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So you know those stories where the nerdy guy likes his also nerdy best friend, and the best friend is crushing on the most popular boy in school, who doesn't even know she exist? Well let's twist that up a bit.

How about the most popular boy in school likes the almost normal girl who he occasionally talks to said girl in study hall, only this girl likes nerdy boy, who happens to be extremely shy and she has never had a conversation with him other than him ringing up her books she bought from the local book store he works at. Did you get that? Well if you didn't you're about get it. Let's call thus said girl, Carmen.

Now Carmen is not ugly nor is she average, that is not saying she is drop dead gorgeous. Carmen is what people call pretty—African-American, medium skin tone, jet black hair shoulder length with spicy electric blue highlights, hazel eyes turned purple by contacts, and she stands at a whopping five foot two and a quarter.

So that's our heroine, lets go on to the object of her affection; Lucas. Shy, sweet, sensitive, social retard; Lucas. Skin and bones describes him mostly. Lucas has no muscle, no flab either, just a normal non-enhanced body. Striking blue eyes hidden between black spectacles, a thin row of freckles along his nose, to die for sizzling red hair, and a perfect height for Carmen at five foot seven.

The word attractive is foreign to being used to describe Lucas. Boyish good looks, has no meaning either. Abstract beauty is the best thing that can make any sense, and that term was only applied to Lucas after Carmen saw him that way.

Ah, my favorite character comes next: The Fool in "Teenage Love." Seth, every girls dream guy or at least the guy that have more than one fantasy about. To Carmen, Seth was a sky scraper, he was six foot three.

Blonde hair that fluttered out just above his ears always hidden underneath a trucker hat, brilliant grey eyes that on his worse days were violently stormy, lean, strong, incredible muscles, those typical of a male ballet dancer. Of course, that side of him is hidden under the façade and semi truth, that he is a star soccer player.

Seth is a young man who can only be described as beautiful, enchanting, and godly. That is an opinion not of Carmen's but the rest of the female population at Cherry Ridge High School.

Throughout this overview of Carmen's, Lucas's, and Seth's life there will be heart ache, fun, puppy love, ignorance, hopeless desperation, unique opinions, tons of camera flashes, a couple of school events, and through it all just the tale of a couple of teenagers just trying to figure out what they're doing in this world, and who they're meant to be with.

Enjoy and Relate,

Love Thaworldiscrazy.

Part One

Carmen was just walking to her study hall class. Her squeaky clean Vans make loud screeches as they touch the floor every other step and it made her cringe. No one looked at her for all the noise in the hallway, but she wouldn't have cared anyway. She knew she was walking to this class alone by choice and not because she was an antisocial loser.

Honestly, Carmen took her time in the halls between classes as her thinking space. She could walk robotically to her classes and the school population wasn't all that big so she didn't bump into anybody.

The walls were white with faint designs of blue on them. They're school mascot wasn't dorky or overly macho it was just a grizzly bear. The designs were mostly of that grizzly bear, and school spirit. It didn't bother Carmen, she wasn't totally set against school rules and school spirit, but she wasn't drastically into it. If she happened to go to a game then she did, and if she happened to miss a game so what? She missed it.

Lucas, Lucas at my school, Lucas. That was the current topic she was debating in her head about. Lucas was the guy who worked behind the cash register at her favorite store. She'd had a crush on him forever, and never got the courage to ask him out. They talked occasionally about the books she bought, but it was nothing more than observant comments on his part.

Her friend Veronica told her to ask him to the game on Friday. She immediately rejected the idea at first, but her friend was persistent so she agreed to think about it. And that's was exactly what she was doing when she walked into her study hall class and sat in the back.

There was no specific reason she sat in the back, there weren't assigned seats according to rank at the school. By all means she was nerd if you counted her academic ability; she just preferred the back of the class to the front or middle section. She always had a funny feeling when people were sitting behind her, like they were judging the way she looked or making fun of her.

It happened to her quite a bit in middle school, but she was tough and she didn't let it affect her. She had seen countless friends go through anorexia or bulimia because they thought themselves to fat; Carmen refused to be one of those people. Strong and fearless were to things she prided herself on. But through all her self confidence she was still a teenage girl and somewhat self conscience about her body.

While she wouldn't admit it openly that was part of the reason she didn't want to ask Lucas to go to the football game. The other part consisted of the belief that Lucas wasn't the type of football kind of guy. If anything he seemed like a self-proclaimed bookworm. It was one of the many things that attracted Carmen to him.

