Because of my Mother, I need to find HIM: and this will be TWO



I ran and ran all the way to my dorm. I actually loved the chase… even though I wasn't really being chased. I looked behind me and saw that Simba wasn't coming after me but nonetheless I still kept on running. I really like this sheep… and nobody ever gave me a drawing before… even though this really wasn't really given to me.

Finally I stopped running right in front of the elevator. I smiled at myself, proud that I've won… even though I haven't really won anything. But this had to count for something! I took out my key and saw that my door wasn't locked. Was someone inside? Oh right… my roommate that I still haven't met. This roommate always leaves before I wake up for school and comes back right after I fall asleep. But maybe I'll finally meet her now?

I opened the door and right on the invisible line dividing our room there she was.

A blond hair girl, blue eyes, with pink makeup, and with so… clean, crisp clothes.

We made eye contact and I saw her eyes widened. She dropped whatever she was holding and came at me at a fast pace.

"It's you!" she exclaimed while looking up and down at me. "You're my roommate?!"

"Er, hi." I smiled awkwardly. This girl was freaking me out.

"I can't believe it!" she smiled the biggest smile. "It's you!"

"Do you know me?" I asked looking very confused. Was I supposed to know her from somewhere? Did I meet her at another school before? No way, I will remember someone like her… a mom looking girl.

Seriously, this girl was so… neat. It almost made me think to clean up around myself a bit!

"Of course I know you! You're the new girl!! The girl who got in with the Push and Sics!!"

Sick? Who are they… but Push I know. But were they that famous around here?

I bit my bottom lip. "The Sick? I really don't know what you're talking about…"

"No," she rolled her eyes "Sics."

"Well," I said irritated. "I don't know the Sics either."

Her eyes widened. "You don't know them!? And yet James always talk to you?!"

James? Why would James… in the Sics? Er, what?

I gave a lost look and she knew I was confused. She took my hand and dragged me to her bed where she forced me to sit down and went to her bookshelf.

"My name is Katherine by the way. No nicknames please, I like to be called by my full name." she said while coming back with a journal.

She gave me the book and on the cover where it was decorated by her, said: Journal of Sics and Push (my love to them, forever)

Ummm was she a psycho or something? A book about Push?! And I still didn't know what Sics was.

"What's this?"

"Well look inside, you'll understand everything." She urged with excitement.

I turned the cover and the first page was covered in large letters saying:
The Sics -Modern Classics-

"Get why they're called Sics now?" Katherine asked "From classics the last four letters."

I didn't say anything because it was so weird. Katherine wasn't even in the Sics as far as I could tell, so why would she make a book about them? Was she… a fan? Strange fan clubs in this bizarre school. Hmm... not that weird.

I turned the page and on the first page was a picture of a very handsome, black hair which covered a little bit of his cold eyes, tall, fine man. He looked so serious too... Under the picture it read Dante Michael River.

"He's the top of Sics. The leader of the pack as you can say." started Katherine "Nobody can really get close to him except for the members of Sics. He's also the president of the Student Council since he's really smart. So he's not in the same year as us. And he's graduating this year! I'm going to bawl at the ceremony! But I wish he'll take a girlfriend soon, this month perhaps!! Whoever the girl is she'll be so lucky! To think, having Dante as a boyfriend!"

I gave a look of disagree. No it should be Dante who's lucky to have the girl, not the other way around. How can a girl be comfortable around a guy like this? So cold... so distant looking person.

I turned the page and saw another picture.

A guy again and he had light brown hair with a bit of natural curls. He also had dark framed glasses which made him look so smart.

"That's Miles." explained Katherine once again "He's Dante's best friend. He's so courteous and helps people a lot. The only thing is he already has a lover, but she's in some other country or something." she waved.

I turned the page before Katherine could talk about her disappointment on Miles.

"And that's James."

My eyes widened. JAMES?! He's a Sics?! I knew already that being in one of these groups made you more than a celebrity here but for James to be in one! I was talking so normal with him… and now... if I meet him again... would I act normal or would I see him in a different light? I don't know… This is so weird... But it explains a lot of things. Like in class... what did he say? 'Don't you already know me?' or something... No wonder he was surprised I didn't know yet!

"Yeahhhhh, people saw you two together. Some thinks James actually likes you! You! Ha! You don't even look good as most of the models in this school! And of course you're not better looking than me! So of course James doesn't actually like you! You didn't even knew who he was!" she shook her head while laughing. "Keep in mind I'm his soon to be trophy wife! So you better back off, not that you're really competition."

My head whipped to her face. A trophy wife to JAMES?!!?!? I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes, that's right. I am a trophy wife." she said proudly. "So, even though I like James to make new friends and all, I don't want you to get too close to him alright?"

I just nodded. I really couldn't talk at that point because of all the laughter held inside me.

"So are you guys engaged or something?" I finally let out.

