Eternal Darkness

A Beast In The Woods

Kaley walked over to Vahn's bed. She sat beside him. Then she bent her head down to Vahn's ear. And whispered

"Vahn, wake up." Vahn felt warm air touch his ear. He slowly opened his eyes. Vahn turned his head to look at

Kaley. "Kaley, what are you doing here" Vahn asked? "Merrick, was fighting his brother. So I thought I would come

here. So no one would find us" Kaley answered. Vahn sat up. "Merrick, are you okay" Vahn's asked? "Yes, I'll be

fine" Merrick answered. "Vahn, I also came here because. I'm taking you out on your first hunt" said Kaley. Vahn's

eyes widened. And his face changed to a look of fear. "I can smell your, boy" said Merrick. Vahn said nothing his

fear wouldn't let him. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. Kaley looked over to Merrick, then she looked

over to Vahn. Kaley saw the look of upon his face. "Vahn, are you okay" Kaley asked? "I...I'm okay" Vahn

answered. "Kaley, I do not think he's ready yet" Merrick stated. There was a moment of silent. Until Kaley said

"Vahn, you need to go hunting this night." "Why" Vahn asked? "how else do you expect to kill Darren" said Kaley.

"I don't know" Vahn replied. Merrick started coughing up blood. Kaley put her hand on Vahn's cheek and said. "It's

all right, Vahn. I'll be there." "Okay. So when do we leave" Vahn asked? He Embraced the warmth of Kaley's. "In a

little bit" Kaley answered. They looked into each others eyes. As Kaley slowly rubbed Vahn's cheek some more.

Vahn almost fell asleep. But then Kaley said. "Vahn, It's time to go."Okay, let me get ready" Vahn replied. Vahn

grabbed a change of clothes. Vahn walked out of his bedroom. He turned left and walked down the hall. Until he

came to the second door on the left. Vahn walked into the bathroom. He wore all black. Jeans, t-shirt which Vahn

tucked in his jeans, belt, socks, boots, overcoat. Vahn walked out the door. Closed it behind him. Then walked down

the hall and into his room. When Vahn got into his room. Kaley stared at him. Vahn notice that Kaley was staring at

him and asked. "Kaley, are you okay?" Just then Vahn notice Kaley was blushing. "Yes, I'll be fine. It's nothing"

Kaley answered. Merrick stood up and asked. "Is everyone ready to go?" Kaley stood up. She put her hands on her

hips and said. "Merrick, you're not going. You are staying here until we get back." Merrick walked over to Kaley

until they were face to face. "I'm going, you can't beat Darc by yourself" said Merrick. "I can hold him off. And

maybe Vahn can beat him" said Kaley. Vahn just stood there in silence. He just listen to the two of them talking.

Kaley's face turned red with anger. She looked over to Vahn and said. "Vahn, Let's go." Vahn nodded and followed

Kaley out into the hallway.Then downstairs. Then outside. "Which way do we go" Vahn asked? "I don't know, Darc

has already left the castle" Kaley answered. Vahn and Kaley headed towards the nearest cemetery. While they were

walking, Vahn asked Kaley. "How old are you?" Kaley stopped walking, she looked at Vahn and answered.

"I'm twenty-three." Vahn never had a girlfriend before. Let alone an older girlfriend. "Kaley, will you be my

girlfriend" Vahn asked? "Y...yes..I will" Kaley answered. Kaley has had boyfriends before. But there was something

about Vahn. Kaley continued walking in silence, Vahn followed closely behind her. Some moonlight shined from

behind the the trees. As they walked down the cold road. Tonight was the first night of the full moon. That's when

Vahn and Kaley heard a noise coming from the woods to their left. "That did not sound like a normal animal"

said Vahn. "You're right" Kaley agreed. "Let's go check it out" said Vahn. "We're suppose to be looking for, Darc.

reminded Kaley. "I know, it will only take a second" said Vahn. "Okay" Kaley replied. Vahn ran off into the woods.

Kaley ran after Vahn and said. "Vahn, stop. You don't know what's in there." Kaley finally caught to Vahn.

She put her hand on his shoulder. The was ground mushy. Vahn took a step closer to the noise. A twig broke under

his foot making a loud noise. Vahn wasn't sure if he had alerted the thing. "Vahn, let's get out of here" said Kaley.

"Hold on. I want to see where that noise is coming from. Vahn replied. Vahn saw a blur in the woods. Vahn followed

it into a clearing. Where the moon shined brightly. Vahn lost track of it. He walked into the middle of the clearing.

Then he heard a howl. Vahn looked around. But only found trees and darkness. Now Kaley was by his side.

"Vahn, draw your weapon" Kaley ordered. "I...I didn't bring it. Vahn said shamefully. "What" Kaley yelled!

"I'm sorry. But you rushed out of the house so quick. I forgot to grab it" said Vahn. Kaley grunted and raised her

hands into the air. "Vahn, where do you leave your sword" Kaley asked? "In my closet" Vahn answered. Kaley

closed her eyes tightly. A light appeared around her hands. When the dimmed, Vahn's sword was in Kaley's hands.

