Do u ever truly know?

When someone means what they say.

When the feelings are true.

When they just can't be swept away.

Bye one mere discretion.

Or someone new.

When the feelings are there,

You shouldn't be able to cast them aside so easily.

These feelings com once in awhile,

They are a special thing no to be trifled with.

For when someone has them,

Or is told by a person who is special to them tells them.

Tell them that they feel this for them.

It is of great consequence.

If the feelings are a farce,

A way of getting in,

Or just a infatuation that fades away,

It is more damaging than u can imagine.

It is crushing to lose them and that feeling.

You lose a part of yourself.

This feeling I think,

I think is sometimes not worth it.

To go through losing it.

For u have bared your soul to someone and they you.

It rips at your soul apart, piece by peace,

When that relationship is destroyed

Each time it falls apart I lose a piece of my soul, my very essence.

Each time, bit by bit, it will consume me,

So I have nothing left to offer.

This feeling this thing,

That consumes all.

Does it have a name?

I think it does.

Its called. . . love