1Chapter Four: Blood

Acatl couldn't sleep. Although he was on the mat on the ground which

he called his bed he didn't sleep. All these strange events were eating

away at his rest. Who were these people? Where are they from? What is

their intention? He was in short afraid to sleep but he might as well. It

was among the only days he had off during the year. He could hear the

distant drums. There was a festival going on in the temple plaza with all

sorts of amusements. He decided not to go for fear of being recognized

after his escape from the temple and also there were rumours swirling

around. Eagle Knights were planning an ambush on the white men and

he didn't wish to view blood or get killed. Though many of his fellow

slaves were there. With so many thoughts in his head his eyes grew

weary and he closed them.

The shouts of men stirred Acatl from his sleep. Then suddenly with

speed someone crashed into him.

" Come... oh gods... terrible... the people are slain in the temple!!"

Cried Nehauzitl one of his fellow slaves. Still groggy from his sleep

Acatl was practically dragged through the streets by his friend. A crowd

rushed by separating Acatl and Nehuazitl. While Acatl was pushed one

way and Nehauzitl another Acatl found himself being pushed in the

direction of the temple and its there where he saw it.

Blood. There were hearts ripped out of ribcages of people. Arms and

legs strewn about everywhere. Even fingers dotted the plaza. Brain

matter was still oozing out of the brains of victims. Saliva still dripping

from there mouths. Acatl numb stared and slowly walked on. He saw

people with multiple gashes and wounds upon there bodies still

wheezing for air. In and out with subtle twitches in their limbs. He saw

a head but no body. He saw a bodies with no heads. Some bodies were

piled in a heap like rags. Others were burning. Acatl could take it no

longer and retched till he could retch no more. His nose dripping with

mucous. He walked briskly away from the plaza and once out he retched

again and it was there where he cried.