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"Samantha... Daddy won't be coming home... for a long time..."

"But I want my daddy! Why is Daddy gone...? Where's Daddy? Daddy!"

I hate that dream. I wish it'd stop...

Introduction - Bringer of Desires

"SAMANTHA! Breakfast is on the table! Come on, before you're late for school! I'm tired of doing this with you every single morning, you know! Do you hear me? GET UP!"

"I'm COMING! Gosh..."

Mom is always over reacting like that. It's kind of embarrassing. And as if school isn't already hard enough as it is, with loads of kids who always seem to have problems for no reason. Mom constantly keeps telling me to be thankful for what we have, and I am, but I can't help but feel like it's not enough or that something's missing.

I rushed down the steps of our small apartment into the kitchen. It's not much, but enough for just the two of us I suppose. I dug a spoon into the grapefruit my mother had put out for me, and began wolfing it down. Good thing she didn't forget the sugar this time, because I would have been mad.

I looked up to see what she was doing, and found her looking at me. Uh-oh, she's going to start a lecture about something! Run!

"Samantha, why are you wearing that over-sized navy blue and dark green checkered shirt again? I hate that thing, it makes you look so boyish. And brush your hair once in a while, huh? I don't want people thinking you're a barbarian, or that I haven't raised you properly. And eat faster, you'll be late! Why are y-"

"Mom. Just... stop. Bye." I said, cutting her off abruptly. She watched with worried eyes as I grabbed my rollerblades that were near the door, and sat down to slip them on. I stuffed my sneakers in a plastic bag, and tossed them into my backpack. "See ya later!" I cried, waving. "Be careful. Watch were you skate in the streets! And don't talk to strangers!" my mother yelled after me. I rolled my eyes in disgust as her voice vanished into the noises of the bustling city of Tokyo.

"Looks like I made it just in time..." I mumbled as I rolled over to my locker. Kids were running around all over the place, and the bell didn't ring yet.

I took out the books I would need for the day and stacked them in a neat pile on the floor. I pulled my skates off, stored them in the locker, and changed into my sneakers. As I placed the books into my backpack, a group of girls walked by. I immediatelyfroze. I knew those floral and fruity scents of perfume anywhere. I quietly chanted to myself in my mind, 'please don't see me, please don't see me, please don't see me'.

"Yeah, and I told him that I couldn't stand sick puppies so he needed to find an owner who was as pathetic as he was."

"So you really did dump him, Aiyuko?"

"You just heard me say so, didn't you? Besides, Shinrei asked me to go out with him this weekend on Friday and Saturday! It'll be so much fun! Hee-hee, I just can't wait."

I slightly moved my locker door so that it could cover my face. The group of girls passed on way without seeing or acknowledging me. I sighed out of relief and put my backpack on, heading onto homeroom. That was Mizayuki Aiyuko. She's so beautiful... I was ashamed to have myself seen by her. It's not like I hate her, or she hates me or anything. But, I don't know, I feel as if I'm not good enough to even be graced by her dazzling presence.

I sat down in my assigned seat and waited silently for school to begin. "No one will ever look at me in the same way everyone looks at her... So lucky." I quietly whispered, frowning to myself.

Lazily skating home, I gazed at Tokyo's dizzying lights.

Sometimes after school I'll go shopping for myself. My mom doesn't really mind me being out late, just as long as I'm home before it gets completely dark out.

So many places to go shop, dance, and party all gathered together in one place. Sometimes it made me feel a little invisible how all of the lights and important people seemed to make everyone and everything else blur out.

The sun was just beginning to tuck itself in underneath the sky's puffy clouds, making them illuminate with beautiful rosy pink and orange hues. I rolled to a stop. "My life is awfully dull, isn't it?" I wondered aloud, looking around. I decided to go down an unfamiliar street for some reason. At the end of it, a dead end resided. "Great... Hmm? Did a store used to be here or something?"

A large structure of some sort had police tape and traffic cones around it. The building was abandoned, and hollowed out. I skated up to the sign that was posted in front of it to see what it for. I read aloud, "This old mansion has been given to the city of Tokyo, since the family has moved away, and no one else has desire of inhabiting it. Construction is soon to begin". I stared at it in its entirety. It seemed like a lonely place where a lot of memories probably still thrived from within.

I... didn't really know why, but I felt as though something was 'calling' me to go inside of the house. I looked at my cell phone. "I'll just take a few minutes. A mini adventure can't hurt." I decided, and went under the tape. I took off my blades and switched to my sneakers once again, and entered the old house.

