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She laughed to herself while glancing over at the antiquity. The ancient lamp sat at the dark corner of her desk. Something about it kept her mind on it, instead of her homework. The old mysterious feeling of it maybe? Or maybe it was the colors that meshed together on the glass?

The lamp was an ordinary table lamp to Maya. However that's not what the man who sold it to her believed. 'It's a magic table lamp from the deepest part of the Kaloulou rainforest. It was enchanted by the dust of pixies many many years ago. It will grant your every desire!' Maya remembered the man saying. How old did he think she was? Five? Yes, five, plus another ten years. Maya was fifteen, she would be a sophomore once the summer was over.

She was working on her summer homework for school when the lamp stole the glance from her yet again. She admired the lamp, before she knew it she was running her fingers over the stained glass that went over the bulb. Her fingers slowly danced over the glass and glided down the long neck of the lamp until she got to the base. She didn't see it before, but there was something branded into the base of the lamp. It was small, but she was sure they were letters. She rubbed her index finger over the indents the letters made on the base. She squinted, but still could not make out the letters from where she sat. She finally picked up the lamp so the markings were an inch before her eyes. Finally, she made out the word and spelled the letters out under her breath.

"H-E-L-I-O-S. Helios?" She tasted the foreign name on her tongue. Suddenly the neck of the lamp in her hand turned warm in her palm. She quickly dropped the lamp out of surprise. A deafening silence rang throughout the room, she bravely picked up the lamp by the neck again and she felt it. It was a loud thumping noise. BA-BUMP. BA-BUMP. Was that her heartbeat? Or was it coming from the lamp? She closed her eyes trying to concentrate on the rhythm.

Her concentration was broken when an icy chill ran down her spine causing her to open her eyes. The room was getting a bit dimmer. She looked down at the floor expecting to see the carpet, but instead there was fog. A thick soupy fog covered the floor. She wasn't hearing the beat at all, she was feeling it. It was identical to putting your hand on your chest and feeling the steady sound. Her hand shook as she set the lamp on the table. She slowly backed away from the lamp, by then the fog was up to her knees, swallowing her up.

The lamp pulsed with each step that she took; but something made her come to a halt. Steam was suddenly leaking out from the tip of the lamp. The steam snaked down the glass hood and streamed onto the desk. The small stream of steam had a mind of its own, it leaked down the edge of her desk. It blended in with the fog which was now up to her hip.

She was paralyzed in place, her throat had run dry. What was happening? Her feet were disobeying her commands for movement. The fog was slowly creeping up to her breast. She could feel the chill stronger than before. She squeezed her eyes shut. It's just a dream. It's just a dream. She cried over and over in her head. In no time, she felt the fog rise up to her chin, her breaths came out in short and sharp pants. The confusion was choking her, not the fog. In a few more seconds she was fully submerged in the fog. BA-BUMP. BA-BUMP. BA-BUMP. The darkness of her eyelids made her feel more frightened, but that soon passed.

It was like facing the sun, but you had your eyes closed. You would see a red glare, and know that there was a bright light. The red glare replaced the darkness, but she still kept her eyes closed in fear of being blinded. The cold air was disappearing and a warm glow enveloped her instead. Her breathing returned to normal while the thick terror in the air was being replaced with a cozy feeling that circulated the room.

"Open your eyes." A voice commanded. It was a whisper to be precise. Someone was whispering directly into her ear, like someone telling her a secret. She was hesitant, but she slowly lifted her eyelids. A boy stood in front of her, emitting a golden light that repelled the soup away from him. "Did you call my name?" Maya gulped, she couldn't speak. Too much was rushing through her head. She shut her eyes once more, trying to block everything out. The deafening silence returned and she opened her eyes again to see if everything was back to normal.

Everything was back to normal, except for one small detail... The same boy about her age was in the middle of her room.


"I didn't see anything I swear!" Was the first thing she said as she quickly turned covering eyes. Her cheeks were in flames, she hadn't been so embarrassed since the time she tripped on the way to receive her middle school graduation award.

"Did you call my name?" He repeated again, ignoring Mayas embarrassment. "My name is Helios." Maya's heart was in her throat, she was struggling to keep it down.

