Taken from The Salistor Record, Obituaries
November 17, 2006

William Carter died unexpectedly at age 44, leaving behind two children; Andrea Carter, age 17, and Julia Carter, age 8.

"We'll always love him, and will never forget him," said a devastated Andrea.

The two children's mother, Jessica Carter, unfortunately passed away two years ago, leaving the girls with no current parenting. However, Andrea is being reviewed to judge her ability in parenting her younger sister.

"Julia and I have always been really close," said Andrea when asked about the review. "I want her to know that she can always count on me."

Also taken from The Salistor Record, page 3
November 17, 2006

Gabriel Trenton, age 18, died at approximately 2:30 this morning in a horrible accident out in Ferris Woods.

"It was his birthday and everything. We had cake and presents waiting for him at home, but he never came back after school," Jenny Trenton, mother of Gabriel, commented. When asked about Gabriel's positive results for marijuana, she replied, "We had our suspicions, but he was our only son. I guess we didn't want to believe that he would ever do something like that."

"They all tested positive for marijuana, each and every one of them that was out there. They were probably messing around and didn't see anything coming," Police Chief Charles Barton stated.

"It didn't have anything to do with the...drugs," Gary Trenton, Gabriel's father, told the Record. "It's those woods. There's always this funny feeling about that place, and it wasn't anymore Gabe's or his friends' fault that it was yours or mine."

The other kids present at the scene are currently being treated for shock at Ferris Hill. Their names cannot be released at this time.