Are you with me?

September 4th, 2006

Am I just stupid?

I guess,

Because you're not listening.

You're telling me

What I should do.

You're telling people

Things for me.

You're giving out

My permission.

How could you do that

When you know

I wouldn't approve?

I know I'm second best

But I deserve

Some respect.

I don't care if you love me

I just want to

Make sure you're listening.

Didn't you know that?

Haven't you given this thought?

Haven't you wondered,

What does it feel like

To be this way?

To be treated

With lack of respect

And then are expected

To treat everyone else

With respect?

When you yourself are not?

When you're being put down

In your place?

And everything has been decided

For you?

Are you even listening?

Why are you shaking your head?

Are you with me

Or not?