared those feelings of hatred for them. He wasn't sure how he felt about being a dad though.

"So... do you want to come to come over when it's born?" she asked him.

"Uh, did they say that that would be okay?"


"Oh. Well sure, I'd love to be there."

That was the most uplifting thing she'd heard all day.

"Okay, thats great. I guess I'll see you then."


"I love you Kyle."

"I love you too."

She then hung off, a little unsure of things. She knew that Kyle loved her... but he seemed unsure about the baby. Like it mattered. Neither of them would ever really get to form a relationship with it.

Eight months later- November 13th

Back in France, Chloe and Adri were relaxing on big long pool couches. Jack was swimming underwater, inching his way closer and closer to Chloe's raft...

"Ahhh!" she screamed as he shoved at the raft, and she feel partially feel into the water, he'd already grabbed her, wrapping his arms firmly around her waist, as she twisted her arms around his neck.

"You are a mean pers-" she started to say, but he cut her off, smashing his lips against hers. His tounge wrestled it's way into her mouth, he was running his hands down her body...

"Get. a. room!" Adri called out to them from her raft.

Chloe laughed as they broke apart.

"Jack. did your mom say if she knew how Alana was doing?" asked Nick.

"Yeah, she said she talked to her yesterday and that everythings great, Alana's not too nervo-"

"ALANA IS HAVING THE BABY!" Jack's mom shouted, racing out into the yard.

The kids all stared at her, startled, and not sure what to say.

"So, are you guys going down there right now?" Jack asked her.

"Yes, we're going to the airport right now, we'll call you when we get there!" She then kissed Lexi and Spencer who had been playing in the sandbox, and ran out of the yard to leave.

"Well now he won't steal all the attention from Spencer's birthday." said Jack. He knew that Chloe had been upset about that, not wanting their son's first birthday to be overshadowed by attention starved Alana. Jack could only imgaine how amusing she'd find it if her baby was born days around Spencer's birthday, pining all the attention on her.

"Yeah, that's good. Everybody deserves their own special da-"

Chloe got interupted for the second time that day- when Lexi snatched a sand toy from Spencer and he yelled out "Mine!"

"Oh my god Jack, he's not even a year yet, our kids are geniuses!" she squealed as she rushed out of the pool and ran over to the sandbox and picked Spencer up.

"Can you say mine again?" she cooed at him.


Chloe laughed as she twirled around with him, incredibly amused by the fact that she was encouraging her baby to be somewhat greedy.

Jack ran over, scopping Spencer out of her arms. "Good job Spence, you know how to stand up to your sister!"

Nick and Adri laughed as Chloe ran off to nursery for the baby book. The four of them were having such a nice day. If only the same could be said for Alana.

When Alana had fallen to the floor in excrutating pain, pissed off at the insane amount of similarities between her pregnancy and Chloe's pregnancy with Lexi, with it being unplanned, the father not being with her when she went into labor, being in a foreign country, and the baby coming a month early, she was was screaming as they got a wheelchair and rushed her off to the hospital wing.


"Yes, Mrs. Bradford's calling them right now, they'll get here as fast as they can."


Mrs. Hart, the woman wheeling Alana to the hospital wing, called out to another person to call Kyle.

Kyle had been watching tv during his free hour, when Mr. Stevenson rushed into the room.

"Your girlfriend is having her baby, I'm driving you to her jail, come on!"

Kyle stared at him in shock, a little overwhelmed. It was due for another month! Pushing that thought out of his mind, he ran out ot the car with Mr. Stevenson and they hurried to Alana's jail.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" Alana screamed in torment.

"Just keep, pushing Alana, you're almost there."


"He's on his way here, just keep pushing."

One of the nurses wiped a washcloth along Alana's sweat covered forehead, hot tears running down her face. Fifteen minutes later, Kyle arrived, rushing into the delivery room.

"One more push Alana, I can see the head."


"It's a... boy!"

Alana broke down into sobs as the doctors wrapped her son up and handed her to him. He had Alana's messy dirty blond curls and Kyle's dark brown eyes.

"Hello Riley." she whispered, smiling down at her beautiful baby boy. At least now she got to spend more then a hour with him.

Seven hours later, Mr. and Mrs. Donovan arrived, and Mrs. Donovan was glowing as Kyle placed Riley in her arms.

"Hello beautiful," she cooed at him. "He's beautiful honey." she said to Alana.

"Thanks mom." she said, chocking down a sob.

Her parents stared at her sadly, knowing what she was thinking, but not sure what to say. Yes, she had been framed. But she had been planning on causing some sort of harm to Jack, Chloe, and Nick anyway, so she'd really asked to end up where she had.

"So, how is this gonna work?" asked Kyle.

"Well, we called our lawyer and he's on his way now, you guys are going to sign the papers, giving away your rights as his parents and then we take him back to Marsaille."

