Lorelai crosses her aquiline fingers,

& Inward sighs become qualified

To eject this REGRET that still lingers

Lorelai has quietly withdrawn what she denied:

"My Dear, upon your feeble frame I have never relied."

For him, Lorelai traverses burned bridges

Blasphemy leads her to the end of Little Girl purity

When she accepts her sins as nothing less than sacrilege

& Lorelai would torch this cathedral, lighting the match on one knee

If it meant she could marry him in the smoking debris

This feeling that looms over sea and soul

Encompasses Plain Truths boiling in 200 degree frustration

Lorelai's felicific return to one part of his whole

Brings with it the heavy breathing of coming annihilation

& this darling won't see his smirk of contempt- masked as elation