A/N: I wrote this poem last night while depressed andis written for a girl Imetmy sophomore year. I realized it's time I need to stop bottling my feelings up so muchand getting them out in the open. Okay, carry on.

I close my eyes
And I see the night we met
A simple question grew into friendship

With you I felt a connection grow I never felt before
In my heart that night I knew you would be my best friend
A close friend that I would be with until the end

Excitement rose in my heart when we talked about hanging out for the first time
I felt special when told I was your first new friend at college
You made me feel happier than I had been in a long while

To me you said I was a cool person
That it was awesome we were into so much of the same things
You even invited me to come visit you in your dorm shortly after we met

We joked about how we became friends
We laughed at the fact it was only because you asked me a simple question
One you said that you had no idea you would get a brand new friend from

I always would have been there for you
You became what I considered my best friend I would have ever had
To this day I wonder why you broke my heart and stopped talking to me