The Land Broken Spears

Chapter One: The Arrival

Acatl left his slave hut and entered the streets. He could see the beauty of the

finest city in the world. This was Tenochtitlan. The most beautiful city in the

world. He sighed and took up his broom and left towards the central plaza.

This walk to him five minutes, sometimes more. He saw women spinning clothes,

faraway traders coming in to sell their wares, warriors preparing to enforce tribute.

He heard a distant conch blow. The priests began the day with the blaring sounds

of a conch from the sea. Now he was at the point where he could see the distant

chinampas bring in maize and other vegetables to the city. With hundreds of

canoes on lake Texcoco. He looked at the bridge and he was the emperor himself

conversing with men..... He strained his eyes in order to have a better look. No

these men were strange. These were White Men.