Electric Battle

A million and one electric synapses,
Currently rushing through your brain.
You never realize it,
Until every single one of them relates to fear.

Then it becomes a trillion synapses,
Firing off into a thousand directions.
Some to distract you from your fears.
Others to draw you closer.

Your mind is racing,
Charging along a path you don't wish to follow.
In the blink of an eye;
All the thoughts come to one conclusion.

You're losing.

Your thoughts are muddled,
They were organized a second ago.
All racing along one path,
Single file.

Now what?
Confusion has overthrown your thoughts.
The synapses are still firing,
But only one thought lingers.

Like an abandoned building,
With live wires hanging loose.
And a sense of loss dampens the air.
Fear has won and your brain has come to a halt.

You've lost.

Welcome to the end of the thought process.
Hope has left you,

Fear has settled in,

And yes, those are tears running down your cheek.