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Ethan stood nervously in front of his classroom door as he tried in vain to pull down the short skirt he was wearing. He could hear the students chatting loudly inside the room along with the muffled voice of his teacher as he began to call out the roll. He knew it wouldn't take long for his teacher, Mr. Anderson, to call his name considering his last name was Baynks, but he was dreading the reaction of his teacher and peers.

"Ethan, Baynks."

That was it. Ethan closed his eyes and took a deep breath before reaching out to grasp the cold metal doorknob in his now clammy hand. He opened his eyes and with his normally large smile plastered across his face he entered the classroom.

"I'm here Mr. Anderson." He said quietly, the entire classroom grew eerily silent before erupting with laughter and catcalls. Ethan's face grew three shades of red as he made his way to his desk on the far side of the room.

He was vaguely aware of his teacher trying to hush the students since he had encountered some technical difficulties while trying to sit down in a skirt. Mr. Anderson finally was able to gain control of the students as they quieted down enough so that he could speak with Ethan.

"Erm, Ethan would you mind telling me why you are wearing the girls' uniform."

"Because he's a fruit." Someone from the back of the classroom called out and the class once again broke out in laughter. Mr. Anderson gave the students one of those 'If I hear one more word the entire class is going to pay' looks and the students quickly quieted once again.

"W-well my r-regular uniform was dirty and my parents had accidentally bought the girls uniform when they were shopping for my clothes. So t-this was all I had." He finished weakly as he turned his head down to avoid looking into anyone's eyes.

"Well I suppose it's better than being out of uniform, but don't make a habit of it."

"Yes sir."

Of course the story about the uniform was a complete lie. Ethan's parents never would have bought him a girls' uniform unless they were complete idiots. Which they weren't. He was just lucky that his teacher was stupid enough to believe the lie.

In all actuality the idea of wearing the girls school uniform had come from one of the seniors. By one of the seniors Ethan meant 5 of the boys had cornered him after school the previous day and suggested that he wear the girls' uniform and by suggested he meant threatened.

One of the boys had given him a uniform that Ethan didn't even want to question where he had gotten it from, and he had agreed without much argument. He supposed that's what the older boys liked about him, the fact that he never put up much of a fight.

Ethan was a freshman at the Cherry Creek High School and had been targeted on more than one occasion for bullying. He was rather small for his age both in his height and his frame. His mother liked to tell him that he was just "petite" and he would grow eventually but as far as he saw it he was just a scrawny 15 year old. That's exactly what made him a good target for bullying.

At first the older boys went kind of light on him when school had first started. They were all waiting for him to go crying to one of the teachers complaining and were mildly surprised when he never did. Naturally when they realized that Ethan wasn't going to fight back they had intensified their harassment. Most recently that included the wearing of the girls' uniform but also included keeping Ethan behind after school to pile him high with their homework, making him carry their books, and giving up his larger locker for a much smaller one that didn't fit all of his books.

Ethan didn't mind the treatment that he received from the boys and his own classmates. He was naturally a very quiet and shy boy and he was happy with just receiving attention. Ethan maintained a permanent blush throughout the entire day that only stood out more against his blonde locks.

Once again though he found he didn't exactly mind the attention he got from the students and teachers, even if it was a little embarrassing. When one of the teachers or students said something disapproving it didn't make much of a different to Ethan. He would just think that it wasn't what he had wanted to do and that the others had told him to do it.

For some odd reason, Ethan couldn't begin to explain it, he enjoyed the fact that it was out of his control and that somehow it wasn't his place to feel bad for anything since it wasn't his doing.

As the day came to an end though he changed back to his normal clothes so that his mother wouldn't question what he was wearing when she came to pick him up. His parents worried over him way to much in his opinion. He was an only child and they did tend to spoil him but he didn't see that as a reason to worry over things like wearing the girls uniform and staying after school to 'help his friends' with their work.


When Ethan got home he ate a small snack that his mother had made him before he disappeared up to his room to do his homework. He was a rather studios person by nature and was often labeled a geek because of it. Then again Ethan thought of himself as a geek anyway so the labeling probably wasn't all that wrong.

After finishing his homework Ethan decided that he deserved some time to relax, after all it had been a long day. So he reached under his bed to pull out a large shoe box that he kept hidden from his parents and pulled one of his favorite manga out from his bookshelf. He opened the box and peered in at the contents and smiled to himself.

To say that Ethan had a sweet tooth would be an understatement.

The shoe box was nearly full to bursting and contained nothing but candy. Chocolates, lifesavers, suckers, gobbers, and nerds pretty much anything and everything that he could get his hands on. It was also safe to say that this box was not his only one hidden around his room. Picking up an Almond Joy he flipped out one of his favorite manga called Gravitation and began to read.

This particular manga always interested him, particularly for the relationship between the two male characters. He knew that they were, what his sex-ed teacher liked to call, homosexuals. He also knew that meant that it was two guys instead of a guy and a girl or two girls.

Being a freshman in high school Ethan was forced into taking the sex-ed class his first semester of school. The teacher had droned on about the reproductive organs and safe sex. He had briefly touched on homosexual relationships and that was really only a side comment.

What made Ethan curious was how exactly did two guys have sex. He understood the goings on with a man and a woman but for the life of him he couldn't figure out how two men could do anything, but being the shy boy that Ethan is he never mentioned his questions to his instructor.

