6 o' Clock PM

Right now I can't sing that well

So I won't sing a song for you tonight

And so I won't ask anything of you tonight

That is, if you're awake enough to care

Or asleep enough to ignore my strengths

Not that there are many of those


Sometimes I don't know what is in your mind

It's like your digging a further hole

In an already bottomless pit of what you won't give to me

I came in to find no response

I knew my arrival would be met

By your conscious state


Oh and it's six o' clock

But I want it to be 3 AM

That's when I will just fall

Oh I'll just fall into sleep


But I can't help it if what I do

Always seems so sensible to you

It's not my fault; it's the way I am

Consequences mean more than joining you

And it can't be helped if the most I've ever touched

Is your face when you gave me a damn good reason


But it's 6 o' clock

And I need it to be 3 AM

That's when I can just fall

Oh I can fall into sleep


But what I wouldn't give

To look under those sheets

But your door is closed, your light switched off

And I'll make my way to mine

But as usual I'll be up early

To wait for you in the morning, coffee ready in my hand


It's just 6 o' clock

And it has to be 3 AM

That's when I can fall

Oh I can fall asleep