My mother. This all started out with her. I'll tell you right now that my mother is a whore. That's right, a whore.

You know how many 'dads' I had so far?

Nine. No not two or three like any sane women might have had, but nine.

And what did all these nine men had that capture my mother's heart? Money.

Oh the poor bastards never saw it coming. I actually FULLY understand now why my 'real' dad left us. All because of her.

Why do men fall for her? Her personality...? My mother is a strong steady type of woman... independent. But I know that mask of hers... the 'needy' type. So maybe they fall for that?

Or is it her features? I would bet my dollar on this. She's nice. Fine. Whatever word you want to use for a beautiful classy looking woman, use it on her. Her plastic boobs may give her that leg up too.

I must say that whatever she's doing... it works. Catching... hmm... 4, 5... 7, 8... 9. Yeah, catching nine husbands in one lifetime is hard don't you agree?

So anyways most of her pervious husbands usually divorce my mother giving her a large amount of money since they don't really like the 'real' her but there are some cases when they die of old age which for her is the jackpot. Sometimes the money doesn't go all to her, most of the time not even half goes to her. A lot goes to my older step brothers and sisters.

Oh yes, step-brothers and sisters. By the time of my fourth dad came around, I didn't even try to get to know them since it'll be sayonara for us after maybe 2-3 years of living together. Yeah... most of my mother's marriages only lasts for 2-3 years tops. But I remember when I was in my 'bad girl' period, maybe when I was twelve? Thirteen? I would actually try to get to know my step-siblings. Especially my brothers. I'm happy to say I'm an 'experienced' kisser.

So now I'm 17 and my mother recently started her ninth marriage. By now I know the procedure and I am smart enough to know what I should pack moving into the new 'family' house. You should have seen the surprised look my ninth dad gave me when I moved in with only one suitcase. I really don't need clothes since my mother always buys clothes for me with his money. Ah, and when the marriage is over I send all my clothes and items to our main house. The main house is the secret house where my mother and I live in when she's looking for her next husband. And trust me she can afford keeping a house in some other state in secret and always have a maid twice a week to come in and clean the dust off... let's just say my mother past being a millionaire when I was four.

But enough about the past. You know what my whore of a mother did to me?! DID TO ME?! This time there was no procedure and everything went WRONG. Just absolutely wrong! She, of all the people! SHE sent ME to BOARDING SCHOOL!! In the beginning of February! Now you might be thinking, 'What's so bad about that? You'll be away from all the moving shit and your mother that you hate so much.'

If it was that was the case I wouldn't be screaming and cussing.

She told me this was a mission.

There is a reason she's sending me to this rich high class boarding school.

The reason?

To find myself a husband, a rich husband she told me.

A/N: I'm back! With the same story but with editing and maybe some tweaks! Thank you for waiting for those who have! And after all these years... I still have poor grammar. XD