Now that he is in his second semester of school he is taking a computer class, which is basically an introduction to computers. Half of the time he finds himself almost falling asleep from the monotonous voice of his teacher. Just this last week though he had found himself very much awake as his teacher had went over some basics of internet usage.

Through a very toneless speech his teacher talked on about watching what you say to people on the internet. About sexual predators that like to take advantage of innocent children and the dangers of chat rooms. Ethan, of course, thought that the teacher had been exaggerating on some of points he mentioned but what caught his attention was the idea of talking to people in chat rooms.

When Ethan had graduated from middle school his parents had bought a computer just for him that he could keep in his room. He had been on it a couple of times mostly to do some sort of work for school but other than that he had left it alone.

He wondered though if he might be able to look on the internet and possibly talk to some people that might be able to explain some of the stuff he reads better than his teacher. After all asking someone over the computer should be a lot easier than trying to ask them in person.

Ethan was so enthralled in his thoughts that he wasn't paying attention when the knock came to his bedroom door and his mom entered. He jerked up when he felt his box of candies snatch from beside him and half glared, half innocently smiled up at his mother.

"What have I told you about all this sugar?"

He gave his mom his best puppy dog eyes, which needless to say worked rather well when he looked up with large golden brown eyes lined in long lashed and smiled sweetly at her. Sighing she scooped some of the candy from the box and threw it on the bed.

"That's all you're getting."

"Thanks mamma."

"Your welcome honey. Now your father and I are going out to dinner just the two of us tonight since it's Friday. We left some money down stairs so that when you get hungry to can order a pizza. No more candy though besides what I just gave you. It's a wonder you don't weight 300 pounds by now."

Ethan's face lit up at the mention of pizza, he loved cheese pizza, and he stood up off his bed to give his mother a goodbye kiss and a hug before he closed his bedroom door behind her. He thought about it for a minute and decided that he wasn't hungry at the moment. Looking around the room his face landed on his computer and he smiled.

Booting the computer up he sat down on the cushiony black leather chair his parents had placed in front of the desk and waited for the desktop to load. Ethan clicked on the Internet Explorer icon and began a search on some web site engines for gay or homosexual sex.

Nothing that came up seemed to be the least bit informative. Half the stuff he didn't want to enter because he wasn't 18 yet and the rest made him blush so many colors of red that he couldn't read anything and just clicked off of the sites.

He was beginning to get frustrated when he remembered his teacher mentioning chat rooms. So this time he attempted to find a chat room and began by looking at the yahoo. This was a good choice it appeared since it looked like there were quiet a lot of them on yahoo. Ethan decided to download yahoo messenger and after getting used to the way it worked he went in search for a room.

After looking through the categories he decided to click on the relationship link considering that kinda pertained to what he was curious about. More links popped up after and he looked through them but none seemed to really fit what he was looking for. He decided to take a risk and see what one might just give him so he clicked on the first link reading Adult.

The next thing he knew there were at least 20 different topics and he didn't understand half of them. He scanned the list understanding a few like masturbation. 'That's when you touch yourself right?' He thought as he continued to look through the list, but nothing jumped out at him. So he closed his eyes and randomly clicked on a link.

He was now in an area where he could pick another from another group of links. He read that he had clicked on something called BDSM and wondered what exactly that meant before he began to read some of the other things he could click on. He read things like Bondage, Dominance, Whipping and Canning, Asphyxiation, and Submission.

Ethan ran his fingers through his rather short curly blonde hair as he sighed once again in frustration. "Well it kind of worked last time," he muttered as he closed his eyes and clicked on a random link again. When he opened them again he could see several different links that appeared to be rooms instead of just random links.

A bright smile came to his face as he felt that he had finally succeeded in something. There were too many rooms to read through them all so he simply clicked on the 5th one on the list because 5 was his favorite number.

Instantly a screen popped with what looked like a large instant message. He could see that there were many people typing together in the large box and that there was a list of people off to the side. Ethan assumed that this was the list of people in the chat room. He scrolled down the list and found himself 'GimmeCandy' and smiled again before turning his attention back to the large box.

A lot of the things that people were saying he really didn't understand though he thought he might have gotten the idea of it. He wanted to say something but since he really didn't fully comprehend what they were talking about he thought it better to simply sit and watch.

A couple of boxes popped up from time to time, often wanting him to go and look at some sort of site or another and he easily clicked off of those. Then he got another instant message from someone in the room named 'ManBoyLover69.'

Ethan stared at the box a minute before accepting the invitation for a private chat room, which he hoped meant he could talk to someone outside of the large room. A smaller screen version of the chat room appeared on his screen with only him and this other man in the room.

ManBoyLover69: Sup? a/s/l?

GimmeCandy: What does that mean?

ManBoyLover69: new to chattin' are ya?

GimmeCandy: Y-yeah this is my first time in a chat room.

ManBoyLover69: that's cool so age/sex/location? i'm 20/m/Denver

GimmeCandy: Oh erm 15/m/Denver

ManBoyLover69: really u live Denver 2 huh that's cool

ManBoyLover69: what's ur name?

GimmeCandy: Ethan what's yours?

ManBoyLover69: O well hi Ethan it's nice to meet ya i'm Kyle

GimmeCandy: It's nice to meet you too Kyle.

ManBoyLover69: do u have a pic i can see?

GimmeCandy: No I don't.

ManBoyLover69: well do u have a cam?

GimmeCandy: Yeah, I think so. My dad bought the computer for me he said it came with the works.

