Heylo allz, this is just a short story I wrote while baby-sitting, it went towards my grade in Creative Writing. Woo-hoo. I love being homeschooled. Anywho, enjoy.

My life kitty-corner to the Brother SUPERG3, printer, fax, scan, and copy machine.
(The forgotten Printer)

I was not human this morning when I awoke. I was a printer. A LexmarkZ715. I am not the newest model of printer, but my owners keep me well cleaned. So I always looks as though I have just been brought home. I am not sure how this transformation happened, but I revel in all the things I learn as a printer.
Instead of having arms and legs, I had a slot for loading paper. When I am told to, I take the loaded paper, pulling it into me, and copy the image show to me onto the paper using my stepper motor, and certain colors from my ink cartridge. I give a bleep of satisfaction as I finish printing the image, depositing it gently into a pull-out tray at my other end.
I have two shiny buttons on me. One that activates and terminates my connection to the computer, And one that forces me to shoot paper into my pull-out tray. This is incase some paper should get stuck, or if I should, by chance, happen to run out.
I have a small gray cord which connects me to the computer, and with the click of a button I can print almost anything my user desires. This cord is the one that sends me the needed information to print images and letters, my stepper motor gliding gracefully across the paper.
They have gotten a new printer now. One who not only prints, but scans, copies, and can send faxes too. My small gray cord is no longer connected to the computer. In its place I see a long sleek black one. That of the Brother SUPERG3. "What will happen to me?" I wonder. "Will I be packed away in a box for later use or selling? Will I be connected to a different computer and used there?" But no. Here I sit, kitty-corner from the Brother SUPERG3. My ink cartridge bubbles with envy as I watch it and its glowing green buttons.

They have forgotten about me.

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