"No, but I know I can win James' heart. You'll see." Katherine turned the page again and I saw another person I recognized.

The golden girl!

"She's Abigail Lucas. A very pretty girl but she never speaks!"

"She can't talk?"

"Oh she can talk, only with the Sics though. I never, ever heard her voice. She's the shiest girl here! And she's so pretty! What a waste!"

I somehow started to dislike Katherine every time I turned the page… Her attitude was slowly getting to me…

I quickly turned the page and having a mental note to try to talk to Abigail later.

Then I saw Mesh in the picture.

I let out a small gasped. Mesh was in the Sics and not Push?! But when I saw the name under the picture it confused me. Instead of Mesh it read out Kristen Wright. But this was Mesh with different hairstyles… In this picture Mesh had short straight black hair that went down to her chin instead of the long blonde hair that I saw her today. And not the black framed glasses that was on top of her head but in the picture red framed.

"That's Kristen. She's a very tough girl and isn't anything like her twin."


"Yes, Mesh is her twin. I'm sure you already know Mesh?"

I nodded.

"They're younger than us."

"What are you talking about? I just had class with Mesh!"

"Oh art? I know their full schedules! Art is a split class between year 3 and 4."

"Oh…." I thought Mesh was the same age as me even though she was short… But she was so mature…

I slowly turned the page taking in the information and saw that was the end of Sics. Five members, all so different, but alike at the same time... They really had the air of classical.

The next page was read: Push -Punk it to the LiMiT-

So finally I'll see Jae… Was she a small member in this with Rye? I took a breath and turned the page. Who is the leader of this group? The air in my lungs just left after what I saw.


Jae was first in the page meaning… she was the leader?! Leader of Push!?!?!

"Jae," smiled Katherine. "She's so… different you know? She's unique and yet indifferent… I don't know, but there's something about her that attracts people you know? And it's just not her loudness."

"She's leader?" I choked out.

Katherine looked surprised "Didn't you know!?"


"Oh, wow… It feels weird knowing someone so important doesn't it? Changes how you think of them now…"

I didn't reply and slowly my shock level dropped. But it rose again when I saw the next picture.


"Simba!" I yelled out almost throwing the book.

"Simba!" Katherine squealed "I love this bad boy you know! But not as much as my James! But still, having a side boy is still nice."

I officially just felt nothing towards her. Having a side boy?! What the hell was that?!

I snapped to the next page and saw Rye. After all the shocking news I didn't feel surprised at all to see Rye in it. I wouldn't be surprised if Mesh was next. And soon enough I was right. Mesh was the next. I actually grinned at this point. The people I met today were all strong people, strong enough to stand out from this large school. I started to feel proud just knowing them.

I turned the last page and saw a guy I didn't know. This guy had a smirk on his face with his tri color hair style mixed with his darker than black outfit.

"That's Arc, Mesh's boyfriend!"

"Mesh has a boyfriend?!!"

Katherine nodded "Yup, and I'd say they're the most perfect couple!"

I nodded while studying his picture. Will I get to meet him soon? I wanted to see all members including the Sics. But was I worthy to meet all of them face to face? These two groups are rivals, from what I'm guessing, and they all seem to be the most popular people in this school. And already people from both groups made contact with me. Why? What did they see in me? And am I ready for this? I've been to many schools so I understand how getting in with the 'in' crowd is a challenge… Pressure and embarrassment is included in this package. But if these boys are the best of the best, then one of them has the potential to be my future husband right? Especially someone from... the Sics.

Morning! I actually got up early, earlier than Katherine, to explore a bit. I hummed a tune while just walking around the empty hallways when I was stopped.

"Hey you." said a girl to me when I was just about to walk past her. I stopped and stared trying to remember if I knew her or not.

But then out of nowhere I saw these other girls coming out and standing behind the first girl.

They looked so scary, but for some reason I was getting excited.

"Listen," one girl said "We don't like how you're hanging around with the Sics and Push!"

They all nodded "Yeah, what makes you think you're so special to hang out with both groups?!"

A girl chewing her gum spat it in front of me. "James is wasting his time on you!"

"Yeah and Simba too!"

"I won't let you steal Rye from me!"

"Such a fucking slut you are! Is that why you came here!? To give your service to men?" the girl hissed.

I looked around the five girls who were around me, getting closer. I didn't feel excited anymore. This is actually my first time being ganged up and it's... frightening. Their voices were so annoying and loud it was gnawing my brain.

"We'll give you this small warning! Stay away from them!" one girl yelled giving me a slap on the back of my head.

I fell to the group and covered up my head. Just automatic defence.

I felt another hit and another. And this was only their warning they said…OW.

After maybe about six hits they left stopped. I looked up and saw them leave, laughing their heads off. I stood up dusting myself when I heard laughter from behind. A guy's voice… from a voice I already knew.

I turned the corner and saw Simba just leaning against the wall laughing.

