Such an Oddball

Bane; "An entry to a contest for Awareness of Different Issues going on in the world. Child Abuse was what I chose. I tried to keep the dialougue as realistic as possible, but I don't know how well I succeeded."

"What's wrong with her?"

"Don't know… no body does."

Whispered voices ceased as a figure passed them, hoody drowning her form almost completely. But not even the voluminous article could not fully hide the droop of her shoulders; the protective arch of her spine.

The girl fought the urge to say something, to make it known that she didn't care to be discussed, but instead looked up at the two. A hand ran nervously through brilliant auburn locks, dull irises flashing for only long enough to leave a trace of fading pink on her too-pale face. She glanced away before clear eye contact could be established, continuing her silent path down the corridor.

Dual pairs of eyes watched her pull the hood over her head, and turn into another hallway.

"They say she's been like that ever since she transferred back from East Wood."

"East Wood? No wonder… that's a bad area."

They continued strolling down the opposite direction, refusing to look at eachother. "Is she mute or something?" one rasped, at last.

"No, Justin called her something vulgar a few days ago. David told me about it…"


"Well, she took him aside. He won't repeat what she said to him."

The silence bit into the heavy thoughts between them.

"I used to know her, you know… before. We went to elementary together."

"Yeah," came the shaky reply, "I knew her in Junior High." One girl rested her head on the other's shoulder as they walked on. Neither of them had to voice the words that screamed through their heartbeats, 'Wish I had known her better'.

They reached the double doors, settling on an outside bench to wait for their rides.

"You know, at her other school, she called me. Something strange about her then too… but I didn't think about it. She wanted to hang out, like we used to. She… she said something about 'having to get out of the house'. But… I –" She sniffed slightly. "—We were going to hang out with the guys, and you know how she can be—could be—such an oddball…" Her voice quivered fondly.

"Not your fault."

"I guess not, but I kind of wish I knew what had happened."

Two silent gazes traced the distance, vaguely grasping why it was that Luna no longer spoke openly. There were words in her silence; there were powerful screams that shook the heavens.
Though, even her cries held no reins. For who could hear her in a world with no way to understand what it was to be left alone to cope?