WHAT COMES September 03, 2006
Eyes shut closed and fists clenched tight,
The girl wished with all of her might.
She hoped for a day where blue skies were blue.
She hoped for a day where true love was true.

As much as she denied it, she still knew
That simple things were not quite as simple.
With every word whispered, every action taken,
Everything we thought we knew is simply mistaken.
Each has a secret, a secret we'll never know
Until it is far too late to turn back and go.

As with what comes up must come down,
What comes with a smile must come with a frown.
As promises are kept, some must be broken
With some words hushed there must be some spoken.
A dream is a dream, sometimes nothing more.
Then you're left right where you were before.

Sometimes we wonder if it's worth going on.
Sometimes we wish to be vanished and withdrawn.
But as some things end, some things must go on.
We must learn from the things foregone.