"Got into a little trouble did we?" he smirked

I stared at him. Why didn't he help me…?

He grinned.

Because he isn't the type to help strangers.

I smiled at his character. I liked how he doesn't do heroic things. But I was still aching so I left him not saying a word but smiling still.

After maybe a couple paces I was surprised he chased after me.

"Hey don't just walk away from me!"

I went inside my math class where there was nobody not even the teacher. It was just seven o'clock and class didn't start before eight forty or something…

I sat in my seat and saw Simba come in and sit in Rye's seat.

"Simba, do you think I could beat those girls?" I asked suddenly.

He starred at me then shrugged. He had this face on saying that he was bit mad.

I took off my blazer to look at my arms as I held them out in front of me. "It's red now… but blue soon."

"Aren't you wondering why I didn't help you?!" Simba asked in frustration.

I shrugged "Why would you help me?"

"Because they were hitting you because of me!"

"But if you did help me it'll only make next time worse." I reasoned while taking a poke at all my red spots.

"How will it make it worse?!" Why was he in such a bad mood?

"Because the next time they'll just beat me harder because their Simba," I mocked "helped a slut like me.|

He shook his head. "You're not a slut type."

"No shit." I stated.

"You're a weirdo type"

I sighed.

He laughed "No, you really are."

I turned away.

"Hey! Don't turn away! You have to be very nice to me from now on if you want my help."

"Who said I needed your help?" I scooted my chair closer to him. My anger all just disappeared in an instant. Vanished just like that for some reason... "Anyways, what will saving me even prove?" I laid my head on the table as I was starting to hear students in the hallway. The noise was making my injuries worse.

Simba didn't say anything at all. But I knew he was thinking something deep.

I continued, "That's right, nothing. Not unless you really like me or something." I rolled my eyes.

He snapped "I'll never save you then."

I smiled. Good. I like this push away feeling. I really didn't know why but this feeling was not rejection. It was different and I actually enjoyed it. I can't explain it but the more he pushes away, the more I want to know him. Like that Abigail, the golden girl, who doesn't talk to anyone. Because she doesn't talk it makes me want to talk to her.

Ah, maybe this is the pure power of curiosity?

"Don't space out! And move your chair away! You're always so close!" Simba commanded.

I shot him a look. "Can't you see I'm in agony?! My flesh is rotting into blue and all you can do is make demands!"

He went silent then looked at my arms and face.

"Now, I'm going to rest so don't you dare leave me alone! Some teacher might come in and give me trouble or something!"

Simba was still silent and after I closed my eyes I went into sleep instantly.


I groaned and waved my hand away from the noise.

"Wakie Wakie!!"

I opened one of my eyes and saw dark green eyes. Then I fully opened both eyes and saw it was Rye with his weird color contacts.

"Good" he cooed "You've been sleeping just too long!"

I looked around me and saw I was still in math class. And by the looks of it math was just going to start any minute now.

"Where's Simba?" I asked yawning.

"Oh he left just a few minutes ago." Rye smiled. "What were you guys doing?!"

"I got beaten up!" I suddenly remembered.

People started to whisper out loud as soon as I said that. I forgot I was being watched all the time.

Rye suddenly stood up "WHO?!"

I waved it off. "These girls. It was nothing, now that I remember it." I quickly put on my blazer before Rye saw the dark circles.

"Let's tell Jae!" he said angrily "She'll know what to do!"

"Let's not."


"Because that's so useless. What's the point?"

He sat back down "Jae will beat them ten times worse!"

"She'll get in trouble!"

"Jae will not!"

I sighed "Just- Hey! Is that a tattoo?!" I took his wrist seeing black letters spelling out C-L-I-P

"Clip?" I asked

"Long story. But you like tattoos?" it seems he already forgot about what we were talking about before.

"Yea, and I want one for myself but…"

"But what?"

"I don't know yet. When I can think of something meaningful... maybe then. Oh, do you have other tattoos?"

He smiled a sly smile and took my hand. "Would you like a private viewing sometime?"

I laughed then suddenly gave him a look. "No."

His smile turned into a frown and sighed. "Whhhhhyyy?" he whined. Rye really was like a child and I loved that about him. I wish he wasn't a pervert child though…

"RyeRye, can I pat your head?" I asked looking at his hair that almost looked like a real mohawk. He just waxed his hair to the point... almost like a pineapple actually...

He looked sort of surprised at the sudden change of conversation but he shook that off and smiled with a nod.

Then I felt the weird touch of a semi mohawk.

A/n: So more new characters and here's the addition to the CC (character chart)

We have…

Katherine: a girl who thinks as herself a future trophy wife to one of the Sics

Dante: Leader of Sics (more later)

Miles: Best friend of Dante (more later)

Kristen: Twin of Mesh (more later)

Abigail: the golden girl who Rachel really likes because of her tallness and long blondish/white hair with pale skin. Also part of Sics

Arc: boyfriend of Mesh