ManBoyLover69: well is there a cam on top of the comp.

GimmeCandy: Yeah there is.

ManBoyLover69: take a pic for me then and send it to me

GimmeCandy: O-okay.

Ethan began to mess around with the camera that was on top of his computer. He set it just right and with a large grin on his face took the picture and sent it to Kyle. He was a little nervous talking to this guy like he was especially since he was older, but he seemed nice and it was just a picture.

On the other end of the computer Kyle sat waiting for the 'kid' to take a picture. He found it very hard to believe that a 15 year old who is so obviously inexperienced with chatting and chat rooms would happen to stumble across this particular chat room let alone accept an invitation from him.

"Probably some 40 year old pervert." He said out loud as he accepted the picture that Ethan had sent. When the file was done downloading Kyle's jaw dropped. The boy was absolutely adorable! He was definitely small, even for a 15 year old. He had a mop of curly blonde hair that wasn't long enough to touch his shoulders but long enough to cover his ears and shape his face. Kyle was entranced by the kids eyes, line by long full lashes they were rather larger than most and were the most beautiful golden brown color he had ever seen.

A small blush was on the boys cheeks that gave him the utmost look of innocence and had Kyle practically drooling over his keyboard.

"That's gotta be a fake. Well if he has a camera maybe I can talk him into going live with me." Kyle placed his hands back on the keyboard and began typing back to the boy.

ManBoyLover69: WOW ur adorable here let me send u a pic of me

GimmeCandy: O-okay

ManBoyLover69: just accept the file and it will download for ya

Ethan accepted the file that Kyle had sent and sat waiting for a minute for the file to download. When the file was done he clicked on the open button and blushed as the picture came up.

The first thing he noticed was that the man was not wearing a shirt and if the smile that his hips created was any indication he wasn't wearing anything on the bottom either. Slowly Ethan's eyes took in the very handsome man. He had short milk chocolate brown straight hair with large blue eyes and a bright white smile that made Ethan's face heat up even more than it already was.

ManBoyLover69: so? watcha think?

GimmeCandy: A-are you naked?

ManBoyLover69: yup

ManBoyLover69: do u have a mic?

GimmeCandy: I think there's one built into my monitor.

ManBoyLover69: wanna chat like that so we don't have to keep typin'

GimmeCandy: I don't know

ManBoyLover69: aw come on ur not scared r ya

GimmeCandy: No! I mean o-okay but I don't know how.

ManBoyLover69: click on the talk n video buttons and i'll do the rest

GimmeCandy: O-okay

Ethan wasn't exactly sure why he was doing what this stranger was telling him to do, but somewhere deep down it kind of excited him. He clicked on the two buttons and a couple new things appeared. First a scale that looked like something off of a radio and then another window popped up with a picture of him sitting at his computer.

Ethan's eyes grew big as he realized that he was actually on the camera and then Kyle's voice came out through the computer sending chills down Ethan's spine. He mentally shook himself for feeling all floating when he heard Kyle's voice; after all there was no reason for it.

"Accept my invitation to view my cam so that you can see me too."

Once again Ethan did what he was told.

On the other side of the private chat room Kyle's eyes were as big as saucers. He couldn't believe his luck. This actually was a kid and he really was adorable and he lived in his area! With a big smile on his face he sent the invitation for his own web cam as he felt himself stirring between his legs.

"You can hear me can't you Ethan?"

A blush spread across Ethan's face as he saw Kyle on another screen, once again Kyle didn't seem to be wearing anything. Maybe it was hot in his house, Ethan reasoned with himself.

"Y-yeah, I can hear you. C-can you hear me?" Ethan asked in his quiet, shy voice.

Ah even his voice is adorable. Doesn't sound like he has really dropped an octave yet, maybe one or two. Kyle thought as he stared at the young boy on his screen.

"You don't have to be shy Ethan." Kyle said with one of his most encouraging smiles. Ethan visibly relaxed a bit and smiled weakly back at Kyle, though he didn't really attempt much to start up a conversation.

"So what do you like to do for fun Ethan?" Kyle prodded wanting to make the boy feel a little more comfortable with him, especially if he wanted this to end up the way he really wanted.

"W-well I like to read I guess."

"Yeah, what do you like to read?"

"Well I like manga a lot."

"Really, I like reading manga as well. I have a large collection over here at my place. A lot of animes as well."

Ethan's eyes grew big when he heard Kyle say this. It wasn't often he got to talk to other people about manga and he instantly felt a liking to this older man.

"Do you like Gravitation?"

"Mm hmm. I have the anime too."

"That's so cool. I've never seen the anime, but I've wanted to for a long time. My mom and dad just haven't bought it for me yet."

"Well you will just have to come over and watch it sometime then. I've also got plenty of hentai you could watch with me."

"What's hentai?"

Kyle smiled at how innocent the boy was but decided to leave that conversation for another time.

"What else do you do for fun Ethan?"

"I don't know, nothing much I guess."

"Don't you hang out with your friends or anything?"

"Not really. I don't really have many friends. There are some guys at school that kind of pick on me and call me their friend but they really just want me to do things for them."

"Oh Ethan that's not good you shouldn't let them do that."

"Oh it's okay I don't mind them picking on me."

Kyle gave Ethan a quizzical look through the camera as he thought about what Ethan had just said. The boy doesn't mind being picked on? Well maybe he did come into the right room after all.

"Well Ethan I'm sure you have plenty of girls knocking down your door being as adorable as you are."

