-Chapter 3-

It was a fifteen minutes drive to my new school. What's it called? I can't remember. Heehee. Don't blame me, I'm uhh… new? Yeah, that's my reason for not knowing anything, I'm new so ha::Sticks out tongue::

Maggie was the one driving and Jess was sitting in the front with her. In the back I sat at the way left with Jose to the right of me. Then it was Mark next to Jose. Lastly, Reese was at the way right.

Mark, for some reason that I don't get, kept looking towards Jose and me. I guess since she's done so many… different things with girls that he knows exactly how guys think… If Jose's thinking anything like that he's doomed…

:: Imagination::

"I LOVE YOU!!!" chibi Jose runs towards chibi Iris, trying to hug her.

"Eww…" chibi Iris says as her hand makes contact with Jose's big HUGE GIGANTC chibi forehead and pushes him away.

"WAAAAHHHHHH!" chibi Jose starts crying while he starts to sing the I love you song from Barney.

::Imagination ends::

I started snickering while Maggie said, "We're here."

The school's two stories high. It's built of bricks that were painted the color sapphire and lavender.

"It looks dull." I grumbled. Okay, so I like the colors for the school, but they don't need to know. ::Big smile::

"Want me to make it interesting?" Jose asked as he wrapped his arms around me again.

"How bout I make it interesting?" Mark growled as he balled his hands into fists. Jose backed off. WIMPPPPPP!

"Jose!... Who's that?" a blonde haired girl asked. She was the same height as me. She was wearing the school uniform, which I haven't gotten yet.

The girls' uniform's pretty much just a sapphire, lavender, or those white button down shirts. The skirts looked like the kinds in anime pictures. It was lavender with a sapphire strip around the bottom of it.

The guys had a sapphire or lavender shirt and the pants that all schools make guys wear. Well, all the schools that don't have uniforms don't count.

The blonde had a button down that she didn't start buttoning until the third or fourth button, pretty much it hid barely any of her breasts which she made pucker up with a push-up bra. The skirt she was wearing was so short that it barely covered anything. It was probably seven to six inches above her knees.

"This is a slut school!" I said without thinking. ::Blink, blink:: I shouldn't have said that in front of that blondey… Oh well!

Jose turned around to face me with a confused look. "You know it's true!" I snapped at the look that he gave me. "I mean, look at what she's wearing… Or rather, what she isn't wearing!"

"Yeah, don't you love this school already Mark?" Jess smirked as he observed the blonde girl from bottom to middle.

Maggie bit the bottom of her lip as grabbed Jess's arm, "Let's go Jess."

"See ya." Mark said to me as he, too, left.

"Jose, you can have me and yet you choose her? Look at how flat she is!" blonde cried to Jose.

"… Why exactly are you looking there anyways?" I asked as I crossed my hands across my chest. "Besides, it's not my fault that I'd NEVER use plastic surgery!"

"Watch what you say to me or else they may be your last words!"

"Do they have a class here that teaches people how to talk? It's obvious that they have a How to be a Bitch Class!"

"Why you little-" the girl growled.

"Don't call me a hoe cause I'd never wanna take that rep from you!" I interrupted.

"Come on Iris, let me show you the rest of the school! See ya later Vivian!" Jose said quickly as he grabbed me roughly on the arm and dragged me away.

"Hey!" I yelped in surprise. "Let me go you baka!"

"Wow! You're that desperate for a girl now? Honestly, you think forcing a girl to be with you would help your rep? It's already so low cause everyone knows now that you won't do anything when Cory, Michael, and Brad are with you." smirked a guy wearing all black.

"Yay!" I screamed in joy. "There are more than just preps here! I thought that I'd suffocate all the time."

"Who the hell are you?" asked another guy quite rudely.

"Someone. Who are you?" I asked as I poked the guy on the stomach… Huh, no fat... stern… muscular… my dream come true. ::Big smile::

"Somebody." He smirked as he moved me outa his way.

"Luke! What did you do to Jose this time?" asked a guy that looked exactly like the guy glowing red in my dream. Behind him stood the other two guys in my dream. Déjà vu!

"What the hell is going on…" I whispered to myself.