I have drawn the line and
you're too stupid to notice it
I have altered time and
you're too stupid to notice it
This is either hate or love or just bewilderment
At a man who can take my hand and get away with it
Not in hate or love or even desperation it's
Hard to understand but I think he mentioned the word friendship

I chased the rest away and
you didn't even notice it
I cried I'd rue the day and
you basically ignored it
Your laughter penetrates my anger and confuses it
My natural methods become useless and I'm ignorant
To the ideas that your mind has if it even exists
Hard to understand but I think it might be real friendship

I put myself down and
you just laughed along with it
I threw myself down and
you just picked me up from it
Why don't you care about the hatred and androgynous
You hear me and you just ignore me if you don't like it
It's like my bad side is invisible or you accept it
Hard to comprehend but I think you're my new best friend

I smile honestly and
you just smile back at it
I start some bickering and
you just play along with it
This game is fun and I like this way of being friends
We can be at odds and still just laugh it off freaky perfect
Your voice and spelling am I welling or is it
Just I comprehend we're neutral people and you understand
(on a final note I'd like to mention that you're grand)