Chapter eight

The next morning, I was in the biggest fucking rush out the door and practically sprinted to school.I arrived out of breath, exhausted, and fourty minutes too early. I sat under one of the trees and listened to my CD player, drifting to a doze.

After a while, I heard, "Hey, hey, good morning, Ash." My eyes bolted open. It was Larry, of course. "Any shit happen last night?"

I nodded. "My dad yelled at me over the mess I made," I bit angrily. "Isn't that fucked?"

"Mhmm," he mumbled. "Very much so.''

I rested my head on his shoulder. "At least I have someone who loves me."



All day, Larry was very quiet and stand-offish, which made me worried. Very, very worried. So towards the end of the day I asked him, "Larry, what's wrong? You've been so...So quiet."

"Well..." he drawled out a heavy sigh. "I've...Been thinking...About us."

"Us?" I gulped.

"I think it'd be better for you if..." he wiped some imaginary sweat off of his forehead. "If, well, cuz youget so much shit from your dad, I think it'd be better if we weren't together."

My stomach and my heart seemed to drop simultaneously. "Are you serious?" my voice squeeked.

"Yes, Asher," ohh, he is. He used Asher. "I'm serious. I'm sorry."

So he left me in the last period of the day. He dropped me like a hot rock after two days. Two days doesn't even count as a relationship. I held back the tears, just saying, "Okay," and leaving it all at this. When inside, I was actually screaming. Loudly and painfully. The only boy I'm in love with, left me on account of how much of an ass my father is.

He ruins everything.

My father ruins everything! He ruined my mind. He ruined my relationship. And he ruined my life.

When the day was over, I went out of my way to rush out of school. I needed to get home, cuz I could feel the tears trying to push their way out of my eyes, causing themto sting along with the powerful, gusty winds that blew that day. I reached about half a block away from home when I started sprinting. I opened the door home, to see dad already there. I must've already been crying, cuz he said, "Son, what's wrong?"

"Nothing! Just leave me alone!" I ran upstairs (slightly puzzled. He asked me what was wrong ?) and when I was almost to my room, I heard him say, "Asher, I'm so sorry," as I went in and slammed my door.

Loud, shallow sobs escaped my mouth. So this is the hell of being dumped? I see why Annette was so fucking upset when Jason dumped her. I cried, more and more. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop, I'd cried more cuz it reminded me of why I was crying in the first place. I sat in front of my door, burying my head in my knees, draining mucus and tears from my head.

This is the worst pain.

I crawled into bed, under the covers, in the dark, sobbing never ceased. My mom came in. "Honey, what happened?" I broke out into louder sobs and sat up. My mom hugged me, saying, '"Tell me, baby, tell me."

I wiped my eyes, only allowing a new river of tears to flow. "Larry...He...Broke...Up..." I choked and gagged for a second. "With me. Who ever knew a boy could fuck me up so badly?" I used the sleeve of my shirt to wipe the snot away. She rocked me back and forth.

"It's okay, honey," she slighted a smile. "It will get better." She patted my shoulder. "Tomorrow, your father and I are going to see your grandma in Wenatchee, and I know you don't really want to go, right?" I nodded. "So you'll be alone after school, okay?" Nodded again. "I'll check up on you later."

A little while later, there was a tap on my door. It was my dad. He turned the light and sat next to me on my bed. "While you were gone, your mother and I had a long, long talk...I'm willing to accept that this is how you want to live. And I'll alwayslove you. Now the question is...Are you willing to forgive me?" What? He apologized? I smiled slightly, and rasped out, "In time." He smiled, then got up and left.

I looked at the clock and it read 7:19. Too early for bed. But I'll just stay in here. I drifted off to sleep. I tossed and turned, but eventually settled.


At around 4am, I woke up and could not go back to sleep. The 'rents were already gone for Wenatchee (it's pretty far away). And I felt sick to my stomach...Fucking depression.

I went into the bathroom, emptying the contents of my body into the toilet. It didn't even look like what I ate yesterday... I rinsed out my mouth, then checked my cellphone (I slept in my clothes, so it was still in my pocket).No calls, texts, or anything from Larry.

The tears came on again. God, I want it to fucking stop. It's so unfair and dramatic for me to cry. I forced myself to quit crying, and took a shower. I was in the shower until the water turned freezing, a good hour or so.

I dried myself off, put on boxers and some grimey band shirt, and decided to just stay home. I couldn't even think of school without breaking down. Thinking of school, I thought of Larry. Thinking of Larry, I thought of yesterday.

I looked out the window to find it was pouring...It was raining cats and dogs. It sucks for the people that have to walk through that today, I chuckled slightly. Suckers.


I was rotting on the couch all day, watching the Nanny, Golden Girls, Frasier, All My Children, and Mad Tv. They play this shit to make you want to go to school. Boy, was it working. I dozed off on the couch and jolted awake around three when there were three rapid knocks on the front door.

Slowly, I shuffled into the foyer and answered the door.

It was Larry. He was soaking, dripping wet, blood-shot eyes, and wearing the jeans I bought him...He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply on the lips.

"I'm a fucking idiot," he whispered, centimeters from my face.

"You're forgiven," I whispered in reply.