It was astonishing how large it was inside. It was a mansion, but from the outside, it didn't look as large as it did inside. "Hmm, I guess this house must stretch out a lot." I said aloud. Even though all the previous furniture had been removed, the walls were still decorated with fancy wallpapering and the woodwork throughout the whole place was beautifully carved. I wondered to myself if it was done by hand.

Once I had finished exploring the first floor, I ventured upstairs. It looked pretty much the same as downstairs, except the ceiling had some holes and cracks. "Jeez, guess this place is older than I thought."

At the end of the corridor, there was a rather large room. Intrigued, my curiosity lead me to its doors. I fling them open, and a small cloud of dust rose. I cursed under my breath, coughing. When the dust settled, I could finally get a good look. Nothing more than a plain white room. I pouted, disappointed. But just as I turned to leave...

"What? A box?"

I approached it in wonder, running my fingers over it. It was like a miniature version of a trunk or treasure chest. Encrusted with jewels and silver lining, the box was a real work of art. I smirked. "I bet this would sell a pretty penny...!"

I picked it up, in order to determine if it was real or fake. "I can't really tell... Feels real enough to me. Is there something inside, maybe?" I said, lifting the latch and opening the lid.

My eyes widened. "Pretty!" I gasped, holding up a golden locket. An intricately designed heart-shape was imprinted onto its front. The chain it resided on was made of rose gold, and it glimmered everytime it moved. "Now THIS screams money. Heh-heh, Sam ol' girl, this is what you get rewarded with for listening to your women's intuition!" I cried, my eyes beaming. With the money I could get from selling something this breath-takingly priceless, I could buy new rollerblades! Or maybe even a whole bunch of brand new outfits!

Snickering, and held the precious locket in my hands. "My precious little money-maker, you." I murmured, turning it on its side. I blinked, and looked closer. It looked like... writing. I squinted my eyes to comprehend it. "Any desire that you may have, be granted by this spirit it shall. Make any request that you wish, and you the spirit will assist. Answered shall be your beck and call, until you wish it so to end it all. Okaaaay..."

I turned the locket back around again, a little scared. What did all of that mean? Shrugging it off, I placed it back into the box and then stuffed it into my bag. Strapping up my rollerblades, I went on my way home. It would be a better idea to examine it in private, with more time on my hands.

Of course, when I came home Mom had to go into the typical "Where were you all of this time?" fit. After getting her to calm down, or lying, I shuffled upstairs. I took the little box out of my backpack and flopped myself down on my bed with it. Opening it once again, I pulled out the locket.

"My, my. So pretty. That message still concerns me... Oh, well. Time to open it!" I squealed, and attempted to pry it open. My smile soon turned into a tiny scowl. "Grrr...! Why's this so hard?" I growled under my breath, struggling with the damned thing. I pushed my long hair aside because it was making my face sweat. I've always wanted to dye it black, because I don't think my personality suits the blonde that I am. I also sometimes wish my eyes were blue instead of green. I think they make me look either dull, or sort of like a cat, which is awkward to me.

Suddenly, I heard a 'click' sound. Looking down at the locket excitedly, I saw that I had gotten the latch unhooked. Without hesitation I pulled the locket open.

And then I swear I was whited out, or something.

My whole room was flooded with an array of light. I was scared, to tell you the truth. I dropped the locket, and edged up to the pillows and backboard of my bed. Light was literally shooting out of that thing! It was as if God was throwing a tea party of light, and he decided to pour it into my room. If that was true, and He had been doing it to scare some sense into me, it would've worked. But it wasn't of course. Within a few seconds, a figure emerged from the lights.

I narrowed my eyes at them. It was a person alright... an older girl. Her silhouette floated closer and closer to me, and soon came completely into my view. Her arms were outstretched towards me, and her attire seemed like that of a gypsy or Arabian dancer. I could tell she was hovering or something, because her clothes flowed without wind and her bangles constantly knocked together making little 'ching' sounds. Her hair was very long, and was a deep rosy pink-tan color with pale blonde streaks. Even more strange, her eyes were bright royal purple.

"Wh-Wh-Who are you? Did you come from out of that locket? What the hell do you want? A-And where are we?" I blurted out questions at her, unable to help myself. I was frightened by all of this. I could no longer tell whether it was real, or some crazy ass dream. I'm hoping it's real, because if it's a dream, I'm probably pissing myself right about now.

The light had engulfed my room, and now it seemed as if we were in a barren white space. I wasn't sure if it was still my room or not, let alone even in Tokyo anymore.