Ethan blushed a tomato shade red as he shook his head, "no not really."

"Well maybe boys then?"

If possible Ethan's face grew even redder as he shook his head. "N-no."

"Well which do you prefer?"

"I-I don't know I've never really thought about it." Which was the truth, Ethan had thought about gay relationships and straight ones as well but he had never really thought about him in any particular one of them.

"Well I know a way we can find out. I'll send you two pictures and you just tell me which one you like more. Okay?"

"O-okay sounds easy enough."

Kyle smiled as he began looking through some picture on his computer. He sent the first one through to Ethan and waited to gauge the boys reaction.

Ethan accepted the first file that Kyle had sent and watched the download bar as his computer accepted the file. When it was done he opened the picture sat staring at a naked woman with large breasts and her fingers buried somewhere he didn't think her fingers should be. He slightly curled his nose up and clicked off the picture quickly. It was definitely something that didn't interest him.

Interesting, Kyle thought at he watched Ethan's reaction before sending a picture of himself.

A little more worried about what this next picture would be Ethan again accepted the file and waited for it to load. Only this time when he opened it he was not disgusted with what he saw, instead he was enthralled by it.

Kyle had sent him a folder of several picture of himself as Ethan looked through the pictures. They were all pictures of a very large and very erect penis. He saw one that was a picture that made it look like the penis was shooting some sort of white substance and Ethan kind of remembered when he had woken up with that same sort of stuff on his sheets. Another picture showing the, what he had learned in sex-ed, seamen on a toned, hairless chest.

Kyle watched with an ever growing smile on his face as the boy looking through his pictures. He picked up on the way Ethan's breathing began to quicken and the way the blush that seemed to be permanently imprinted on his face spread throughout his body.

"You like?"

Ethan jerked away and quickly closed the pictures. He was embarrassed for having forgotten that Kyle was watching him and for becoming so entrapped by the pictures of this mans organ.

"I-I guess so. It wasn't grouse."

"Well thanks I think."

"Oh it was you?"

"Yup, I was hoping you would like it and it seemed like you do. So welcome to the team my boy." Kyle said in a joking sort of manner as he laughed and heard Ethan give a shaky laugh of his own in return. Kyle watched Ethan closely and noted that his quickened breathing hadn't changed and that Ethan was shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

"Ethan do you masturbate?"

"T-that means do I touch myself right?"

"Smart boy, that's right."

"When I wash and stuff I guess."

"But you don't do it for pleasure?"

Ethan just shook his head and Kyle smiled encouragingly at him.

"You should it feels great. I'm doing it myself right now."

Ethan noticed for the first time that one of Kyle's hands was off the screen down between his legs and that his breathing too had hitched up some. He could feel his mouth drying out slightly and his own area beginning to ache slightly as it was coming to life.

"Do you want to see Ethan?"

Ethan decided that he didn't trust his own voice at the moment so he simply nodded his head yes.

"Well before I do that I think it's only fair if we make things a little more equal."

"E-equal?" Ethan managed to squeak out as he watched Kyle nod.

"Yeah. I mean here I am naked and there you are completely dressed. Why don't you take your shirt off for me."

"I-I don't know."

"Take your shirt off Ethan." Kyle said in a more authoritive tone of voice that had an undertone to it that said listen to my command or else and Ethan found himself shivering slightly as he unbuttoned his white school shirt before sliding it from his shoulders and dropped it onto the floor.

"Good boy Ethan. Now take off your pants."

Ethan was a little more embarrassed as he stood and slowly undid the button on his pants and unzipped them. He slipped them from his slender hips and laid them with his shirt on the floor. Kyle smiled very happily at seeing the perfect little body of the boy and smirking slightly as he could see a slight bulge in the boys underwear.

"Already happy are we?"

Ethan's entire body blushed beat red as he sat back down in his chair, keeping his underwear on. Kyle reached over and grabbed some more of his KY liquid jelly and placed some in his palm before continuing to stroke his aching hard on.

"Well since you've been such a good boy, I think you deserve a treat."

Ethan's eyes grew big as he watched Kyle move his chair back and adjust the camera angle so that Ethan could now she Kyle's hand sliding up and down his very erect cock. Despite his embarrassment Ethan just couldn't seem to be able to pull his eyes away from the man masturbating in front of him.

"Why don't you go ahead and touch yourself too Ethan. Just do exactly what I'm doing and I promise it will be really good. You've never done this before right? Then just trust me I know what I'm doing."

Ethan couldn't exactly argue with what Kyle was saying, besides he found that he really just didn't want to. Slowly Ethan let his hand slip into his briefs and grasp his semi-hard penis as he began to mimic what Kyle was doing with his own.

Being so young and inexperienced it doesn't take much before Ethan is at full hardness as well and stroking in time with Kyle.

Kyle's breathing is getting heavier as he watches the sweet boy play with himself, though he is getting a little impatient since Ethan hasn't volunteered to let him see exactly what he was doing to himself.

"Why don't you change the angle of your camera so I can watch you stroke yourself Ethan. It's only fair since you are watching me right?"

"I-I guess that's fair."

"Good boy." Kyle says with a smile and Ethan can't help but feel happy at being told he was doing a good job. Ethan stood up to adjust his own camera so that the angle would catch him as well as what he was doing.

"Go ahead and just take your underwear off Ethan."

