Summery: Tsukyo Shindo is your average who wears glasses with a dream to become a writer and is always sarcastic. Yuki Crimson is a huge American rock star who skyrocketed the charts with his new hit song "Run" who is a huge chocoholic. When both of them are told that they're engaged, the last thing they thought was that is was to each other.

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"Oh Oh OH! 'Cause i'm the Queeny Baby! Oh Oh OH! And I'ma rock your world! Oh Oh OH!" Sang a hyper young girl on a hot summer day. She was dancing outside on the finely cut lawn where she was having breakfast with her neighbor, Tsukyo. With her new MP3 player in hand and her raven hair in pigtails, Mika Hakuro danced in her own sweat as she sang her new favorite song "Queeny Baby". Tsukyo, on the other hand, was sitting on a lawn chair typing away on her new laptop.

"Could ya' please cut that off, Mika. That singing of yours is giving me a headache!" Tsukyo whined. "Oh come on, Tsukyo! This is the latest single from Gorgeous Gorgeous! I just got it yesterday. Hey, did ya hear that the lead singer, Amy, is going out with Yuki Crimson! They do make a good couple. But hey, i'de like to have that Yuki Crimson all to myself, if you know what I mean!" Mika giggled as she turned off the MP3 player and walked over to Tsukyo. "And besides, all that typing is giving me a headache!"

Tsukyo ignored the person in front of her and went back to her typing. She was typing a new story for the knew Original Writers magazine. Mika usually always found her new friend typing a new story or at least an idea for a new story.

Mika always wondered why her classmate wasn't like her and most of the other girls in school. While they fawned over the newest teen idol, Tsukyo was fawning over the latest mystery novel. While everyone was jealous about Keiko's new purse, Tsukyo was jealous about how the sports teams got more funds than the book club. And most recently, while Mika was interested in Gourgeous Gourgeous, Tsukyo was interested in Original Writers.

It wouldn't be so hard for Tsukyo to be popular. She had short, aqua dyed hair that ran down to her her shoulders like water itself. She was lanky, but not twiggy like some of the other girls and had emerald eyes. Actually, her eyes were the reason she dyed her hair. She thought the aqua would compliment the deep green and it did. And the main thing that even got the popular girls jealous of was the fact that she was not flat chested. She had filled out earlier than most of the girls. But still by age 16, most of the girls were not as developed as Tsukyo.

With the major assets that most of the popular girls wanted, why couldn't Tsukyo just become super popular? Mika just couldn't figure this girl out.

"Well I'm leaving. Good luck with your writing thing. Come talk to me when your heads' out of that laptop or at least when you wanna act normal. Tell your mom thanks for the breakfast." Mika ranted in a huff. Tsukyo just looked up and watched as her preppy neighbor tossed her long hair back and faded out of sight. "Typical." She thought. Tsukyo was just about to finish the third chapter when she decided to get a glass of cold orange juice. She layed her laptop on the lawn chair and went inside her house.

On the way to the kitchen, she passed her mother. Tsukyo really didn't want to deal with her right then, because she would just get pissed off about how she chased off another "normal" friend. She kind of enjoyed watching her mother perform a whole circus just to get those preppy girls from school to come bother her. Apparently she just couldn't face the facts. Tsukyo was never gonna be a prep...EVER.

"So, how's it going with Miaka?" Tsukyo's mother hopfully wondered.

"It's Mika, and she left." Tsukyo answered as she poured the drink in her cup.

"She left. Oh...thats too bad. Did her mother call her? Or did she have to do homework?" Mrs. Shindo asked twice as hopeful.

" No, Mom. I chased her away with my evil laptop and my earthshattering typing. Remember, I did that with the last girl too. When will you finally stop pushing these ditzs on me? They don't care about life! They only care about Yuki Crimson and whoever the hell else thats famous." Tsukyo sarcasticly ranted.

"Well, whats wrong with liking famous people? You never do anything else but type on that stupid computer! I wish your father never gave that to you. You don't do anything else except write on that damned thing and annoy me to death. Be normal for a change!" Her mother yelled.

"Well, I think that doing something meaningful with my life is better than being a snotty idiot who can't even spell the word Television correctly! You should be happy I don't wanna date those concided boys with fake attitudes and dress up like a freakin' doll!" Tsukyo yelled back.

"Speaking of boys..." Her mother started. Tsukyo shook her head furiously.

"No way in hell am I gonna date a stupid freak you pick out for me! I want to fall in love!" Tsukyo muttered.

"Oh you'll have time to fall in love with him, when you two are married." Her mom chuckled.

"What?" Tsukyo questioned.