"I... am the bringer of desires..." her voice echoed, coming in a soft, sweet whisper. She came closer to me. "Who are you... What is your name...?"

I backed away a little bit. "Umm... S-Samantha. Samantha Naruhara. Please... don't hurt me...!"

"Sa... man... tha... Samantha, you wish to make a contract with me, do you not?"

I blinked. "A contract?" I asked, my tenseness lessening. "Yes... Since you have awakened me... Please, kiss this token." the girl said, holding the locket she had come from out of in her hands. It was closed and turned on its front side. I looked form the locket to her, at the locket once more, then back to her again. "Why? What's... going to happen if I do that?" I wanted to know, cautious.

"I will do as you have read on the backside of this pendant... Please, if you have any desires within your heart, I will bring them to reality. I... can sense your strong desires..."

I looked at the locket hesitantly. What did it all mean? Of course, this was obviously part of some bigger picture. But what? I just couldn't figure out. Grant my desires... Oh, wait... No, it can't be. Could this girl possibly be a...?

"You'll give me... whatever I want?" I questioned. "No limits?"

"No... Not a single limit. I will serve you until your life ends, Samantha..."

I leaned down and kissed the locket. The girl folded her fingers around it as the heart symbol on it began to shine with a warm, soothing rose-colored light. She smiled, holding it to her chest as if she were treasuring it dearly. Then, it disappeared into thin air. She leaned over, touching my face with both her hands. "Thank you... Master..." she whispered to me. "Whatever you wish, from now on and forever more, will be my command..."

She then kissed me gently on the forehead, and pulled me into a warm embrace. I looked into her eyes. And then... all of a sudden... I felt really sleepy. My eyelids became so heavy, I could barely keep them open. It felt like everything was swirling together... just melting away. And then a welcome blanket of darkness came over me.

I'm not too sure about what happened after that...

Slowly, my eyes fluttered open.

I rubbed them, wiping away the crust from the corner of my eyelids. Sunlight poured into my room through the window, giving everything an inviting honey-like glow. I stretched, yawning. "Boy, I sure was tired... I didn't even take off my clothes..." I mumbled, turning over.

"Good morning, master!"

"GAH! What the?"

I nearly fell out of my own bed. I quickly sat up, looking to see who or what was beside me. "Wait a minute... Oh, yeah! You're that girl! So, that wasn't a dream after all..." I realized, scratching the back of my head because it felt itchy. The girl giggled and put on a REALLY annoying and cheesy smile. I cringed from the sight of such happiness. "What's eatin' you?" I had to ask.

"I'm just sooo happy that somebody finally woke me up and became my master! Yay! Sammy's my master! Wheeee! Master, master, master! Yippie! Yaay! YAY! YAAAAAA-"

"SHUT THE HELL UP! Damn, you weren't like this at ALL when you first arrived. You got PMS or something?" I yelled at her, wanting to rip her tongue out. She shook her head, and hugged me tightly. "You don't know how happy I am that you're my master! Oooh, make a wish! Make one, make one, make one, make one, make one, ma-"

I slapped my hand over her mouth to make her stop talking. "FIRST of all, what are you? A genie, right?" I asked, and she nodded. "Yep! I'm a genie!" she cried, giggling. I nodded. "Alright. Why were you inside of a locket and not a lamp?" I asked next, arching an eyebrow. She laughed, sounding much more like the age she looked instead of that kiddish giggling. "Oh, that's a myth. Genies don't really come out of lamps. We can reside within any object that's hollow. A locket, a bag, a box, a can, anything! Even a microwave."

"I'm surprised you know what that is..." I commented. "I know about a lot of things you wouldn't expect. I'm been alive a long time, kid. And I'll live forever more." the genie told me, slightly hovering above my bed. "Hmm, ok. Oh yeah, last two questions." I said. "What am I not allowed to wish for?"

"Aw, come on. That's basic. Pretty much you can wish for ANYTHING, except love and death. Well, I know ways around those rules... But you'll have to figure them out yourself." she explained to me, folding her arms. I got creative and asked, "So I can't wish to kill someone. But can I wish for a thing that can kill someone?"

The genie smirked. "Maaaaybe..." she replied. "Heh, you're pretty smart."

"Yeah, getting my way isn't very hard." I said proudly. "Fine. I guess this is a done deal. Oh, what's your name?"

"You may call me whatever you wish, master."

I frowned. "Aw, don't start that. Hmm... Alright then. Well, I wish to call you by what your actual name is." I told her. The genie girl nodded. "Why, of course."

"You may call me... Kurimu!"