Alana sighed, big, fat tears running down her face. Her mother patted her shoulder, trying to confort her.

When Mr. Quenten arrived, he had all the forms ready. Alana and Kyle signed dozens of signatures and Alana's parents looked on sadly.

"All right then, what is this child's name?" he asked.

"Riley Christopher Donovan." said Alana.

Mr. Quenten nodded, checking over everything before putting all the forms in a folder.

"That's all of it. You are free to go home." he said to Mr. and Mrs. Donovan.

Alana was crying as her mom put Riley in her arms on last time, and Alana kissed the baby dozens of times before Kyle took him and kissed him softly. He wasn't sure what to feel. He'd just meet Riley and now, what felt like seconds later, they were being separated, and he didn't know for how long.

"We'll send you lots of pictures." Mrs. Donovan said tearfully, hugging Alana.

Alana nodded, as she hugged her dad tightly. Her parents then left the room, their eyes filled with tears. Alana broke down into huge sobs as Kyle wrapped his arms around her tightly, wishing he could make it all go away.

"We're here!" Mrs. Donovan said cheerfully, as her and Mr. Donovan stepped into the main hall of Jack and Chloe's house, Mr. Donovan holding Riley in the baby carrier, setting it down on the floor. Lexi and Spencer walked shyly over to the baby, pearing down at him.

"Lexi, Spencer, this is Riley, Aunt Alana's baby." said Jack.

Lexi stared at Riley, a little confused.

"Why's Aunt Alana with him?" she asked them.

Jack and Chloe were lost for words before Mr. Donovan answered.

"Sweety, Aunt Alana got into an accident and she has to stay back in New York for awhile."

"Oh. Can I hold Riley?"

Later, everyone was outside and they were having a barbeque. Adri was holding Riley while she watched as Lexi climbed into Chloe's lap, holding Spencer in her own. She saw Chloe's eyes glowing in adoration at her children and couldn't help but feel a little envious. She'd known since they were little kids that Chloe would be a young mom, she'd always been naturally drawn to kids and she just clicked with them, Adri wasn't sure how but she did.

"Chlo." she asked her. "Were you ever scared about having the kids and getting married so early?"

Chloe thought about it for a moment, running her hand through Lexi's curls.

"I know this is gonna sound crazy Ad but I really wasn't. I mean the whole giving birth part," she squirmed suddenly. "That's- well that's not fun. But looking down at that little baby and knowing that you created it, that you did something right..." she craned her head back, a huge smile on her face "There is nothing like that feeling."

Adri nodded, smiling at Riley.

Back in the house, Jack and Nick were talking. Well actually Jack was watching Nick pacing back and forth.

"Are you sure about this man, I mean, with me and Chloe, I felt like I was on the top of the world, she's just so..." a big, not entirelly there grin spread across Jack's face as he lost track of his words.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure."

Jack nodded, shaking himself out of his daydream. "That's great man. Let's go."

Adri was still watching Chloe fawn over her babies when the boys walked outside.

"Everybody, Nick wants to say something!" said Jack.

Chloe made eye contact with Jack, raising her eyebrows, as she was pretty sure what was going on. He nodded at her slightly and her head feel back into giggles.

"Mommy, why are you laughing?" Lexi asked her.

Chloe simply shook her head to mean nothing and pulled the little girl into her lap.

"Adri." Nick said to her, sitting down on the chair beside her. "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He knelt down on one knee, Adri's eyes going wide in wonder.

"Will you marry me?"


Everyone cheered as Adri threw herself at him, wrapping her arms about his neck and kissing him passionatly. Lexi ran over to them, jumping up behind Nick.

"I wanna be the flowergurl!"

"You do?" He said to her lifting her up and twirling her around. "Well I think that you would make the perfect flowergirl!"

Adri was crying as Chloe hugged her. "Congratilations Ad. Next to having babies, it really is the most amazing day of your life. And the honeymoon..." she blushed, collapsing into giggles as Adri playfully slapped her.

Later, Jack and Chloe were in their bed, talking about Nick and Adri's engagement.

"You think they're first baby will be a honeymoon baby or that they're gonna wait a few years?" said Chloe.

Jack had been lightly kissing her collarbone for a few minutes and lazily picked his head up looking at her.

"You know Nick, she'll be pregnant before the wedding day."

Chloe laughed, running her hands through his hair. "Yeah, you're probably right about that."

He longingly looked into her eyes for several moments before grabbing her face and kissing her passionatly. She ran her fingers down his back as he helped her to pull his shirt off. He tugged off her tank top as he slowly kissed his way down her body, Chloe sighing little, torturous moans. He quickly unlooped her belt and threw her skirt to the ground, along with her panties while he wrestled his way out of his pants and boxers. He put his hand on the nape of her neck as he fervently entered her, Chloe moaning loudly at the surges of energy pultsing through her body. Thank god Nick and Adri's room was far, far away on the other side of the house.