By the way he looked Carmen could tell her wasn't popular and from the few times she saw people actually come to visit him at the bookstore, she concluded he didn't have very many friends. Carmen was the type to consider people's reactions before she asked them something. Asking Lucas to a football game might turn him off because there'd be a big crowd of people he didn't know.

That caused her to hesitate a lot because she was the independent type who would leave someone to do something else, trusting that they could handle themselves until she came back. Carmen loved her friends she just couldn't be around the same people forever.

That was part of the reason she didn't belong to a "clique." While Carmen was a laidback person she still had lines she wouldn't cross. And conforming herself to fit into a specific group was one of them. She had her own style and didn't take notice when the more outspoken rude people called her a poseur. She was almost sure they were just jealous.

Carmen pulled out her iPod and began doodling in her journal. She wasn't an artist but she liked to draw. Her drawings were of nothing specific if anything they were abstract. She barely glanced at the people around her and the surroundings; if people wanted to talk to her then they could come to her.

The classroom wasn't anything special, while it was a bit more defined than the other rustic classrooms in the schools she visited, it wasn't spectacular. There was a bookcase, the teacher's desk, a sink, two windows, and the students' desk. All of which had a collective amount of dust on them.

Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessionals, and James Blunt were the musical artist that filled her ears and calmed her. She smirked a little at the fact. Her parents thought the music as loud and disruptive without a positive message. They couldn't stand it when'd she blast it from the speakers of her computer.

Carmen often wondered if they would have said the same thing if it was rap. In no way were her parents racist, but they did still carry a distinct African- American trait about them that let them connect easily with their race. Carmen always figured she lost that gene someone along the way when she was growing up.

Of course she had her cousins, but outside her family she had a hard time with the African- American community. They always seemed to make fun of the way she talked or ask her why she wasn't dressing like they were. In all honesty it wasn't her fault. In fact Carmen's mother, Jane, came from high society. She had the best schools, which were at the time somewhat diverse, and she had plenty of Caucasian friends, while still maintaining her African- American friends.

Bradley, her father, was quite similar but different. While his side had the best clothes and the finest things they preferred to live with those who were less fortunate than them. While her father could easily fit in with any group of people he choice mainly to stick with his own race. Carmen was sure, if her parents had another child, it would be just like her dad.

Though, she couldn't imagine her parents having another child. She had been their only one of so long that they'd practically be starting over if they had another set. Frankly, she thought her parents would get a divorce after her graduation. They didn't fight, to her knowledge, she always had a sneaking suspension that they did it behind her back, but they were so different.

Bradley and Jane were both social butterflies but of two complete different backgrounds. It amazed Carmen how the got together in the first place. It gave her hope for Lucas and herself. She just had one doubt that they were a little bit to similar.

Someone walked in the class and sat by her; she just quickly glanced at him then went back to her doodling. The student next to her was Seth Whitman; he was one of the elite members of the school. Carmen had nothing against him or his friends, she was friends with some of them, and she just didn't talk to him.

He was just a kid that went to her school for all she knew. Gossip never interested Carmen, which made her friends and lost them easily. She wasn't hurt by that however, because she figured friends who like drama were just a waste of time.

"Hey, what's your name?" Carmen didn't realize he was talking to her at first until she turned and saw his lips moving.

"Excuse me," she questioned while pulling her earphones out of one of her ears.

"I asked what your name was."

"Oh, it's Carmen," Seth new it sounded conceited but he was shocked not to hear her stutter around him. He just automatically assumed she would because of her looks. She wasn't ugly she just wasn't skinny. He had nothing against overweight people because his mother was overweight herself, and he was definitely a mama's boy, with a father's touch. His father always said if he hadn't stepped in, Seth's mother would have made him a sissy.

"Well, I'm Seth," Carmen gave him one of her 'no duh' expressions, she often used but didn't mean to offend. She wasn't flirting with him or being a complete snob normally only his guy friends treated him so well. Seth briefly wondered if she was a lesbian, then dismissed it after looking at her attire, which consisted of a skirt, flip flops, and a layer striped shirt and a gray cami.

"Seth cool name. It reminds me of Adam Brody, too bad you don't look a lot like him." Carmen was teasing and she hoped he picked up on that. While she was fair-headed she still had a feminine flair to her. She didn't even really think about her reference to the O.C. because she didn't watch the show often.

"I know, I'm cuter." He winked and laughed. It wasn't the flirtatious kind but the joking between friends sort of banter. Carmen chuckled along with him happy and somewhat relieved that he got her little joke.

