When the black crow caws and the nightingale sings,

Everything falls into place.

Nothing else matters but the song that I sing,

That reaches the realms of space.

It's almost like God has given me wings,

I'll fly to the sky above.

Nothing can stop me, nothing can hold me,

From flying on the wings of a dove.

When the werewolf howls and the vampires fly,

It chills the bones of mortals.

Fear and excitement courses through the veins,

While the dead sit in their graves and chortle.

As we run and we hide,

They smell our fear.

Mixed with sadness and loneliness,

When we loose those who are dear.

When the singers sing and the dancers dance,

We watch with absolute awe.

Wishing that we could be like them,

Wishing we weren't what we are.

Nothing matters but the stage we see,

The people performing the task.

But we never see the people they are,

The people behind the mask.

When the flowers bloom and the evergreens grow,

It's like it's all I've ever known.

Nothing can evert my eyes,

Not even the wind that's blown.

Blues and greens, yellows and reds,

A rainbow of colours and sounds.

Sounds of birds calling and sounds of bees droning,

Collecting honey on their rounds.

Forever and ever I'll be waiting for the time,

I'll be called on to join in the dance.

Of nature and beauty, of life and of death,

I'll twist, I'll turn, I'll prance.

Alas, don't be sad,

As I take my last breath.

I'll always be there but I'll never be seen.

As I take my last breath,

You know where I'll be.

Where the black crow caws, and the nightingale sings.