"What are those things?" Brash asked nervously as the two frightening creatures approached them.

"They are called Seekers," Kade explained as the two backed up against a large tree trunk, "You've never seen a Seeker before, Brash?"

"No." He replied as he carefully examined the two dark creatures before him. One was about the size of a German Shepard, long, and svelte while the other appeared to be closer in size to a grizzly bear, with a powerful frame and stubby legs. They were both black, the same color as the Darkness that floated aimlessly through the forest, except for four white lightning shaped slash marks that appeared to be etched into the front left leg of each creature. Their heads were small compared to the rest of their body and came to a sharp point at a large wet nose. Two round eyes were sunken deep into their small skulls and appeared to glow a dirty yellow color in the dark and their mouths extended from one eye to the other with two large grey fangs that protruded from the lower lips at each corner, forming what resembled a malicious smile.

"Seekers are the most common type of Shadow Wielder in this area because it does not take a massive amount of energy to wield the Darkness in that way. What they do is use a small amount of energy to cover their bodies in a loose shell of Darkness, and that is why those two look like that. An advanced Shadow Wielder can send vast amounts of Darkness to specific parts of their body to greatly increase their average human capabilities, like what they did with their sense of smell or foot speed to hunt me down." Kade explained knowledgably. "And we don't have any amateur Wielders here, these two are employed to royalty."

"Is that why they have those scars on their legs?" Brash asked quickly, referring to the slash marks on their front left legs.

"Yes," she replied hastily, "Each scar they have symbolizes how advanced their Wielding abilities are, and four is the highest amount a Seeker can receive. And, telling by how quickly they caught up to me, they have an immense amount of control over the Darkness."

Kade felt the rough bark of a tree through her torn garments, as she and Brash pushed their backs hard against the sturdy trunk behind them in a vain attempt to create a little more separation between themselves and the Seekers.

"What are we going to do?" Kade whispered to herself resting a slender hand over her heart. She bowed her head and smiled solemnly. "I guess I'll have to use it."

"What?" Brash asked, worried by her inaudible ramblings.

"Brash!" she snapped as she raised her head to face him, still holding her hand tightly to her chest, "You've got to run away, right now!"

"What? But what about you?" He asked seriously, as his brow furrowed over his glasses.

"I'm gonna fight them by myself. These two have orders from their master not to harm me. But they'll kill anyone that gets in their way."

"An' we get paid by tha' head!" A rattling voice added.

Brash and Kade jumped at the sound of a third voice, and looked around. The two Seekers had stopped their advance and began to shake like dogs do when they're wet, until all the shadows, that had encompassed their bodies, were dispersed. Slowly, the two remaining human forms rose to their two hind feet

"So who wants t'ave a liddle fun?" growled the same raspy voice as before. It came from the larger of the two Seekers, and though he had ended his shadow wielding, he still looked like a bear. He stood seven feet into the air and wore a pelt robe. His shaggy hair and scruffy beard covered nearly his entire face so only two beady black eyes and a long crooked nose penetrated the furry mask.

The other Seeker stood silently next to his partner, his head was hung, his eyes were closed and his arms were crossed as he listened to his eager companion's broken words. He was a small man, not even five foot tall, with no trace of hair on his well-groomed body. He wore a ridiculous, tight fitting pink sequence shirt, leather pants and, to complete his absurd costume, an elegant red scarf around his neck.

"No one wants ta play with me?" the large one roared as his small black eyes glared at Brash.

"Perhaps if you did not have such an offensive odor these kiddos would not recoil from us." The second seeker finally chimed, in a voice as flamboyant as his outfit.

"Is tha true?" The large man asked as he bent over until his face was inches away from Brash's face, "Do I smell?"

"No no your B.O. is beautiful, right Brash?" Kade quickly answered for him.

"Are you crazy?" Brash exclaimed, "I'm about to throw up just because it will smell better than him!"

"Duck you idiot!" Kade exclaimed.

Brash quickly ducked as a meaty forearm swung forcefully over his head, splintering the massive tree, and sending chips of bark into his hair. Brash raised his eyes to see two black slits, surrounded by fur, staring back. The behemoth had his rotten teeth clenched as he panted from exertion. Brash shivered as he felt a hot liquid drip onto the side of his face and watched, in disgust, as the grizzly blood ran down his chin and splashing on the ground beneath him.