Seth decided that it was time to get to the real reason he was talking to her. He only wanted to use her iPod. He'd been kicking himself ever since lunch for not remembering to get it out of his car. Seth thought he was practically screwed over for this fifty minute class of study hall without his iPod, until he walked in the room and saw her. Carmen had been sitting in the back of the room bobbing her head to the earphones in her ear. Seth suspected that she was listening to rap, but he didn't mind this once, all he wanted was some music.

"So, would you mind sharing your iPod?" Seth gave a too big pout that he often used to get what he wanted. As the third child and last child in his family he was use to getting everything he wanted. His mother thought the pout was typical of a last child. And girls absolutely adored seeing a shadow of a dimple in his check when he pouted.

"Sure," Carmen shrugged indifferently, while slightly chuckling to herself.

Carmen wasn't surprised at all. While she had many friends she had little faith that most of them were genuinely nice. It didn't bother her that he wanted to use her iPod, after all she could relate and he didn't seem very manipulative. He looked like a kid who wanted to listen to music for a boring class, Carmen took pity on him.

Seth took the earphone that she extended to him and scooted his desk closer to hers. He was extremely surprised to hear the sounds of Fall Out Boy blasting through the speakers. Fall Out Boy wasn't his favorite band but it was a good one. Turning to face Carmen he saw she had a little smirk on her face and an eyebrow rose at his wide surprised eyes. She seemed to be amused by his reaction.

Carmen wasn't expecting him to not be shocked at her choice of music. After all, most people just looked at the color of her skin and automatically assumed rap. She hoped that Seth would put together the clues of her attire and infer what kind of music she listened to, but that wasn't the case.

He turned out to be just like most of the population, and it disappointed her to an extent. She thought most of the people at her school were smart and could figure it out by the way she talked and dressed, like the people of her own race did, but soon concluded that the preconceived notion that she must listen to rap because she was African-American overpowered their senses.

The rest of the class period was spent with Carmen drifting in and out of consciousness of her surroundings. No one attempted to talk to her after that, so she assumed no one had anything to say. In truth people glanced back on them occasionally wondering what on earth they were doing. They hadn't ever imagined that Carmen and Seth were friends.

They loved them both but didn't actually think they knew each other. Carmen made it her mission in high school to take things as they came and not stress out about the little stuff. Contemplating everything and pondering over the smallest things. She spoke little words of her inside thoughts but had a great since of humor and whit. If a class was boring she'd be the first to find something to make fun of and laugh at, excluding her peers.

Seth was popular, he was gorgeous and he knew it. Flirting with all the girls only dating a few, getting along with all the jocks and drama kids; never really associating with the orchestra and band people, but never bluntly ignoring them. He had his group of friends and never really strayed from them, but wasn't afraid to adventure out on his own. He was acting on impulse in school, often yelling some lewd joke in the cafeteria but contradicted his actions because he stood up for women's rights when debating about them.

They both were charmers but into entirely different ways. Seth had all the right words and made all the right actions. His voice was smooth, when need be. Light on his feet, and always touching ladies in a friendly manner. Carmen had a sort of girlish charm about her toned down by her biting words when she was serious about something.

She didn't know it but people fell in love with her smile; genuine smile. When she laughed deeply her smile took control of her face, and when she was ecstatic about something her eyes would get vibrant and the smile on her face would be toothy. Seth knew he could charm anyone, but Carmen, Carmen just did these things unconsciously, drawing people in without effort.

Seth was also lost in his own world finishing various homework for classes and bobbing his head to the beat of the music. He felt stares on him but that was just something that was a burden and a blessing with being considered handsome.

When he glanced up he saw a couple of stares on Carmen while some jealous glares at him, by nerds, in his words. For lack of better words, he was confused. Partly, because he was never very possessive over girls, so he didn't understand why anyone would get mad. He wasn't touching her, and if he did it was unconsciously and accidental. He just shrugged them off and doodled, like Carmen, for the rest of the period.

When the bell finally rang Carmen was more than ready to get up and stretch her legs and figure out how she was going to word her invitation to Lucas. She decided to ask him as a friend, pulling it over as a nice gesture since he seemed not to have many friends. She didn't know if it was by choice, she had a clue that it was, but she prayed to God it wasn't.

Her thinking process started earlier than usual, in an explanation to why she took her earphone out of her ear and accidentally left her iPod in the hands of Seth. He didn't seem to realize that he was taking her iPod either, he momentarily forgot that his was in his car.