Shouen-ai Warning! MalexMale contact. You dont like it? Then just skip over those parts.

Twenty-seventh Trouble:
It was just an innocent kiss…. Right?
Uh… Not really…

Hakuro ran his hands through Shishamu's long, brown and blonde hair. He pulled him closer, and deeper, into his kiss. He closed his crystal blue eyes lightly, savoring Shishamu's rich taste.

Shishamu couldn't move. He couldn't even breathe. His chest was starting to ache. He had been away from Yuiko for too long, but… Was it really aching because of that? Or was it Hakuro? When Shishamu's will to pull away melted, he closed his eyes and let Hakuro's tongue slip into his mouth.

Inari dropped two red leaves into the purple potion. It made a sizzling sound, like ribs on a barbeque grill.
"Now drop Gaijiin in it." Yuiko commanded.
"'Kay." Inari smiled and dropped the baby n the smoldering pot. He fell with a "plop" and the two witches watched for a reaction.

When Hakuro finally pulled away, the both of them were breathless. Shishamu ran a shaky hand though his hair, panting. Hakuro couldn't stop himself from smiling. It didn't matter what happened now because Hakuro had finally got his once-in-a-lifetime-kiss from Shishamu.

Shishamu's aching heart made his eyes open. He was greeted with blue shimmering eyes. "Hakuro…" He breathed. "Did you just--" He covered his mouth to try and mask his husky breathing. His eyes fell to the floor.
"You should get back to your Kazuni look-a-like." Hakuro suggested. Shishamu's eyes shot back up to meet Hakuro's. They locked into a fateful stare. Shishamu's breathing was still irregular when he returned Hakuro's kiss.

Inari's hand slipped around Yuiko's waist. "Is it done yet, sweetie?"
"Uh… I don't think so…" Yuiko tilted her head. Her nose curled in disgust as the smell of rotting flesh filled her nose. "Geh! What is that?" She saw a patch of Gaijiin's discolored skin float to the surface.
"HOLY SHIT!!" They both screamed as they looked at eachother.
"Get him out! Get him out!" Inari cried.
"Okay, okay!!" Yuiko dunk her hands in the water, but the potion burned her skin. "Shit!" She took her hands out, burned and raw. "Mother--"
"Gaijiin!!!" Inari kept crying. "My god my baby!"


Hakuro's eye's widened, but his surprise quickly faded. He wrapped his arms around Shishamu and pulled him closer.
What am I doing? Shishamu thought over and over. What am I doing?

"What the hell did you put into the potion?!" Yuiko yelled.
"Exactly what you said!!"
"Give me the book!"
"Get my baby out!!!"
"Give me the damn book you whore!" Silence filled the room as Inari stared at Yuiko in shock.
"You said the 'w' word." She shook her finger. "Uh-oh. That's a naughty thing to do little one.
"Shut up! Your baby is probably dying!"
"Oh my God, you're right!!!"

"Give me the book." Yuiko gave Inari a stern look. "Now."
"'K-Kay…" Inari handed over the blue and green bonded book.

Shishamu's eyes were shut tightly against the world. He didn't want to think about the fact he kissed Hakuro, or the fact he might actually be liking it. That thought made his stomach do cartwheels. But, as the kiss turned more serious, Shishamu felt his hands running down the sides of Hakuro's waist. What was he doing?

"You freakin' idiot!" Yuiko screamed. "This is for cleansing demons! Not fixing freaks!"
"Damn." Inari whispered. "Sorry 'bout that. My bad, my bad."
"Hell yeah it's your bad!" Yuiko looked at the ceiling. "SHISHAMU!!! Get your ass over here right now!"

Screaming filled Shishamu's ears and he broke the tainted kiss.
"Shishamu?" Hakuro sounded concerned. "what is it?"
"Yuiko.. She's.. God damn, she's screaming my name in my ears!" Shishamu grit his teeth.

Hakuro cupped his cheek and pulled him closer. "Then we should get you some ear plugs." He kissed him again, and the noises were gone.

"Dammit!" Yuiko stomped her foot as the yellow fumes of the potion were circiling the room. "SHISHAMU! WE ARE IN TROUBLE! DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?!?" She took a shallow breath. "Prick." She whispered under her breath.

Yuiko's voice came back into Shishamu's ears. He pushed Hakuro away. "No Hakuro. I need to go." He disappeared before Hakuro's eyes, leaving a single green leaf in his place.

"Yuiko? Are you okay?" Shishamu's breath came in ragged pants.
"Baby, potion, dead." Yuiko stated, pointing at the black pot.
"What!?" Shishamu hissed. He took Iiasii out of thin air and a pink light flew into the potion. It grabbed something and pulled it out. The pink cloud turned into a bubble and popped. On the ground was a young man, his clothes were shrunk as he sat in front of Inari.

His hair was blue, eyes gray, and he looked to be about sixteen. His arms were well toned, as well for the rest of his body, and his skin had a shiny gleam to it. He looked up at Inari and smiled. A smile that seemed to make all the fumes dissapate and to make Inari's heart sing.

Inari squealed. "Dear me! Who is this hunky piece of flesh, eh?"
"My name is Gaijiin." He stood up and kissed Inari. "Hello mother."
"Gaaah!!!" Inari squealed, going red. "Come here you!" She grabbed Gaijiin and kissed him hard.
"Ew. That's incest Inari." Yuiko hunched away from the two.
"Shut up Yuiko. You're in love with your Shikigami." She smiled at Yuiko's beet-red face. "See? So leave me alone." She kissed Gaijiin again.

"Hakuro!" Bubi sang. "Where were you?"
"I was…" Hakuro smiled. "Having the time of my life."
"Oh… Well come here cause there's something I gotta tell you."
"Oh? What is it, love?"
"Shion and his Shikigami are here. They say that they have something to tell you."
"Okay. Where are they?"
"In the kitchen."

"Bye Inari!" Yuiko waved.
"Bye bye sweetheart!" She was being cradled by Gaijiin. "Thanks Shishamu!"
"Sure." He shrugged. Inari and Gaijiin disappeared in a bright light.

"Hakuro, we need your help." Shion's lusty Shikigami said.
"What is it?"
"The keepers are on their way to Yuiko's house. We need to get them out."
"Oh no…"

Shishamu turned to Yuiko and saw her hands. He picked them up carefully. "What happened?"
"Um… The potion… It… Burned some of the skin off…" Yuiko was trapped in Shishamu's gaze.
"Here." He brought her hands to his lips and the burns were instantly healed.
"Oh! Uh… Tha-thanks…" Yuiko blushed. Shishamu pulled Yuiko into his embrace.
"Please," He whispered. "you have to forgive me. I have wronged you."
"You're not anything like her. I am afraid that I have taken my buried anger out on you, but that will never happen again." Shishamu pulled her closer. He might have kissed Hakuro, but there was nothing that could stop his heart from racing like it did when he was with Yuiko. This was love. He didn't know what being with Hakuro was.
"You mean you thought I was--" Shishamu kissed Yuiko, cutting her off before she could say that name. The name of Shishamu's first real love, and his first real mistake.