Author's Note: I originally wrote this for my friends and put it up on my msn space months ago. I really like this poem because it means a lot to me. :) I hope you like it! Please R&R!!!



One of the best things life could bring.

Always there for you

When times are rough,

And when they are good.

They are so thoughtful, kind and caring.

Cheer you up when you're feeling down.

Turning a frown into a smile.

Always there to hug or lean on

When you need them the most.

Will make you laugh when you are crying.

Turning your anger into happiness.

Your sadness and pain

Into pain from laughing too hard.

So when you need someone,

Whether it be to talk, laugh or cry,

Think of these people,

These people,

Your friends.

A poem by Sarah ♥