"My best friend Hana and I, decided that you and her son would be married when you grow up, but we made it so you can choose for yourself so we wrote up two contracts. One for you and one for him. So you get to choose. Wait, actually you two are already signed them! When both of you were 13 years old, we gave you the contracts and you signed them! Haha! You guys didn't even know what you were signing! Haha! You just signed your name and you didn't even know that it engaged you guys! And, you'll never guess who he is!" Mrs.Shindo laughed.

Infernally angry enough with her mother's dirty trick, Tsukyo calmed down for a moment to figure out who her hubby-to-be was.

"Who..." She clentched.

"Yuki Kamakura, better know as Yuki Crimson! Muahahaha!"

Tsukyo dropped her glass of orange juice.

"Get ready, because tonight your gonna be on a flight to New York!"

XX--"Meanwhile in New York"--XX

"Life's got you down

The world's on your back

It's hard to understand but it's there

(Oh la la)

And the one that you love

Is cheating on you

With a gun

(La La laa)

It's more than you could ever take

Your'e ready to break

Like the sun

(You're fading away)

Your here with her now

But soon you'll be ready to run!"

Yuki sighed as he heard his song on the radio. "Mama! Isn't there anything else on the raido right now except me? I'm tired of that song!" He whined. His extatic mother shook her head viciously. "No way am I changing this, Hon. It's your biggest hit yet! And I thought "Money Girl" would just about do it for you. But no! You came back with a bang! I'm proud of you, Yuki!" She answered.

Yuki leaned back on the leather seat of the midnight limo. They were just about to go back to Yuki's New York home in SoHo. Yuki was tired. He had done 3 T.V show appearences and had done 4 interviews for the teen magazines. That was the day he found out that teenage fans were more annoying than he thought. But he already knew that, because he had been famous for about a year.

It was back when he was 15 when he was discovered by a strange record label executive. Mr. Davis did a whole lot for him and by the next year, he had made his first album. He had to move away from Japan and went to live in New York. When he turned 16, he really became famous. And now that he was 17, he was that much closer to being his own person and deciding if he wanted to be in the biz.

His mother tried to make him move to New York City, but he really wanted to move to SoHo, because he wanted to be an active member in the art district. Actually, he had just appeared at a gallery opening not a few weeks ago. He really enjoyed looking at the swirly colors of an up and coming artist named "Slone". It was funny, because she was hitting on him all night. But he didn't care.

In the teen magazines, especially POP, he had gained the reputation for being quite the ladies man. They said he was going out with everyone. They even said that at one time he was dating his manager! But that was his mother, so he defenetly wasn't into that. The latest victem was Amy Vasques of Gorgeous Gorgeous. Amy was a bitch. That was what Yuki thought. Amy underminded the other members of her group. She was always talking about how she was a good humble girl, but whenever the press was away, she would try to steal Yuki's virginity.

Yuki knew he was attractive, but he didn't go bragging about it. He had long blonde hair that went down to his back and had bangs in his face. The bangs were around his face, as not to cover his bright blue eyes. The ones that made him look so innocent. He was tall and had his right eyebrow pierced which all the fangirls thought was sexy. As for the few people who had thought they had seen him smile, they thought he was an angel. But they had no idea that it was ten times better when he really smiled.

Yuki's mother, Hana Kamakura, snapped him out of his daze. "Yuki, baby! Are you okay?" She asked. "Umm...err...I'm fine, Mommy. I would like some chocolate!" He grinned. Yuki's mother smirked. Her son was a sucker for chocolate. Any type at any time was good. Dark, Milky, Nutty, any was good enough for him as long as it had chocolate in it.

The woman gave her son a chocolate bar in her purse. She always kept it there just in case she had something to tell him and needed him to be distracted for a little bit.

"Honey, tomorrow somebody's coming all the way from Japan to live with us." She stated.

"Who?" He asked, his mouth full of chocolate.

"Her name is Tsukyo Shindo. Her mother is my best friend. But, she's coming here for a reason." She breathed.

"Why?" He wondered, knowing his mother was going to say something he might not like.

"Well, Tsukyo's mother and I made a promise that Tsukyo and you would be married..." She whispered. She held tight waiting for a fit.

"What?!?!" He bellowed, the chocolate almost falling out of his mouth.

"Now wait honey, you both signed a contract when you were thirteen. It proves that in two months time, you two will be husband and wife." She explained.

"But Mom! I don't even know her! What if she's like those crazy fans? Or what if she's stupid, or ugly, or... NO! What if she hates chocolate!!" He feared.

"I'm sure she's a nice girl." She nodded.

"You haven't even met her! Oh dear..." He cried.

"Oh stop it. I had to make sure you ended up with a decent girl. You should thank me." She snorted.

Yuki started to bite his nails.

"Well, we're going to go pick her up from JFK Airport tomorrow morning."

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