Ethan nods his head since he had only been playing inside of his underwear. He grabs the fabric of the band and pulls it down over his hips and thighs before dropping it with the rest of his clothes. Kyle moans into the mic making sure that Ethan could hear as he strokes himself a little faster.

"Mmm, your so beautiful Ethan. Keep stroking it just like me. Pay special attention to the head and don't forget your balls they could use some attention as well."

Ethan felt a shiver run down his spine and directly to his groin as he heard Kyle moaning in pleasure. A soft sigh escaped his lips as well as he continued to follow Kyle's instructions. Kyle couldn't believe his luck in finding a boy like Ethan. Not only was he as adorable as could be but he followed orders so well and without much discussion. Oh, he definitely has the makings of a great submissive. Kyle thinks as he continues to work his hand up and down his engorged member.

"Erm, K-Kyle why does your look like it's wet?"

"That's because I use lubrication to stroke it, it makes it feel a lot better. You don't have any lubrication with you do you?"


"That's okay just use some saliva and then continue to stroke it."

Ethan nodded, after all Kyle hadn't steered him wrong so far. So he spit into his hand and slowly began to stroke himself again. The difference was noticeable and a little louder moan escaped his lips as he continued to stroke his hard dick and rub his red head.

"That's it, good boy it's okay to moan if it feels good."

Kyle's only response was a nod as Ethan continued to stroke himself and another idea came to him.

"Okay Ethan as much as I love watching you play with yourself I've gotta see that sexy ass of yours. So stand up for me and turn around."

Ethan slowly stood on shaking legs as he was told and turned around.

"Good boy you're doing very good. Okay now bend over, good just like that. Spread your legs and point your dick down just a little bit and continue stroking it so I can see. That's it good boy, you listen so well. Mmm." Kyle moaned loudly at the site that was in front of him.

Ethan stood in front of the camera in the exact position that Kyle had put him in. Bend down, legs spread, and he could see Ethan's hand flying up and down his penis. He can't believe how inviting Ethan's little pink puckered hole looks as he imagines himself slamming into that virgin body.

A whimper comes from Ethan's mouth as he feels something building within him. Kyle recognizes the signs as he can see that Ethan's breathing is hitching more and more.

"Okay Ethan, baby, sit back down okay but don't stop stroking it. No matter what your gonna want to stop stroking it but trust me don't it's going to feel so good in the end. Just keep stroking it that's right baby your gonna cum for me aren't you?"

Ethan's hand is flying up and down his cock almost in auto pilot as he listens and watches Kyle on the screen. Whatever it is that is building inside is strong and he almost has the urge to stop but remembers what Kyle says and continues to stroke it.

"C-cum?" Ethan asks slightly breathless as he listens to Kyle's moaning and encouragement.

"That's right baby your gonna cum. Shoot your seamen out of your dick, have a orgasm. You're going to love it trust me."

Ethan can only nod as he feels this pressure building almost to a peak, he doesn't know how much more he can take. He feels like he is going to pass out and all he wants it to do it stop but he can't because that would make Kyle upset and Kyle wants him to keep going so all he can do is continue.

"That's it baby come on cum for me. I wanna see that hard cock of your squirt that delicious seed come on baby cum for me that's it."

Ethan's eyes nearly going cross-eyed as his entire body tenses a cry escaping his throat as he feels the most mind numbing pleasure spread throughout his entire body. Cum shoots out of the tip of his dick in spurts as it hits his chest and stomach. Ethan squeezes his dick before he lets go and all but collapses in the chair.

Kyle licks his lips as he watches the display from the younger male, his own hand flying up and down his dick.

"That was so hot Ethan; look at me I'm gonna cum too. Oh God..." Kyle's hand tightens on his dick as a long, loud moan escapes his throat and he bucks up into his hand. Ethan's eyes are glued to the screen as he watches the cum squirt from Kyle's dick, much the same way his own had just done only he finds this much better.

He watches as Kyle's breathing slows and Kyle gives his softening dick a few more strokes before stopping and slumping down in his chair. Kyle lifts his hand and scoops up some of the cum off of his chest and licks it off his finger.

"Ewe, Kyle what are you doing that came out of your thing?" Ethan squeaks and Kyle chuckles.

"Yeah, but it tastes really good, you should try some. Go ahead just a little bit for me."

Ethan is skeptical but Kyle hasn't led him wrong yet so he looks at the glob on his hand and slowly sticks his tongue out, running it over his finger to lick off some of the creamy white stuff. Not bad I guess but still really weird, he thinks to himself as he looks at Kyle's hungry expression.

"God Ethan we have got to meet."


"Yeah, we live in the same area. What do you say we hang out tomorrow. It's Saturday so you shouldn't have school."

"I don't know."

"Oh come on I thought we were friends. Don't you want to be my friend Ethan?"

"Yeah of course I do. But I don't think my parents would let me."

"Well you like to read manga don't you? So have your parents drop you off at the bookstore and I'll pick you up. How's 10 sound?"

"I-I just don't know Kyle. I don't like lieing to my parents."

"Come on be a good boy for me Ethan. I'll meet you at the bookstore tomorrow at 10. I don't like being stood up. So I'll see you there. I gotta go though and get dinner so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

Before Ethan can come up with anything to say Kyle logged off and everything was closed. The tone of Kyle's voice plainly said 'don't cross me.' With a sigh and being very thankful his parents hadn't been home, he cleans up his mess and shuts down his computer.

