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"Okay, Honey. I'll just put this over your head and in a half hour i'll come back to see if it's dry." The spunky hair dresser explained. Tsukyo leaned back in the plastic yellow chair and shut her eyes as the steamy warm air fully ingulfed her newly dyed hair. It was a shame that her aqua hair was ruined by the random chemicals that was put in that lake, but the black dye brought her hair back to it's natural color. Even if it technically wasn't natural.

As the sounds of wooshing air surrounded her sences, Tsukyo wondered why Yuki was doing all of this for her. All that week he had been pampering her and they'd only known each other for three weeks. It all started right after the interview. Yuki bought her her own customized aqua-blue Roadster and gave her VIP passes to the exclusive clubs on South Beach. As an excuse for the tickets, he said he wanted her to start traveling around. He said it would be good for her, but she really wasn't interested in relocating at the moment. Especially not while Amy was still after Yuki.

Tsukyo found herself more on guard when it came to Amy. After the interview, with a surprise from her sister to boot, Amy had been acting strange lately. Tsukyo definitly wasn't ready to take her on, not while she and Yuki were getting closer. It wasn't that she wanted this relationship to work, it was more like she was just drawn to him. She couldn't really put her finger on it, but it was like his child-like innocence and his cute way of being himself make her want to be with him more.

The past few days proved that there was something there when Yuki took her out to one of his favorite parks. It was supposed to be a romantic getaway, but it was more like comic relief.

XX--Flash Back!!--XX

"Hey Tsu-chan! Wanna go to the park?"


Tsukyo was sitting down on her lavish bed, typing away on her laptop while Yuki was trying on some of Tsukyo's clothes. "Why not? I know this awesome park near here that'll rock your socks! We could bring a picnic basket and everything!" Yuki whimpered. Tsukyo shifted in her seat and tryed to ignore him, but he kept going. "Tsu-chan!! But I wanna go out with yooooou!!!" Yuki whined.

"Don't you have to go work on your next album or a video or something?" Tsukyo asked.

"Nope! I took the day off just for you. And I didn't know you had a pink nighty!" The bubbly blonde giggled, putting on the frilly garment.

"GAH!! Take that off! Take it off right now!" She shrieked as she sat down the computer.

"Eww, Tsu-chan! We're not married yet!"

"Come ON!"

"No! Not until you go out with me."



"Ugh...fine." Tsukyo finally agreed.

"Yay! Get ready, Tsu-chan 'cause I'm taking you somewhere special!" Yuki grinned as he took off the pink nighty.

"Yeah, sure."

XX--End Flash Back!!--XX

Yuki tapped his pencil on the crystal clear table. The rain tapping on the glass windows didn't even faze his attitude. While his manager/mother babbled on and on about how they were supposed to handle his next album sales, Yuki was still dazed from his date last night. "She's at the salon right now, I bet." he thought. Yuki sighed in his seat.

"Yuki? Yuki!" His mother called out. "Ah! What is it?" He suddenly asked. "Well, you've been looking all out of it today. Snap out of it! So, back to the task at hand. We already know that Yuki's rival, Casey, is planning to release his album on the same day and we cant let that happen. So we have to make sure that he doesn't find out the release date. None of you are to tell anyone that the release date is on June 14. Got it?" She explained. "Yes ma'am" Everyone said in unison.

Casey was always trying to steal the spotlight from Yuki. That really wasn't the reason that Yuki didn't like him, it was mostly because he always acted like a jerk about it. It didn't worry him so much right now, but it was the fact that he would do anything to get what he wanted. Anything. Every dirty trick you could possibly name, he had done it.

It still didn't take Yuki out of his memories.

XX--Flash Back!--XX

Tsukyo sat down in the dark hummer's passenger seat while Yuki steadly drove. They had the raido on, but it still made Tsukyo mad that Yuki told her to leave her laptop. At first she refused, but the image of him wearing her nighty was still stuck in her brain. Suddenly, a Gorgeous Gorgeous song started playing. Yuki turned the station and chuckled. "I never really liked their moosik."

"Moosik?" Tsukyo questioned.


