Love Poem for Pluto

Pluto plummets... (or so I'm told)
but I drive home underneath a liquorish-black sky
with too many stars
and I know that it's there,

up there,
haunting the invisibility,
kissing the universe,
an outer layer de-shelled.

A cusp
as ripe
as a breast.

Hades and Ares dangled in the sky
on the night that I was born;
my twin lords of underworld and war, and
how fitting... (or so I'm told.)

But my heart tightens; a muscle bursting
across a black forearm, (a sky) so wide that
it blooms underneath my skin like a field
of wild flowers:


You claim he is no more; swallowed up
by the blackness, and that I, one of his October-born
children should be made to lie with only one
father instead of two.

I think about the other side of the world;
harsh and cold -
sing a love song for the princely Pluto
bubbling inside his dark blue shell -
the Greek ruler of hell (formica) against
his indigo lips:

quivering and cut from the swollen womb
of a galaxy millions of years old,
and just now being discovered.

Pluto is the Roman name for Hades, God of the underworld. Mars is the Roman name for Ares, God of war.
Scorpio's (born from October 23rd-November 22nd) are born under the rulers Pluto and Mars.
Pluto will always be a planet to me.