Feeling completely relaxed and almost shaky Ethan takes a long back, orders pizza and sits up to wait for his parents to get home so that he can ask for a ride to the bookstore the following morning.


"So how long do you want to stay at the store honey?" Ethan's mother asks as she pulls the car to a stop in front of the large bookstore.

"Oh well they have a lot of new manga out I want to read so can I stay till it closes?"

"Well they close at 10 so why don't we say 9 okay?"

"Alright mamma. I'll see you later."

Ethan steps out of the car and closes the door. He watches as his mother drives out of the parking lot before he enters the bookstore. It's not very busy for this early in the morning so he makes his way over to the manga section. He picks up the new Fruits Basket since his mother had given him some money, he decides to buy the book before he heads over to the cafe to get a drink.

He orders a hot apple cider and goes to find a table to sit at while he waits for Kyle. A man is sitting in a far corner and Ethan recognizes the cover of the book he was reading at Phantom by Terry Goodkind. He sits at a table near by and says quietly.

"Terry Goodkind is a genius."

The man lowers the book and a bright smile comes to Ethan's face as he sees that it's Kyle. Kyle grins back as he puts a bookmark between the pages and closes the book.

"Yeah he is. I just picked this up and thought I would start reading while I waited for you. So you want to hang out here or head back to my place?"

"Oh, well I guess we can go I already got what I wanted."

Kyle smiles as he stands with Ethan noticing that the boy really is short, coming just barely eye level with his chest. Ethan also noticed this as he looked up into Kyle's eyes and then followed the older man out of the bookstore and out to Kyle's green Honda Element.

"Ewe, you have a box car?"

Kyle laughed at the title often used to describe his car.

"Yeah it's a box car, but it's fuel efficient and the shape helps to deal with the sun."

Ethan just shrugs as he gets into the car on the passenger side and watches as Kyle gets in on the drivers. The ride to Kyle's apartment was pleasant enough. They talked about random topics including the new Phantom book and the new Fruits Basket book that they each had picked up.

Once they Kyle led Ethan to the elevator that led to his apartment, slipping his arm around the smaller boy in the elevator as they waited for their stop. A blush crept onto Ethan's cheeks as he felt the older man's arms around him and he shivered involuntarily.

"Ah, you don't have to be so nervous with me Ethan. I'm your friend remember?"

"Y-yeah I remember."

Kyle smiles as he places his hand under Ethan's chin to lift his face to meet his own. He takes a second to marvel at just how cute and innocent the boy is before he slowly lowers his head to capture the inviting pink lips that had parted just barely under his scrutiny.

Ethan gasps as he feels the older mans lips on his own, the simple action sending electric bolts up and down his spine. Kyle takes the opportunity of Ethan's gasp to slip his tongue in past the youths mouth and begin his exploration of the sweet cavern.

Tenderly Ethan lets it tongue come in contact with Kyle's and a whole new feeling spreads across his body as Kyle's tongue begins to gently massage his. Ethan's completely lost in the kiss and doesn't hear the ding of the bell signaling that they had reached their floor, but whimpers plaintively when he looses contact with Kyle's mouth.

Kyle smiles smugly down at the boy he has his arms wrapped around before leading the stunned boy out of the elevator and into his apartment.

Ethan is completely shocked as he stares at the man's living room. Kyle has a very large screen television along with what looks like an enormous collection of DVD's and 3 games consults on the floor. A large leather sectional couch is against the wall and a coffee table sits in the middle of the room.

"You like I take it?"

"Wow it's awesome. I bet it's great to play games on."

"So you like playing games? Well maybe we can play some games together sometime. But before we do anything allow me to give you the grand tour."

Ethan smiles as he is lead through to the living room and then back down the hall. He is shown the bathroom, a spare room, the computer room, and finally the bed room that looks like it's its own mini theater room.

"So what do you think Ethan?"

"Y-you have a very nice place."

"Thank you. Well I think there are 2 important rules you need to know when you are here visiting me. Number one this is my house, I am the adult and I expect you to treat me with respect so from now on call me sir. Is that clear Ethan."

"Y-yes sir." Ethan replied weakly while he looked down at the ground and his shoes.

"Good boy, now second is that while you are in my apartment you are not allowed to wear any clothing, at all. So strip."

Ethan goes bright red as he looks up at Kyle and then around the room when he realizes that he isn't just playing around.

"R-right here?"

"That's right. Right here, right now. Or do you just want me to take you home?"


"Well then you know what to do."

Ethan nods as he slowly pulls off his shirt, not being sure where to put it he places it in a chair against the wall. He slips off his shoes and socks and then pulls his black pants down his hips and drops them on the pile that he is forming.

He looks over to Kyle who nods down towards his underwear and Ethan slowly pulls them down as well and adds them to the pile before turning to face Kyle and covering himself the best he can.

"Ah, come now Ethan. I've seen you more than just naked don't be shy."

Kyle walks over to the small, slightly trembling boy and wraps his arms around his slender frame before bending his head down to lock in another mind blowing kiss. When he released the boy Ethan's eyes were slightly glazed and his lips were red and pouty looking.

"Mmm, now be a good boy and go into the kitchen and grab us two Dr. Peppers and then sit down on the floor in front of the couch okay."

Ethan nodded and as if in a haze walked back through the hall and into the kitchen. After grabbing the Dr. Peppers he sits down where Kyle had said for him to sit and slowly he starts to get nervous. After what seemed like forever, which was only actually like 5 minutes, Kyle comes back from the bedroom carrying a bag and wearing nothing but a hard on.

