Sadistic Queens, Masochistic Kings 8-23-06

Whips and chains cause painful games

Sometimes the blood pours down like rain

Handcuffs, restraints, they're not for saints

You think you're strong but realize you aint

Razors, glass, and candlewax

Only we can take it, and that's a fact

One to hurt, one to get hurt

The pain is a perfect way to flirt

Pleasure from both ends, perfect sin

You can take it, don't give in

Sadistic Queens, Masochistic Kings

We're the ones who do all these things

Perfect together, like whips, cuffs, and leather

Scratching, biting all so exciting

And if you feel this way, there's no use in hiding

If you're a Queen, find you a King,

A true one will accept your beatings

If you're a King, find you a Queen

Deliver her pleasure by thoroughly bleeding

When that's over and done, you're not finished yet

By now she'll surely be hot and wet

Enter her opening, your back she'll be groping

Her nails will dig deep, or so you'll be hoping

She has came and gone, you can tell be the moan

She catches your eye and realizes she's not alone

Together you stay, and you both start to pray

That in the morning the other will be where they lay

Your Queen loves you, beside you, not above you

You'll stay where you lay, she will too

Your king loves you, and he will stay true

This is a man who will get hurt, but not hurt you