The Fall of the House of Barka

Chapter One: To Own the Desert

Hamilcar Barka the15th looked at the men he was leading. Ten tank divisions and five mech

infantry divisions. All were sitting in the desert. Waiting and waiting but waiting for the go

ahead for the greatest invasion in African history. Soon Carthage will control the oil of the

Sahara and punish Mali for supporting Egypt during the Carthage-Egyptian war. He grew impat-

ient. The first strike should've happened hours ago. What was taking those jets?? No jet division

would stand in the way of his crowning glory. The Severing of the Malinese empire. He would

see to that. Suddenly 120 jets pierced the dark sky line with earth shattering noise. Minutes later

Hamilcar Barka heard the distant thunder of Malinese bases being destroyed. He smiled. This

was a wonderful start for a wonderful campaign