She hugs the wooden pillar, the place where you used to stand so many times.

She stares at the glass window into the dark, stranger filled room, which you used to liven up with you just being there.

She watches people walk along the boring hallway, where you used to pass by everyday.

The one place where she used to enjoy your company, is now dull, lifeless and meaningless.

You left her, without knowing exactly how much damage you were doing her.

Yes, she told you in the end, when you were a million miles away, when you could do nothing but tell her how unexpected it was.

Yet, even though you know, you do not know the real extent of the love she feels for you. You have no idea, and you probably never will, as she is too much of a coward to tell you.

I just hope that you have enough compassion inside of you to remember her, and all that she silently did for you.

Because she loves you.

Through the distance, through the pain and through the hurt.

She loves you.

A/N: i couldnt express myself thoroughly using a poem so i just decided on this. It's nothing really, just... well im frustrated, thats it. Really, seriously frustrated.