He lived his life giving his all

Trying to save endangered creatures

He did all he could to help us understand

The most misunderstood animals

Educating and enlightening fellow animal lovers

He died doing what he adores

His loss is felt by all of us

Who were inspired by him

Those who admired him or strive to follow his humble goal

You will be missed

By all who loved and respected you

Yet you will never be forgotten

Your contribution to Mother Earth

Is at the pinnacle of respect for God's creation

Though it is empty here without you

Your legacy continues and love never dies

So long as there are those who are touched by your work

The Creation the Lord made shall be safe

And will remain for years to come

And new generations and enjoy and marvel

At the diversity, power and majesty

Of the animals God made just for us.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin

Loving father, environmentalist, friend, animal lover.

September 4, 2006