four of spades:
My mind is racing.
Three weeks since I gazed in to those mirrors she calls eyes.
Four a.m. glows from my digital alarm clock and I still can't sleep.
My body is urging responses from places I don't care to pay attention to.
I roll over and try to pretend it's not there.
My thoughts all keep leading my hands down her back,
tracing her lines in under the strobe lights.
The club pulses around us as I am pulsing inside her.
The beat speeds up to keep time to our breathing.
The bass kicks in and we're in a jewelry store
her assets pressing against the glass of a display case
and there is a knock from somewhere in the room.
Only the knock isn't coming from inside the jewelry store.
She turns to me.
"You better answer the door, or Jimmy's gonna know what we're up to."
And I know she's right.
The knock is coming from my bedroom door.
And we're not in the jewelry store at all.
I pull myself out of the comfort of my pillows and pull open the door.
"Hey man, I just got home, I was wondering if you wanted to watch this…"
Jimmy trailed off.
I was falling asleep against the door frame.
"Hey man, you know, you didn't have to answer the door if you were busy…"
My eyes fluttered open. "Well you're the one who knocked on my door at four a.m."
"I just thought you might want to watch this movie with me…"
I chuckled.
"Maybe tomorrow."
I shut the door before Jimmy could shock me further with his stupidity
and returned to the safety of my bed.
Only in dreams;
What a shame.