I'm trapped in a world that isn't mine

A world of puppets and dolls

I scream and hope someone will hear

But there's no answer to my calls.

I see the strings on everyone

Piercing to the bone

And dread the day that mine are made

And into me are sewn.

My heart is thumping in my chest

As day by day I fight

To keep my mind and body free

And hidden in the night.

Day after day closer It comes

That vile light of slavery

Deeper and deeper into the night I move

But the dark is vanishing slowly.

Now it's here, I can no longer hide

The light is burning my skin

Stringed hands grab hold of me

And I know this is the end.

As they string the needle I can feel

My freedom disappearing

Tears fall freely down my face

As the Makers are appearing.

The needle pierces and I scream

It's filled with pain and sorrow

I feel it attach as it touches my bone

And I fear what will come tomorrow.

Over and over they pierce my flesh

As my mind slowly dims

I am now a puppet like all the rest

Obeying my master's whims.

Y-s: I know, it sucked. But it's something I did for English and I liked it so I put it up here. And if it explains anything about this, as I was writing it an idea for a story came to me and as I wroteI was basically writing about the story. So, yeah.........Anyway, review please!