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Hello. I'm sure you're all surprised to be getting an update since this thing is finished right? Well everyone was asking for an epilogue or something. Now, when you first read this, you're probably going to think -this is terrible-. It kinda is. Because I wrote it on the spot because you're not supposed to put notifications as a chapter, just something with story more than two paragraphs. So, if you read on you might get a surprise at the end~

Begin! ---------------------

Peryn yawned loudly, stretching out on her large, plush, blue cushion. Her partner, Coredan, had gotten it for her after his appointment as… well, whatever he was now. He managed to be by his lover's side most of the time these days, and that was perfectly ok with Peryn.

Prancing over to her bowl of luxurious food, she lapped her breakfast up lazily. Once finished, she glanced around her partner Coredan's new bedroom. They were currently situated in the Royal Hall, where the new king had no choice but to be situated in. The king in question, Londel, had managed to convince the Council that one of his advisors should be in close-reach at all times, and moreover that it was their idea in the first place, and what a wonderful one it was. While his room was down the hall, there was some sort of hidden room between the two mens' rooms that was connected by secret magical passageways in their closets.

Wondering where exactly her partner had gotten to so early, Peryn stuck her head through the secret wall at the back of the closet. While the doors were only supposed to allow Coredan and Londel through, Peryn's own magic was able to easily slip her through whenever she wanted.

Peryn cocked her left ear at random squeal that came from the couch.

"Londel, they're going to be waiting for you in the Grand Hall," Coredan's voice whined from behind the couch.

"They can wait," the new king barely whispered.

When a mysterious tunic flew over the back of the couch, Peryn rolled her puppy dog eyes and returned to her bedroom. Deciding to do her rounds over the perimeter of the castle ground, Peryn opened the door to the hall with a yip. She stared up at Sivi, who had been standing outside of the door.

"Oh… Peryn," the redhead stared back at the small dog in surprise. "Do you know where Coredan is? We're returning to Zenalquia tomorrow, and I wanted to have a picnic with Coredan today to say goodbye!" She looked depressed at the very thought of leaving her bestfriend.

Peryn twitched her nose to close the door behind her as she walked down the hall. Coredan would come out when he was done, Sivi could wait a little bit.

Finally outside atop the great wall surrounding the grounds, Peryn hopped onto a box to prop against the guardpost opening. The capitol city was in full swing, and she could see people bustling around the streets from here.

"Milady, you probably should not be out here this early… it is still chilly from the night-"

"Oh hush, Markel," Medina danced out to the next post opening. "Just come enjoy the morning scenery with me. And I already told you stop calling me 'lady'. That's so weird…"

"Well then, Meshva, please at least do not lean over the edge like that…"

"Oh! Is that your native tongue from the Tribe?" Medina grabbed Markel's arm, staring up at him interestedly. "I love it when you say things like that!"

Peryn huffed a sigh and went on her way to complete her perimeter over the wall. Once over the gate, she saw Coredan's sister entering the grounds in order to meet her fiancee coming through the strange gate in the hidden room that connected to Amedyn. Peryn didn't like the gate, since it could not be closed or locked at will. However, she was but a dog to the human eye, and what she thought did not mean much. Well, to most of them, anyway.

Coredan suddenly appeared in the main courtyard, going somewhere quickly and frantically. With a wag of her tail, Peryn bolted over the inner of the edge down towards her partner. When she neared him, she sniffed the wind into slowing her down as she yipped to get the boys attention.

"Peryn!" he exclaimed as he caught her. "Where in the realm did you come from?"

She licked his nose in reply, approval of catching her so gallantly, and wagged her tail as he carried her with him. She looked forward to staying here with these humans, and looking over them, especially her partner and his king.


So that was pretty boring right? Right. Well here's the surprise, that's not the real epilogue. The real epilogue, however, is 18+. Yes, Coredan's first venture with his prince/king. Oh noes.

The problem is I wasn't sure if explicit material is really allowed on here, so I made this convenient Peryn-pov extra to give you a link to the real epilogue should you desire to read it. :D Aren't I nice? You get TWO epilogues!

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