"W-what's in the bag?" Ethan asks a little curious and slightly embarrassed about being naked with the other man.

"Oh, you will see." Kyle says as he takes a seat on the couch directly behind Ethan so that he can't see the older man.

Kyle picks up a remote on the cushion and turns on the television, switching to the DVD player where he already had pre-placed a specific DVD for them to watch. As it started off it looked like a regular anime to Ethan, which of course got his attention right away but as it continued it started getting weird.

The next thing Ethan knew the there were two men on the screen and they were seriously making out. One thing leading to another and pretty soon Ethan is watching the two men going at it like rabbits. His eyes are big as he watched the man place his overly exaggerated penis inside of the man below him and a light bulb goes off in his head.

So that's how they do it. Ethan's breathing begins to hitch as he realizes that he is completely erect and aching. Slowly he reaches down to stroke it just like the day before when he had been on cam. He hears a soft moan coming from behind him and he turns his head to come nearly face to cock with Kyle's dick as it's being stroked.

Very quickly the hentai that Kyle had been playing was forgotten as he realizes that Ethan is watching him and is just as aroused as he is by the show.

"Why don't you come up here and help me with this Ethan, and I can help you with yours."

Ethan nods as he stands up and sits down on the couch next to Kyle. He watches as Kyle reaches into the bag next to him and hands Ethan a baby snickers.

"You have candy for me?" Ethan cries out with joy as he grabs the chocolate from Kyle and munches it happily.

"I figured you would like that considering your name so I thought I would give you some." Kyle watches as the boy devours the chocolate before getting his attention once again on his hard on.

"Why don't you help me with this Ethan? It's okay just stroke it like you normally would yourself only it's me."

Slowly Ethan's hands wrap around Kyle's throbbing penis as he notices the difference besides the obvious size. Kyle is considerably larger than himself but he is still only 15 and Kyle is a grown adult. Experimentally he strokes his hand up rubbing the head slightly before sliding his hand down the shaft.

Kyle moans appreciatively as he feels the boys small soft hands stroking him. He reaches out and gives the boys own hardened dick a few strokes causing the boy to moan and squirm a bit. He lets go though not wanting the boy to be done too quickly since he is still sensitive.

"Why don't you suck on the head for me Ethan? Don't worry it tastes good. Just use your tongue and don't let your teeth touch it."

Ethan scoots closer and bends his head down, slowly flicking his tongue out to run it along the head and lick off the pre-cum. He notices the differences between how Kyle tastes and himself before taking the entire head into his mouth and sucking gently while running it tongue along the slit. Continuing his stroking all the while.

Kyle tilts his head back and moans loudly while running his fingers through Ethan's blonde curls massaging and encouraging the boy at the same time. He pushed gently on the boys head trying to get him to take more of himself into his mouth.

Ethan took the subtle hint to take more and removed one of his hands from Kyle's dick as he slowly sunk his head down onto the engorged penis and continued to suck and run his tongue along the sensitive underside. The pressure on his head didn't let up though so he removed his other hand and continued to take the throbbing organ into his mouth.

Licking his lips Kyle watches the boy take him into his mouth, expecting the boy to jerk once the head hits his throat or to gag slightly but his jaw drops and he moans loudly as the boy continues to take him into his throat until he has the entirely of Kyle's penis in his mouth and is sucking, licking, and bobbing his head.

Kyle's eyes nearly go cross eyed and he bucks his hips up into the boy's mouth. "Oh dear God you don't have a gag reflex." He can not believe his luck at finding such a willing boy like this on the computer. He wonders briefly if there are any more surprises that the boy has. Realizing that if he lets this continue he will loose it way too quickly Kyle pulls the boy up off of his dick and takes several calming breathes.

Ethan licked his lips tasting what he assumed was the lubrication that Kyle had used on his dick while he had been stroking it. It tasted really good, almost like a candy. He looked quizzically at Kyle who only smiled and winked back.

"It's flavored." He said simply and Ethan nodded realizing that it must have been watermelon flavored and he smiled showing Kyle that he had enjoyed it.

Kyle reached into the bag and pulled out another piece of candy and handed it to Ethan. Who took it happily and began to much away.

"Okay, why don't you go into my bedroom and get on the bed okay. Get on your hands and knees and put a pillow under your stomach to make yourself comfortable if you want just keep your ass in the air. And I'll be there in a minute."

"Yes sir."

"Good boy."

Ethan stood up and walked back into the room following orders and only wondering after what exactly Kyle had planned. Then he remembered watching that anime and seeing another position similar to this when the two guys were having sex.

"Oh, he's going to have sex with me."

"That's right." Ethan jumped as Kyle appeared in the room to admire how delicious Ethan looked presented to him like that, ready and waiting.

"Give me your hand Ethan."

Ethan did as was told and felt a cool substance being applied to his fingers. When Kyle let go he pulled his hand to his face to smell his fingers that smelled very much like strawberries. Before he can stick his tongue out to taste it though Kyle slaps him on the ass, "Don't lick it off!"

Ethan whimpers a little but does as he is told and just looks back at Kyle quizzically as Kyle backs away to look at him.

"I'm going to watch you prepare yourself for me."

"P-prepare myself?"

"That's right, I lubricated your fingers so that you can prepare yourself. So reach around behind yourself to your ass. That's it good boy. Run your finger over your entrance till you relax, remember to relax. Now slowly slide a finger inside and move it around and in and out."

