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Summary: She was the princess of light, sent on a mission, against her twin's will, to the demon world oh so near to them, to try to persuade the demon world to form an allegiance with the angels. But she, against her control, finds herself falling for a handsome male who she does not know even a name. Once she learns of his heritage in royalty she finds that can't pull herself away, though she knows the even thought of it was forbidden. Slowly, things become more than themselves and erupts into more than they know. Would the forbidden love they carry save the kingdoms from a devastating and once inevitable war?


Chapter One: Falling From the Sky


You are eye candy for the demons, being the Star of the Heavens that you are. I trust that you will not disappoint me.

Eye candy? And those were the last words spoken from father, the archangel, to daughter, the princess of heaven and light, me.

Now I stood in the strong arms of the most loyal man I knew, the most loyal man I'd probably ever meet. He was my brother, my twin, my closest friend. I didn't mention I had a twin did I? Well now you know. Just to make that clear.

He had been terribly upset with our father ever since he began this supposed allegiance with the dark 'demon' world.

It had nearly caused a whole war on its own in the heavens at his rage when father had proposed that I went down with the embassy to try to help persuade the demons to form an allegiance... for the third attempt was a pitiful failure and father was determined to make it work, even though the demons were becoming increasingly hostile.

Now the archangel believed the demon world would be persuaded by false attempts of beauty. And even if they followed, it was not as if the archangel would actually allow the demons to see angels after this. Seriously, I'm not seducing anyone.

Now my twin brother had done all he could do, and he, like everyone else in the heavens, would just have to wait and see.

"Don't die down there girl... you know I can't rule without you," he muttered into my long hair, his arms wrapped tight around my waist. I could feel every muscle of his body pulsing with a restrained anger.

I rocked back on my heels and placed my hand on his cheek. For a moment he just lived in that moment, as if for the last time. His golden blonde hair fell delicately over my fingers, falling out from behind his angel tipped ears. He closed his eyes for a second before looking back at me with calm serene blue eyes, a mask and door to his pain.

He and I both knew that we had both grown to be all that father had wanted of us. He was strong and handsome and all women of the kingdom followed him without much question. But he was the fair-headed one, easy to deal with... most of the time.

I, as you may have figured out, was my father's tool. Beauty was my tool, not diplomacy apparently, as my father told me day in and day out when my twin or I questioned this. But I was known as a rational ruler as well. At least that was what the newspapers said.

Most of our people had already lost faith in my father, the archangel. Forcing me, a widely accepted influencer and princess, to go with the embassy and with the obvious objectives did not appease the people.

Sooner than I know is right, my brother will be forced into power, plunging into a world of true greed and hate, though youngest ever to rule. But personally, I knew that he would rule better than my father. Our father.

I tightened my grip around the back of his neck instinctively, my head again comfortably on his shoulder, my grip replaced on his waist and forcibly loose. I found it hard not to run back to my home and fight to stay at the place where I, along with all our people, was born.

I knew though with a sad touch of grief, if I died down in the depths of the demon world, my beloved brother would still rule. Even he knew this and had come to face the fact that he had to take the rule when it came to him, or it would be passed to our younger stepsister, and the line of rule would be lost to our blood forever.

Our younger stepsister, already having a toddler child, was undoubtedly not fit to rule. She was immature and selfish, and if she ruled no one questioned that their kingdom wouldn't reflect it. Most of the people, peasant folk and nobles alike, despised her anyways.

I sighed wistfully, pulling together my last ounce of courage for the day. "Do you believe," I whispered in my twin's ear, for a moment our spirits in complete harmony, "that I will come back to the land of my fathers?"

"I would believe it even if the Gods forbade me to believe it," he replied with a lighter tone.

I stepped away from him. It was like breaking another lifeline, separating me from what was safe and what was not. My only lifeline.

"I love you my brother. You know what must be done."

I headed towards the unruly black dragons supplied by the continuously aggressive demons royals, though obviously not the best dragons they had, they still had the sense to send transport. These dragons were born in the dark lands, thus able to enter and leave their home without drain on their bodies, unlike other myth like creatures though to us not myth at all... you should believe it unless you appreciate your nose nearly snapped off in demonstration. Sadly these dragons weren't as fond of these lands, and even now looked slightly thinner than they had arrived and had less of their savage appearance.

