Heartbeats span across time
Each beat wrought in fire
Each tear wrought in ice
And the essence of being woven in

My past stands before my eyes
Crimson and night congealing
Clotted blood and old scars
Threatening to reopen

My past stands before my future
Because I have placed it there
A monument to failure
Encompassing my sight

Along the edges of vision
There is a faint light I see
Peeling back the veil of pain
Perspective regained again

Through the tunnel I have come
Stumbling and falling
Scraping and crawling
Things I do not care to remember

And so now my past stands before my eyes
And through it lies my future, shining through
Through the veil of tears and sorrow
I must walk through my pain

My hands tremble and my soul holds its breath
And I begin my journey
Past, present, future
This is who I am.