"Brash, you've got to get out of here right now!" Kade yelled, "I'll be OK." Brash nodded and rolled around the base of the tree leaving Kade alone with the two Seekers.

"I'M GONNA KILL 'IM!" the massive seeker howled as he pried his arm out of the tree, leaving a huge crater in the wood. He turned viciously to see his teenage enemy disappear deep into the dense forest.

"Do not be foolish, silly goose," the second seeker said whimsically as he turned towards Kade, "We have what we need."

"Believe me," Kade said as she bowed her head and grabbed her chest with her right hand, "You've got more than what you need right here!"

Suddenly, a green light burst from inside her torn dress illuminating the area and causing the Darkness to swirl at her feet. The two Seekers gazed in amazement at the brilliant magic being conjured before their eyes and backed away. Kade raised her head slowly to reveal that her eyes radiated the same green light. She started to mutter incoherent words and lifted her left arm so that it was parallel to the ground and her hand began to glow the same eerie green.

""What's goin on!" the giant Seeker snarled to his flashier companion, in awe of the light.

"Look out behind you!" The sequenced warrior yelled to his partner.

Brash dashed out of the shadowy brush with his arms flapping behind him as he charged the massive Seeker. He drew his hand into a fist and struck a blow under the monsters rib cage.

"Ouch!" Brash cried, he stumbled next to Kade, and put his fist in his mouth to ease the pain.

"So ya do wanna play wit me!" The large man exclaimed excitedly, "I can create a shell o' Darkness anywhere on me body, an' thats wha' ya just hit. An' know I get ta kill ya!"

"What are you doing back here idiot!" Kade also yelled at Brash after forcing herself out of her self induced trance and extinguishing the green magic.

"It appears," the small Seeker responded to her, "proving that chivalry isn't dead."

Brash removed his fist from his mouth and shook the saliva off before staring solemnly at Kade. "I wasn't about to let you fight on your own"

"That's very touching" Kade said seriously, "But I was just about to destroy both of them before you interrupted!"

"What? Then why'd you stop!?" Brash asked surprised.

"You got in the way," Kade said simply, "Unless you wanted me to destroy you too."

"No thank you." Brash said graciously, "Well ok then, I'll take the small pink guy and you can have the big man………dog………thing."

"I'd like to help out but that thing I was doing, takes a lot out of me soooo you'll have to take them both." Kade explained.

"………great." Brash whispered to himself

"Let me 'ave 'im, pleeease." The big guy pleaded to the smaller one.

"Okey dokey, but kill him quick because we need to get this kiddo back to the king soon." the sequence covered wielder said pleasantly.

"Is their any utter way?" The beast shouted back as he cracked his knuckles and began to lumber towards Brash.

Brash slowly backed away towards the woods, trying to keep space between him and the shaggy monster, until he felt a think branch rub against the top of his back. He continued to move back, pressing hard against the rough bough to get it to bend. The stem creaked loudly under the strain being put on it and Brash closed his eyes to pray the monster approaching him did not hear it, but fortunately the steps the seeker took were too loud for the immense man to hear over. Soon, the branch refused to give anymore and so Brash stopped his retreating.

The hairy wielder noticed that the boy had stopped and smiled. He started to run with thundering steps towards his enemy, and drew his hand into a fist by the side of his body. He wielded the darkness around his knuckles in preparation for the deadly blow he was planning on giving the kid. Drool escaped from the sides of his mouth and his steps became more and more rapid as he quickly descended upon his victim.

Brash remained motionless as he held his breath and watched what appeared to be a wad of fur with a fist advancing towards him.

"DIE!!" roared the seeker as he thrust his fist forward.

Brash ducked his body to release the bulky branch behind him. The bough flung violently over his head and struck the mammoth wielder in his soft abdomen causing him to keel over in pain. However, the Wielder's arms were incredibly long and even the blow to the stomach couldn't stop his fist before it pelted Brash's head and sent Brash crashing to the ground.

"BRASH!" Kade shrieked in horror as she watched the boy fall to the ground unconsciously. Her eyes filled with tears at the evil sight and she began to weep.

The large wielder wreathed on the ground in pain, clutched his stomach, and vomited violently as the branch vibrated to a stop above his head. The small, sequenced wielder giggled excitedly at his partner's pain before he turned to Kade. "Are we ready to go now my dear?"

"You're not going anywhere with her," a pained voice mumbled, "You'll have to kill me first."

"Brash?" Kade cried in disbelief, "You're OK!"