Jack moved his lips to her neck, kissing her aggressively there, as she craned her neck in estacy. She squirmed from the enormousness of it all, and he firmly placed his strong hands at her waist, driving into harder then before, his tounge slithering it's way all over the inside of her mouth. Chloe wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, proping herself up, kissing him harder. He shoved her against the bed post as he drove into her harder and harder and harder and harder...

Their eyelids were heavy with sweat as they clutched each other's weak bodies. He ran his fingers through her soft hair, burrying his face in her neck, taking in the smell of her perfume. Chloe weaved her fingers around his. Jack saw a troubled look in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked her.

"Do we, deserve what we've ended up with or did we make every effort to avoid getting in trouble?"

Jack had a pretty good idea what she was talking about, he'd been thinking about it to. He rolled over, pulling her on top of him, softly caressing her face.

"We've done some pretty fucked up stuff, and we always got away with it." he pulled her body closer to his, wrapping his strong, protective arms around her. "I love you. And I don't think that we were given two gorgeous babies for no reason. Maybe... maybe it was God's way of warning us, stop what you're doing right now because going to jail for drugs and throwing your lives away is not what's supposed to happen. And I'm not lying to you Chlo, I had dreams, right after you got pregnant with Lexi, of somebody talking to me and saying "Don't be an idiot. Becaue you are with the most beautiful," he kissed her softly, "sexy, selfless girl in the world and unless you want to miss out on the best thing that ever happened to you," he kissed her again, and now he had her giggiling, "Then you will get all of that shit out of your life for good becaue I have much," he kissed her passionatly, "bigger," he kissed her again, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, "plans." I'm serious he said all that, every last word."

Chloe looked him in the eye for a long moment, saw nothing but undying adoration and felt stupid for being such a worry wart. Sometimes she really believed that they could read each other's minds.

"Baby, I've thought about that kind of stuff a lot too, and a lot of times I wondered if we got off too easy. But jail or no jail, we have definitly been through our fair share of drama, and we definitly deserve to move on." He then put his hand on the back of her neck, and kissed her agressively. And Chloe knew, without a doubt, that they were both right where they were supposed to be.

An hour later, Chloe was asleep, nestled under Jack's arm, and he was was going to let himself fall asleep, he just wanted to look at her for one more moment. His eyelids were getting heavier and heavier though, and soon he was also asleep, passing into a beautiful dream of him chasing Chloe through a field of sunflowers, her gorgeous smile shining the whole time.

Five months later- Nick and Adri's wedding

Nick and Adri had gotten married in a little church in town and the ceremony was at the beach. While everyone was eating, Adri stood up to make an announcement.

"Everybody, we have something very important to say." she said, her cheeks blushing. Chloe covered her mouth in awe.

"I'm pregnant!"

"I KNEW IT!!!" Jack shouted.

Jack ran over to Nick, giving him a huge hug before slapping him playfully at the arm.

"I knew, I KNEW that she would be pregnant before the wedding, we made a bet." he said, nodding at Chloe. "And I knew it!"

"Congratulation's Ad." said Chloe, giving her a hug, tears flooding both of their eyes. "We're finally gonna be mommies together!"

Adri laughed, hugging Chloe back tightly. "And if I have a girl, we can put her and Lexi in a beauty pagent!"

Chloe's eyes grew wide in excitement. "We are going to have so much fun!"

Alana had just received a card in the mail. It was a picture of Riley, Lexi, and Spencer smiling around a huge sand castle. She couldn't help but cry. Her baby playing with Jack and Chloe's stupid, spoiled rotten brats!

As she walked back to the room, setting the picture down, she looked in the mirror for several seconds at her tired, depressed face. Things had been so different just a few years before.

She casually placed the note she'd written on her bedside table. They would all understand. They would all understand why she'd wanted to do this, why she was happier this way. She slowly lifted the plastic bag over her head and held it tightly around her neck.

Several memories flashed through her mind... Chloe's fifth birthday party... the way they'd looked at each other, madly in love at five years old... the morning after Jack had first had sex with Chloe, how stupid he'd acted... she could feel her head getting lighter... Jack and Chloe getting high again and again and again and now one ever caring... walking in on them making out and them not even stopping when she would caugh in disgust, one time as Jack was snaking his hand up Chloe's skirt, he even gave Alana the finger and Chloe laughed... filling the club with kerosine and watching Chloe sob... finding out she was alive... meeting Kyle, sleeping with him, going to a different jail then him, giving birth to Riley... she could see a shining light... Riley waving good bye to her from her mom's arms as they walked out of the room and back to their perfect fairy tale... and then she felt free for the first time in years.

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