Title: Elemental Love

Summary: Iris lived her life just like any other girl until she finds out that she makes the elements, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth, stronger. Will she be able to destroy the evil element as she starts to fall in love with an element… again?

-Chapter One-

-The Move to Morganza-

"Okay, so I get that Dad got this huge raise right after you did and that gave us more than enough money to buy a house, but why did we have to buy one that's in the country? Why not at New Orleans, it's still in Louisiana? I mean, Morganza is such a tacky name for a country…" I frowned as I followed my mom around the house.

"Houses there are to small, you would've had to share a room with your two brothers. Do you want that to happen?" Mom replied as she handed me a box that was full of my junk.

"I bet all the guys here suck!" I grumbled as I dropped the box at the foot of the stairs that led the way to my room… which is the attic. I'm not complaining though, I love it up there, but more on that later.

"Good!" Mom replied as she headed into the kitchen that was to big for its own good. I mean, why does a house need two stoves in one kitchen? It's a waste of money. Can you tell that I hate cooking?

My jaw dropped to the ground from what she said, "B-but…"

"Even if you did want to date some guy, he wouldn't like you," she teased. Then she said seriously, "You're just sixteen and I'd rather you not get pregnant. I'm not ready to be a grandmother yet!"

"You've got some white hair and wrinkles, so you're ready." Truth is that my mom was perfect, even at the age of… SHE NEVER TOLD ME HOW OLD SHE WAS!!!

When I stopped talking to you people I realized that my mom was staring at me funny, "I hate this place." I growled.

"Get over it!" She said as she put the rest of the things away. She sighed, "Wow! This is the very first time that I've ever seen my house this clean! Don't mess it all up in one day, okay Iris?"

"I won't, and plus, I'm not mes… Ahhh!" I screamed as I tripped over the box that I put by the stairs. Suddenly all of the necklaces, bracelets, and rings flew everywhere. 'Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!'

"We just moved in and already you've made a mess!" smirked Jess, my oldest brother who is 17. He's exactly six feet tall. He's got dark brown hair with a few blonde highlights in it. He looks a bit muscular because he works out.

"Clean it up! Two of our friends are coming over." spat Mark, he's also my older brother. He's three minutes younger than Jess. He's just one inch away from being six feet tall. He's an identical twin with Jess so I'm assuming that you can figure out what he looks like. He used to play tennis for our old school, but I think he's going to give it up, now that we've moved.

"Whatever!" I growled as I started to brush everything back into the box.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!" The doorbell started going off.

"Answer the door Iris!" my mom, Jess, and Mark screamed in unison.

"So you're the loser sister that Jess was talking about?" asked a girl that was hardly wearing anything. Basically, the only thing on her was a bikini lookin thing.

"Well, due to the fact that they only have one sister, yeah, that's me. So you're the ugly-ass bitch that'll be with my brother for two days?"

She frowned, "Watch what you say to my Loser. They may just be your last words."

"Sorry, but I don't listen to bitches."

"Hey Maggie!" Jess said as he kissed the girl that I was calling bitch. Figures that he'd go for the retarded one.

"Reese!" Mark said as he kissed the other girl on the cheek. Mark's not as quick to be forward. I give that girl ten days top.

"Hi!" said a guy that's about my age.

"Yo!" I said. I'm not scared to embarrass myself.

"I'm Reese's brother, Jose." he said kindly.

"Okay." I glared into his deep blue eyes. For some reason I feel as if I've seen them before somewhere. "Have we ever met each other before?"

"No, and I can't really read minds, so what's your name?" Jose smiled the most adorable smile ever.

"Iris." I said as I continued to observe him.

He had black hair, which he spiked up, with one blue streak in it. He's probably a bit taller than six feet tall.

Jose's POV

"She remembers us, but how Fire?" I asked in my mind to my leader.

"I don't know. Spirit always forgets after the task is done." He replied.

"She was extremely powerful last time. Maybe the spell didn't have a full affect." Earth piped into the conversation.

"That's not possible. We made the spell extra powerful just because we thought that that might happen." Air complained.

"It's poss.." Fire started.

"What are we gonna do?!" I interrupted him.

"Don't interrupt me!" Fire snapped at me, then he said, "Just do what you always do."

"But…" I started to complain.

"You must! Don't let your love for her destroy the world." Earth growled. He never has understood what it's like to lose the one you love.

"…Fine." I gave in.

If only Fire wasn't my leader. If only I didn't have to listen to them three…

I still remember when we were first created Spirit… You smiled the sweetest smile at me. You smelled of jasmines, you always have loved those flowers. You had your black hair down that day and it flowed freely as Air set winds going in every direction. And your beautiful, unique, violet eyes… How I've always loved to look into them. They were always so full of emotions, just like your heart.

You've always been so full of grace, full of love, …full of kindness.

It pains me every time that I have to make you forget. It hurt the most the first time because… because we were in love!

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