Where I'm From

I am from red and black,

from vanilla and lemon rind.

I am from tears shed and friends lost

Vengeance exacted and sins lifted

I am from searching and finding,

from unity and severance.

I am from the moist dirt,

trapped beneath my fingernails

as I try to dig my way out.

I am from flavored oatmeal,

and hot cream-of-wheat,

burns my mouth every time.

I am from a mother's kiss,

a father's kick,

a dear friend's blood,

from running, running nowhere.

I am from a seraphim's wild wrath,

I am from the demon's cold fingers.

I am from acumen and ignorance,

from selflessness and sacrifice.

I am from family and friends,

siblings cool the raging wave,

that threatens to wash away all I have.

I am from cool dark waters,

frightened by the gentle

sway of seaweed on my foot.

I am from fearing nothing but fear itself.

I am from a tiny ketchup seed,

Much better than a mustard seed.

I am from both dreams and shattered hope,

From endurance and perseverance.

I am from success,

I will succeed.

Ace J. Jones