Ethan followed the direction and gasped slightly at the entrance of something into his ass which until then had only been an exit. He slid a second finger inside as instructed and tried to scissor his fingers like Kyle said but was finding it very uncomfortable.

Kyle stood watching Ethan prepare himself while stroking his aching cock with his hand. He approached the boy on his bed and grabbed Ethan's hand to pull it away. Ethan was happy to not have to try to do that anymore but yelped when Kyle slid his own two fingers in which were considerably bigger.

"Relax baby, you have to relax when you clench it makes it harder."

Kyle ran his hand comfortingly up and down the curve of Ethan's back as he scissored his own fingers inside of the small boy. He couldn't believe how tight he was and he knew that this was going to be uncomfortable for him but in the end he would love it.

He removed his fingers and grabbed the much larger piece of chocolate to give to Ethan to keep his mind distracted some. As Ethan began to munch happily on the piece of chocolate Kyle lined the tip of his swollen aching head with Ethan's pink and puckered hole and said very clearly to Ethan, "Remember no matter what you do don't clench and you will be okay."

Kyle pushed his head against Ethan's entrance that didn't want to budge as Ethan gasped out and immediately began to clench up. He tried to relax as Kyle pushed himself harder onto Ethan, successfully pressing his head inside the boy.

Taking a few breathes to steady himself Kyle began to press into Ethan while holding his hips firmly.

"O-Ouch. Kyle it hurts stop please."

"Don't clench up Ethan, I haven't led you astray yet, trust me you will love it."

Ethan physically relaxed as he tried to calm himself down. Kyle was telling the truth he had been so nice to him and he hadn't really hurt him so there was no reason for him to lie. He relaxed his muscles as Kyle slid the rest of his member deep into Ethan's entrance and they both gasped.

Ethan at being filled that he never before had been and Kyle at feeling something tighter than he had ever felt besides his first boyfriend back in high school. He gave the whimpering boy beneath him a few moments to adjust while he rubbed circles gently on his back to calm him. When Ethan gave an experimental push back on Kyle he knew it was time to really start having fun.

Kyle withdrew nearly all the way to the head before slowly pushing himself back into Ethan's tight hole. Restraining himself to make sure that Ethan got used to it and received pleasure as well.

Slowly the pain began to subside as Ethan got used to Kyle's thrusting, it was slowly being replaced by something much more instance and pleasurable. Kyle adjusted the angle of his hips when he heard Ethan moan softly and began thrusting at a different angle. When he hit Ethan's sweet spot his entire body jerked and he moaned loudly and pressed back against Kyle.

"O-oh my God what was that?"

"That was your prostate, did you like that?"


"Do you want me to hit it again?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes sir."

"Good boy Ethan."

Kyle pulled nearly all the way out again and then slammed back into Ethan harder and slowly going faster. Ethan moaned louder as he pressed back into Kyle, meeting each of his thrusts with his own.

"I think we need to change it up a bit here. Get over to the middle of the bed, lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest."

Ethan numbly followed orders feeling empty when Kyle pulled out of him and then looking up expectantly as Kyle positioned himself on top of Ethan once more. Kyle bent down and captured the boy's lips as he entered once more and their moans filled the room.

Kyle angled his hips to make sure to hit Ethan's spot with each thrust as he ravaged the boy's mouth and neck. Ethan was lost in the sensations as he felt that building sensation in his stomach only 100 times more powerful than before. He ground his hips up into Kyle to create some sort of friction on his achingly hard and neglected cock.

Taking the hint Kyle held himself up on one arm as he reached down to grasp Ethan's throbbing erection and stroke it. He could see Ethan breathing heavier and feel him tightening around him.

"Are you gonna cum for me Ethan?"

Ethan was too lost in the sensations to answer, all he could do was nod as he felt every single muscle in his body tighten for what seemed like an eternity. His toes curled and he saw white lights behind his eyes as he screamed, jerking his body against Kyle's and sprayed his seed between the two of them.

Kyle quickly put his arm down to hold himself up above the boy so as not to crush him as he watched his cock squirt its seed between them. He licked his lips as he captured the breathless boy's lips once more and continued to pound into him harder and faster.

He pulled away to look down at the happy face of the boy that had so willingly given up his virginity to him. Feeling his own climax climbing to a peak he grit his teeth as he slammed harder into Ethan.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum inside of you Ethan. Clench your muscles for me do it now!"

Ethan did as was told immediately and gasped as he felt the hot liquid splash up inside of him. He could feel the man on top of him shudder and he continued to pump into him a couple more times before pulling out and collapsing beside him.

Ethan let his legs down as he lay there and slowly closed his eyes. He could feel Kyle licking away at his stomach, cleaning the mess that he was sure must have been there but he was too tired to look for sure.

"You realize what this means Ethan?"

Ethan opened his eyes to look into Kyle's, "what?"

"You belong to me now. Your mine. Your okay with that right?"

"As long as you do this with me more often, okay."

"Good boy. Lets go take a bath together to clean up and relax. Then I'll take you out to get something for dinner and take you back to the bookstore okay."


Ethan let Kyle lift him from the bed and carry him to the tub in the bathroom. He was glad to finally have a friend, especially one that could show him so many amazing and wonderful things. He wondered to himself, as he was lowered into warm water and bubbles and Kyle began to wash them both, what other types of things Kyle would be willing to show him in the future.

The End