She took the needle but she left back the thread
She ate the charcoal she hid under her bed
All of the time she spent drawn over her head
This is the poison that she wants to be fed

She uses big words that she can't understand
She's not content unless you're holding her hand
If you look her way make sure you mention a band
Since after all else wise she'll make a stand

She needs attention but she throws it away
She wants to be a man just so she can be gay
Cover her mouth and don't bother to stay
This is her mindlessness and she's nothing to say

She has these petty things she gropes for
She uses excuses and lies of a great lore
But the people around her let her mind wander
Since after all if her mind wasn't running they'd bore

She listens with an ear pressed to the wood cabinet
She had her heart and soul removed so she could fit
In with the people that she always loved to hate and it's
This horrible idea she spoon fed her uncreated kids

She smacks herself silly while she's deep asleep
She cooks the all the foods she just refuses to eat
Yet somehow he gets the strength to bother with her feet
Since after all every broken princess needs some prince

She uses big words and the needle that she poked herself with
She needs attention and petty things and wood cabinets
But even time and rhyme and talking fast won't cure her cyst
This girl is sick and for all he knows it's even contagious

She has no shame and doesn't make him leave her
She ate the charcoal and the medicine is warping her
There's nothing else to say to her she's twitching under-heard
Since after all no one pays attention to that sort of girl