Eternal Darkness

Vahn's Destiny

A young man. Slept in his bed. Laid out on his back with His hands rested on his stomach.

He laid peacefully in luxurious satin.The rooms floor had a dark blue rug, the walls were painted black,

and The ceiling is dark purple.The window to his left barely let any moonlight shine through the blood red curtains.

It was clear by the young mans facial expressions. That he was having a nightmare. In his nightmare. Vahn was

standing in a meadow. The grass was cover in a light glowing dew. Flowers trickle everywhere. This seemed all

perfect until. He was approach by a woman. She reached her hand out and touch his cheek Vahn embraced the

warmth. Of her hand.She said her name was Kaley. She has red hair, blue eyes, white skin, the perfect body,

she wore a white dress, she stands at five-feet five-inches.Then she handed him a silver cross, there is a glass

sphere, with a holy crystal filled with holy water, which was surrounded by virgins blood, which was embroidered

into the cross's intersection. Kaley explained "Vahn your destiny is to fight the forces of darkness. On your

eighteenth birthday. The city Avion will be cover in eternal darkness. By a vampire named Darren." "Why me. And

not someone else" asked Vahn? Kaley smiled and said "because it's your destiny""What if I don't want my

destiny" asked Vahn?"Well you don't have a choice" she answered. Vahn frowned and asked "why not?"

"Because you cannot choose destiny. It just happens. Okay sweetie" she said with a smile."I don't have to believe

this bullshit. This is just a nightmare" shouted Vahn! "Believe what you want. But I promise this will happen"

said Kaley.Vahn sat up sweating a cold sweat. His room was dark. Except for the small amount of moonlight from

the window.Vahn rubbed his face. He pulled back his covers. And got out of bed. Then he walked across the dimly

lit room to the door. He opened the door and walked into the hallway. The hallway was a bit brighter than his room.

The rug, walls, and ceiling are sky blue. The walls were blank except for a couple pictures of Vahn's family.

He turned and walked to his left. After a couple of steps. He opened a door to his left. It was a bathroom. He put his

right hand against the wall. He moved his hand up and down. Hoping to turn on the light. When the light turned on.

He had to cover his eyes. The light was so bright. But he got use to it after a minute or two. He went over to the sink.

Turned it on. And rubbed cold water on his face. He grabbed a towel to his right. And dried his face. He looked up

into the mirror. He has long black hair, amethyst eyes, goatee, muscular body, white skin, he stands at six-foot,

age seventeen. He always got picked on for his eye color. What was with that nightmare Vahn thought?

Vahn just shook his head trying to get rid of those disturbing thoughts. There was a toilet in one corner, and on the

other side of the room was a tub, and it sat on white tile. The walls and ceiling were white too.He turned off the light

and went back to his room. When he got back in bed. He pulled the covers up and relaxed himself to sleep. Hoping

he didn't have that nightmare again. He awoke a few minutes before six o'clock. In a half hour he had to go to

school. Vahn got out of bed went over to his closet. His closet is an almond brown color. The only clothes in his

closet were his school clothes. His other clothes were in a dresser. By his computer. Vahn got dressed. He wore all

black. Shirt, jeans, belt, socks, boots, and a jean jacket. But when he took off his shirt to changed he saw the silver

cross he given in his nightmare. With a moment thought. He took the cross off and threw it on his bed.

And headed down stairs. Vahn saw his dad first. His name was Albert. "Good morning dad" said Vahn. "Good

morning son" replied Albert. Albert was in the living room sitting on the couch. The rug is red, the walls and the

ceiling are dark green. Albert has short black hair, brown eyes, lightly skinny body, white skin, he stands five-feet

seven-inches, age forty-five. "Dad were, are mom and Gena" Vahn asked? "in the kitchen I think" Albert replied.

Vahn nodded. And went into the kitchen. Which was White tile on the floor, the walls and ceiling is yellow, both

windows have white curtains Gena sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. She has long curly blonde hair,

green eyes, kinda skinny, white skin, she stands at five-feet two-inches, age fourteen. Vahn's mothers name was

Joyce. She has long golden blonde hair, sky blue eyes, well rounded in the middle body, she stands at five-feet

five-inches, age forty. "Good morning mom" said Vahn. "Good morning Vahn" Joyce replied. "Morning brat" Vahn

said to Gena. "Morning buttface" Gena replied. "you two stop the name calling" shouted Joyce! "Okay mom" they

both said together. "Vahn did you want something to eat" asked Joyce? "No, I'm kinda late for school. Thanks

anyway" replied Vahn. "I can't believe you are graduating. In two weeks. My little boy is growing up" Joyce said

sadly. As tears ran down her cheeks. "I know mom" said Vahn. Vahn said bye to his family as he walked out the

front door. His grandparents bought him a black ford Taurus. He walked over to the driver's side open the door. And

started the car. He backed the car out of the driveway. And headed to school. Well he was driving. he kept

thinking about that creepy nightmare. How did that cross get around my neck? I don't believe in

vampires. Why Avion? Why my city? This whole fucking thing is crazy. He shook the nonsense out of

his head. "thank god today is Friday. I hope get through the day. Then I can relax for the weekend" Vahn

spoke out loud to himself. After ten minutes of driving Vahn got into the Avion high school parking lot. Vahn parked

his car. When Vahn got out of his car. He saw his best friend bobby Hunter. "Hello, Bobby" said Vahn. "hello, Vahn

Krieger" Bobby said in a joking way. Bobby always picked on Vahn's last name. "Shut up smart ass" Vahn said with

a joking tone. Vahn knew that bobby was in to demons, vampires, werewolves and that kind of stuff. So Vahn

thought about telling him about that creepy nightmare he had last night. Bobby has short spiky orange hair, light

brown eyes, dark tan skin, muscular body, he stands at six-feet one-inches, age eighteen. "Ready for class" Bobby

asked? "not really. But lets go" Vahn replied. After math, science, and history. It was lunch Vahn decided to tell

Bobby about that nightmare. After Vahn told Bobby about the nightmare. "It doesn't sound like a nightmare to me.

It sounds like a fucked up dream" said Bobby. "Yeah, whatever. But are vampires real" Vahn asked?

"Well that depends on you Vahn" replied Bobby. Vahn didn't understand. Bobby plays mind games. So Vahn didn't

bother asking again. After-school. Vahn offer to take Bobby home. But Bobby declined his offer. So Vahn went

straight home. He said hi to his mom and sister. Then went upstairs and took a nap.