Tell me a story

That will put me to sleep

Give me a poem

That'll show my heart

Beautiful words.

I am passion.

I am sin.

I am tragic.

I am loving.

Myth's pour from my lips

And seep into the paper

My hand attentively

Trembles over.

The end.

The story's over

But the journey's

Just begun.

Give me a word

And I can give back

A story that will shake

And rattle your soul.

Give me an image

And I will paint

It's portrait in words

Making eyes dance and glimmer.

Make the imagination soar

Make the mind take flight

In the sky of my words

Printed on paper.

Ask me why

And I will tell you

Ask me how

And I will show you.

Read the words

On this paper

And tell me

If you cannot find my passion.