"Well, Okey Dokey." The slender man smiled broader as he inspected the half-naked teenage boy that panted before him. "You caught KoKo the gorilla over there off guard with that branch. It appears you really hurt him a lot; however, I will not be so easy."

The small man barely came up to Brash's chest but he buzzed with confidence. He carefully removed his red scarf and folded it neatly before setting it gently on a pile of damp brush to keep it safe. Then, he fell to his hands and knees and began to yell to focus his energy. The darkness converged on his body and devoured him into its depths, and from those shadows emerged one of the beasts the two kids had first encountered.

The beast sprinted at Brash at an incredible speed, moving so fast that the Darkness lingering on the ground parted in its wake. The Seeker's mouth was agape and its two fangs jutted out directly in front of it. Brash stood in horror at the amazing sight realizing that his enemy was to fast for him to avoid. He shut his eyes tight to await the unavoidable attack and so, the beast pounced.

"BRAAASH!" Kade yelled.

Brash's heart pounded as he opened his eyes and delivered a devastating knee to the side of the creature's face dispersing the darkness and sending the creature flopping to the ground next to his partner.

"Oh wow!" Kade whispered to herself.

"Are you done piddling around and ready to help me?" The small man mumbled into the damp ground.

"Of course, I was jus' waitin' my turn." The large man answered smiling.

"Oakey Dokey, just follow my lead"

The two seekers stood up together and turned towards the lanky teenager that now was between them and the girl. The small wielder screamed again to focus his wielding and to gather the darkness to him, once again transforming into the shadow creature before he dashed into the thick forest. The larger wielder flashed his rotten smile as he rubbed his hand over his stomach.

"It was a nice shot," the huge furball announced to Brash as he began to bull rush him, "Bu' now I'm gonna kill ya!"

Brash took a fighting stance, closed his eyes, and prayed for another miracle like he just had against the smaller guy. His heart began to beat faster as he readied to counterattack.

"Brash watch out behind you!" Kade warned, as a stubby pair of arms put Brash into a full nelson.

Brash kept his eyes closed and remained unaffected by the situation at hand. The fur clad warrior summoned an immense amount of Darkness to his fist once again, making it almost double its already huge size.

"Not very original is he?" the pink sequence man whispered into Brash's ear.

"You tell me!" Brash yelled as he kicked the small man's feet out from under him. Brash pulled his arms forward and flipped the small pink body over his head and into the mighty punch of the second wielder. The darkness ate away at the sequenced outfit and collapsed the wielders small chest cavity.

"NOOOO!" The mammoth creature howled in anger once he realized who he had just struck.

"What's the matter?" Brash asked innocently, "Do I play too hard for you?" Brash reeled back and delivered a devastating blow to his abdomen once again, sending the mammoth flying backwards 15 feet and through a nearby tree.

"Wow" Brash said breathlessly as he watched the Darkness smoke off of his hand.

"Brash that was amazing!" Kade exclaimed as she threw her arms around him. "Uh………I mean, good job." Kade corrected herself as they both blushed profusely.

"Come On," Brash said quietly, "we should go."

"The Royal Seekers are back, my liege" a page boy announced.

"Let them in." A course voice announced from a modest throne.

"Uhh………Hello, sir." came a weak voice as a small man in a torn sequence shirt limped into a vast throne room, follow by a massive lump of hair.

"Well," the king's voice boomed, "Where is she?"

"Uhh, well, you see sir," the small man started anxiously, "We caught up with her very quickly in the Obsidian forest, but then out of nowhere a hundred and fifty men, wait no, no, NINJAS jumped out of nowhere and started doing all this kung-fu, you see. Well me and him killed all of them, of course I took out about 90 of them, but while we defeated all these guys the girl………got away."

"And why isn't he talking?" The king's voice asked skeptically.

"Well, um, he swallowed his tongue. Pretty amazing really, I don't know how he did it." The fragile man explained as his partner opened his mouth to showcase the feet.

"I see, well the important thing is that you tried your best" The king said sympathetically.

"Thank you sire." The two bowed humbly before they scurried out of the room.

"Pageboy, tell the general I need two new Seekers!" the King shouted.

"Yes Sir!" The page agreed as he raced out of the throne room.

"So does that mean I don't have my princess, yet?" A regal voice questioned from a darkened corner, where a lavishly dressed man sat in the corner.

"No, but you must be patient." The king said quietly as he shut his eyes.

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