Day 2

Nothin's going on right now. That's why I'm writing this crap. If I was busy, I wouldn't be writing this crap. I would be writing this -beep-! Now, there ''was'' one incident that happened during the past few weeks...

There was this recruit. His name was Ernest. He was not earnest. He was the...boot camp clown. He played practical jokes on fellow recruits. He played a joke on some of the sargeants once. He put whoopie cushions on all of their seats. Including MINE!!! Well, you can imagine the laughter that followed. Broke the windows. I never knew what happened to him ever since.

We got a new janitor today. He is a smart janitor. He uses gas masks. And he also uses deodorant on himself and on the recruits who were being ''bad''. Saved us sargeants a lot of time.
Well, I gotta go now. I smell deodorant.

Sargeant out.