Kaley opened her eyes. And handed Vahn his sword and rudely said. "Here." She slammed the sword into Vahn's

chest "Kaley, I said. I was sorry" Vahn apologized. They heard the thing howl again. Vahn strapped his sword to his

back. Then drew his weapon in his right hand. "Vahn, feel it out" Kaley commanded. "Okay" said Vahn. "Why have

you come here, vampier" A eerie voice asked? "Are you talking to us" Vahn asked? "Who else would I be talking to.

Myself. Yes you" answered the voice. "I'm not a vampier. We're looking for a vampier named, Darc" said Vahn.

"You're wrong, boy. I can smell the vampire blood in you" assured the voice. "Just who the fuck are you" Kaley

asked? "Me, my dear. I am Bishop" said Bishop. "What are you doing out here, Bishop" Vahn asked? "Looking for a

vampier" Bishop answered. "Is his name, Darc" Vahn asked? "I don't know his name" Bishop answered.

"I have a question. Where the hell are you hiding" Vahn asked? "I'm right above you" Bishop answered. Vahn

looked up. And saw this shadowy figure jump down at him. It was a werewolf. Vahn jumped back. "You're a

werewolf" said Vahn. "What of it" Bishop asked? Bishop has the purest of white fur, silver eyes, muscular body,

he wore white pants, he stands at seven-foot, age thirty, clan werewolf. Vahn ran upto Bishop, he swung his sword

at Bishop's neck. Bishop dodged Vahn's attack. Then Bishop cut Vahn's gut with his claws. Kaley went to use her

powers. To throw Bishop back. But before she could. Bishop picked up Vahn and threw into Kaley. Kaley got up

quickly. Bishop was moving to quickly for Kaley to do anything. Bishop put his hands around Kaley's mouth.

Then threw against a tree knocking her out cold. Vahn got to his feet, his head feeling a little hazing. Bishop

looked up at the moon and howled. Vahn charged Bishop he went to stabbed Bishop in the heart. But he

grabbed Vahn's. Then he flipped Vahn up over him. "Is this all you have, vampier" Bishop asked? Vahn got back

on his feet and said. "Nope not even close" answered Vahn. Bishop notice that Vahn had a faint aura glowing

in his eyes. Vahn smiled showing the fangs. That he didn't even know he had. "So you are a vampier" said Bishop.

Vahn didn't even care to say anything. He just attacked Bishop. Violently and without mercy. Vahn cut Bishop's

right arm, then his left leg, then he stabbed him in the gut. Bishop growled at Vahn. Then punched him in the face,

then kicked him in the gut. Sending him into a tree. As Vahn slid down the tree. His back was braking the bark.

Bishop removed Vahn's sword from gut, then threw it aside. Bishop walked over to Vahn and picked him up

by the neck. He threw Vahn straight up. Vahn hit his back on a tree branch, braking it on contact. Vahn fell to the

ground face first. Vahn was bleeding from his mouth. "You wouldn't be getting your ass kicked. If you hadn't

attacked me" said Bishop. Vahn got up on his hands and knees. Bishop ran up and kicked Vahn in the gut.

Slamming him back against the tree. Bishop went to rip Vahn's throat open. But some force threw him back.

When Bishop got back on his feet. He saw Kaley awake now. Blood running out of her nose. "Leave him alone"

ordered Kaley. "As you wish, my lady" Bishop said grinning. Kaley realized that Bishop was coming after her now.

Kaley turned her back to Bishop, she ran towards a tree. Kaley ran up the tree and jumped off it flipping over him.

When she landed on the ground. Kaley saw Vahn's sword just inches infront of her. As she reached for it Bishop

came up to and grabbed her by the back of the neck. Her feet dangle a few inches off the ground. "You will not

beat me this night. assure Bishop. Kaley swung her leg back kicking Bishop in the groin. He released his grip of

Kaley. She landed on her feet. But twisted her ankle in the mushy dirt. Kaley fell to her right, she did not hit the

ground. Someone had caught her from falling. It was Vahn who caught her. "Are you okay" Vahn asked?

"Yes" Kaley answered. Vahn took Kaley over to a tree, he laid her down, then took off his overcoat and put it on

her to keep her warm. Kaley handed Vahn his sword and said. "Here's this." Vahn kissed Kaley then said "Thank

you." "Are you done yet" Bishop asked? His purest of white fur was covered in blood.

Vahn stood looked at Bishop and attacked him again. Bishop kicked Vahn's sword out of his hands, then Vahn

punched Bishop in the face, then kicked him in the throat, then broke his left arm. The scent of blood was in the air

and Vahn liked it. Why in the hell do I want to drink his blood Vahn thought? Bishop punched both side of Vahn's

face, then kicked him in the jaw, then he picked up Vahn and threw him to the ground. Both Vahn and Bishop were

tired their body couldn't handle fighting any longer. A person started clapping his hands. As he was walking into the

clearing where Vahn, Kaley, and Bishop were and said. "Thank you, Vahn."