I cracked my heart open
And baptized you in its blood
Its fragile wings lost their feathers
And its shell litters the ground

And from the blood and ashes
From the ruins you rose
Wings becoming white and shaking free
Free of the blood and my feathers
As you grew your own wings

You broke free of your chains
While my blood was spattered
Upon the ground it congealed
My being stagnated

And you waited, hovering
Your wings grew and mine
Mine lay tattered upon the floor
Where I left them so long ago

And now with tears more beautiful then the sun
You wave a silent goodbye, wondering how long
How long....
It will take me to find the pieces of my heart
To piece together the shell
And grow wings of my own

For now the shell is filled with sorrow
As the world seems to be consumed with rain
And the path I see is long and treacherous
For I must piece together who I am
And drain myself of sorrow
And refill my soul

So that I might rise upon wings beside you
One day...

One day.