i need the silent look on his face
strumming the guitar or just
looking into the sky, his fingertips
falling on piano strings
plucking them like you would a violin

i need this as you need emptiness -
crying diminuendos and a broken chord
i never noticed how the tears coming from your face
mirrored the same stare that you only showed at night,
i never noticed how happy your songs could seem
if i only looked deep enough into it.

how deep can i look into a piano
whose depth is measured by its pianist?
how far is there to gaze
when i can only see the stars in the sky?

only time can improve a
soliloquy perfectly executed,
even if it was rational,
but so heartbreaking that the keys couldn't hold the weight of fingertips anymore.

a.n: yes, i know a soliloquy is an act of talking. moving on..

i dont know, this is a few days old. i reread it so many times and i still cant come up with a meaning for it, im thinking it doesnt make sense at all. all i can keep thinking about is how i want somebody to recognize the potential i have to do more, with many different things.