"Y-yes..." She stuttered. He reviewed the odd scenario she was in. A naked man was standing in her room. "Look... Mister," she started, "Just take anything you want and leave. J-Just please don't rape me or kill me!" She wasn't expecting the reply she got. It was a burst of laughter.

"Rape you?" He started, muffled with the laughs he was trying to contain. "Do I really look that bad?" He laughed at Maya a bit more. This just made her face turn a deeper red color.

"Well, what do you expect someone to think!?" She shouted, with her back still turned. "You're naked in my room, pervert!" She didn't like being laughed at any longer. The boy chuckled a bit more.

"I guess your right, but I don't have any clothes." Helios said in a "happy go lucky" tune. "You don't happen to have any that I could borrow do you?"

"In case you haven't noticed. I'm a GIRL! Unless you're a transvestite, you wouldn't be interested in my clothes. Besides, they probably wouldn't fit you..."

"So you want me walk around naked?"

"No! I mean... Fine! I'll get you clothes! Just- uh... Stand somewhere where I can't see you!"


"I'm just a KID! I don't want to see your... Just stand somewhere where I can't see you!"

"Geez... Fine..." He said with a childish attitude. She could hear him walking around, searching for a place to hide. Her patience ran out in a few split seconds.

"Just hide in my closet!" She pointed to the closet door with one hand while her other hand still shielded her eyes. She heard the door open and close and quickly dashed out the door and ran to her parent's room. She burst into her dad's dresser and opened a drawer filled with shirts. She quickly grabbed a white collared shirt from the first drawer slammed it closed and opened the next one.

"This is so wrong..." She said as she saw what the second drawer contained. Her father's boxers. She cringed as she randomly picked one and shut the drawer.

"Pants... Pants..." She repeated while opening the next drawer and the last drawer. The last drawer had her fathers pants, she picked a pair of khaki pants and quickly kicked the drawer closed. She ran out the door almost tripping over her feet and scrambled back to her room.

"Are you still in there?" She asked to the door of her closet.

"I can't exactly go anywhere now can I?" He replied sarcastically.

"I'm going to leave these here. Get changed okay?" She shouted, dropping the garments on her bed. She slammed the door purposely on her way out to show she had exited the room. She ran downstairs into the living room and collapsed tiredly onto the couch. She finally had time to catch her breath.

"I find a naked guy in my room that I don't even know and I give him clothes instead of calling the cops?" She reviewed her bittersweet solution to herself. She let out a deep breath and went into the bathroom, she had to splash some water onto her self. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her pale contrasted with the slight pink in her cheeks, her thick dark chocolate hair was disheveled, and the contacts that she was wearing were slightly irritating her navy colored eyes. She splashed the icy water on her face trying to wake her up from what she hoped was a dream. She exited the door and saw him.

"There you are." He said with a warm smile. "I was wondering where you ran off to." This guy seems too cheerful for his own good... I still can't rule out the possibility that he could be a maniacal rapist.

Without her eyes covered, it was the first time she got a good look at him. She had to admit, he looked... Well, she didn't want to say the word "hot". It made her feel like the annoying girls at school who did that high pitched screech whenever an attractive boy looked at her.

He was someone that could have been a model for Abercrombie magazines. Her eyes couldn't help but wander over him. His messy golden chestnut hair met with his emerald eyes. His smooth face connected with his muscular neck. She looked at the clothes she had blindly picked out for him. He was almost about her fathers height which was a foot or two taller than Maya. The white button down shirt was loose on him, but the long sleeves gave the shapes of his muscles. The khakis were also loose on him, she could see the pants slide down a bit, she should have give him a belt; but everything was what gave him the "Abercrombie" model look.

"What?" He asked when he noticed she was staring at him.

"Nothing." She replied quickly, the flames returning to her cheeks. She quickly changed the subject, "Who the hell are you anyway?"

"I'm Helios."

"I know that! I mean... How did you get here?"

"Isn't it obvious? The lamp."

"That old desk lamp? Thats not possible!"

"Anything is possible. I'm a genie and I will grant you three wishes."