Tsukyo rolled her eyes. "What's with all the made up words?" she thought. Tsukyo was wearing a green spaghetti strap tank, which was kind of tight and showed her belly button, and a pair of regular blue jeans. Complimenting the look was a black ribbon tied around her neck in a small bow. Tsukyo grumbled, remembering that she forgot her jacket at home. She didn't figure that it would be that cold, but then again she never really checked the weather. It was more like instinct.

"You said that this park was near us and we're not there yet." Tsukyo stated.

"I would have said anything to get you to go out with me." He winked.

"So why'd you wanna come out so bad anyway?" She asked.

"Well, I dunno. I don't get many days off and I wanted to show you my secret spot." He answered.

"Alright then."

Yuki drove into a small parking spot in the corner. This gave Tsukyo the chance to observe her surroundings.

It looked like a dump. There were numerous mounds of trash and papers scattered all over the area. Not to mention the fallen trees and dead leaves. Both of them stepped out of the giant Hummer and Yuki led her into the depths of the messed up park.

"Umm, not to be rude, but can you tell me why you brought me to a landfill?" Tsukyo sarcasticly asked.

"Tsu-Chan! Don't be rude. It gets alot better." He assured.

Yuki led her down a rocky path and Tsukyo still didn't like all the things she was seeing. A dead branch almost tripped her, but she kept right along. "This better be good." She whispered. "I heard that!" Yuki sang.

Soon they came up to a clearing with a small tree sitting on a tiny grassy nole. Yuki practically dragged Tsukyo over to it and sat down under it.

"I grew this tree when I first came to New York. There was a bunch of people partying around here and dumping trash. Before they could mess up this small spot, I sat down on it and told them to get lost. Later on, I came back and planted this tree. Stupid, huh?" Yuki explained.

Tsukyo sat down next to him. "No. It's not stupid at all." She sighed. "I think that it was a very good thing that you did."

Yuki leaned back against the tree and pulled her with him. At first, she kind of freaked out. But then she let him hold her. "It's only because i'm cold..." She reasoned.

"I bet it was hard. Leaving all of your friends to come here to meet a stranger." Yuki guessed.

"Not really. I really didn't have any friends, you know. Nobody can stand to be around a weird girl who keeps her eyes on a laptop all day. It's kind of always been that way, so don't worry about it. I was getting tired of humoring my mother anyway." Tsukyo chortled.

"I know how that is. You don't want to be someone other than yourself, but you sometimes think it would be easier. I realized that other people don't deserve to see the real me. So, I just show it to the closest people in my life. My fans see someone totally different, you know. Oh a flower!!" Yuki explained, suddenly jumping up to get the flower.

It had been a while since anyone told her something like that. Actually, nobody probably ever said something like that to her. Somehow though, it made her feel alot better knowing that she was not alone. Their situations were completely different, but they could somehow relate to the feeling. Just thinking about it made her smile. It seemed to her that there was more to this guy than she knew.

"Tsu-chan!" Yuki bellowed.

"What?" She barely whispered.

Yuki was submerged in the smelly lake near the tree. Tsukyo ran to her fionce's side and tried to pull him out of the lake. Instead, she fell in with him. With a huge splash, the two waded up to the edge and tried their hardest to get on dry land. Yuki managed to get out and pulled Tsukyo out too. After catching their breath, both of them exploded with laughter.

"Some date this turned out to be." Yuki sighed.

"Heh, who said this was a date?" Tsukyo muttered.

Out of nowhere, Tsukyo's lips crashed into Yuki's. His eyes were still wide open, but he slowly shut his eyes and eased into the kiss. He placed a soft wet hand on Tsukyo's cheek. Out of being cold, Tsukyo leaned on him and sighed. Yuki's heart fluttered. He realized that this was his first real kiss. A real one and not a kiss on a cheek or anything. Just a real kiss.

XX--End Of Flash Back--XX

A tall red-headed guy walked into the salon and took Tsukyo out of her memories. The salon attendant released the hair dryer from her head and walked over to get some extra supplies. "You must be Tsukyo." He wondered. "Yes." Tsukyo answered, still confused about who this person was. "Casey Staton, nice to meet you."

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