I turned to my ever handsome brother for the last time in many months. His lips were graced with a playful smirk and I tried to snap that image of him in my mind, something to make sure I didn't fade away.

"You know," he began, "if I wasn't your twin, I wouldn't mind being a demon right now." His eyes teased me.

I grimaced. He loved tormenting me, especially in public.

He had to remind me that the archangel had picked out what I was to wear, and it showed a bit more cleavage than any woman would like. I had modified it on my own and made it possible to hide dozens of weapons in it, and the loose jacket of course, so in case of an ambush, I wouldn't be just watching. How I hated letting everyone get all the spotlight.

All royals are trained as Warriors you see. In the old days, there were kingdoms and assaults on the neighboring kingdoms were common. Now it was a tradition to train.

"And I would watch my back if I were you, which I am not. Our stepsister," that word held so much distaste mainly because that girl hates us firstly... and frankly she has no blood relation to us, thank god "has been watching you incredibly oddly recently. Pretty nasty if you ask me, which you aren't. But I have to say, I don't want another toddler to worry about stepping on, twin."

He grimaced painfully, knowing the truth in my words.

I turned around and for a moment stood before the dark carriage. The dragons impatiently growled for me to get a move on. I heard their thoughts, an ability passed down to my brother and I, and I tried my best to ignore their negative comments.

There were times when I wonder why such a rare ability was given to us. It was good... and bad, a curse and a blessing.

As I placed my foot on the first step, someone grabbed me from behind, the familiar hold tight around my waist, nearly lifting me off. A distinct scent and a familiar sense told me who it was. A familiar voice scolded me gently, "I'm going to miss those insults of yours. They keep me in check."

"I can't say I'll miss yours," I replied in the same scolding tone, almost desperate not to leave. To say, I was embarrassed at myself and I was glad my brother couldn't see my face that second.

He whispered then, as if the secret he was to tell he wished to carry with the very winds. "I believe completely sister. I love you... Now go, Star of the Heavens, and don't look back," he whispered, placing an emphasis on the name that my mother had called me before she died.

It was a childhood nightmare for my twin and I that looking back on a place you were about to leave made you trapped forever. Trapped where was part of what I had never quite asked my brother, even now as I was about to leave. I doubted he knew either. But even though, that moment I swore to myself it'd be one of the first things I asked him when I really got back, for I knew I'd forever be there in my mind. For all I knew, just trapped.

I muttered his nickname that mother had called him under my breath so no one but he and I heard, "Light of the Pure", and the name forever suited him well.

I didn't still turn around as I finally climbed into the carriage, but his hand found mine and gave me a familiar shot of courage. I gripped his hand tightly for the last time till I could not hold on any longer and he slipped from my clasp, the door shutting firmly, the sound echoing in my ears.

I snapped my gaze to where he had been. I missed him already.

"Don't worry. I was appointed by your brother to keep you alive, your highness."

I snapped around and a familiar happiness filled me while I embraced the male that had spoken next to me. It was amazing I hadn't noticed him earlier.

"Micket... wow... um... thank you."

The handsome young male shook his head with a laugh. "Don't say that yet. Say that at the end of this journey once I'm completely fed up with you." His emerald orbs glittered with amusement.

Suddenly a small cat-squirrel-like fox jumped onto my head. The creature was no bigger than a chipmunk and colored likewise, but had the feline touches of an ocelot type cat. I yelled out happily with a giggle as the fox squirrel licked my face happily. The thing is way too happy to see me.


Micket raised an eyebrow in amusement. He dumped one of his jackets over my bare shoulders. He somehow has an endless supply of jackets. I looked at him weirdly and even my pet stared at him in bewilderment.

"Well, sorry to interrupt the brief separation reunion of you and your pet but the dragons have taken off and it's about to get very cold."

The fox cat jumped into a pocket and hissed.

Micket grinned.

"Rin still doesn't like the cold."

I glared. This is where the gift of tongues is a blessing... or curse. "He doesn't like the dragons Micket..."

A long silence.



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